Barbarous Relic Riding Shotgun For Bitcoin

Let’s say you’re driving a stagecoach across the Nebraskan frontier of cryptocurrencies.  If you were forced to choose between Dick Cheney or Charlie Munger to ride shotgun for you, who would you pick?  I guess it depends on the value of the cargo as compared with the value of the driver’s life insurance policy.  With the banking network building out, how long can it be before the railroad comes to town?

Wells Fargo calls for Bitcoin summit:

2 comments on “Barbarous Relic Riding Shotgun For Bitcoin
  1. Alex says:

    Hang on, we are “fighting” the banksters and now these same people want to adopt Bitcoin? Huh? Right, this will inspire transparency and legality in the banking system.

    Fight the banksters they say, just embrace them when they use bitcoin.

    Gold is never embraced by these criminals, I wonder why 😉

  2. Jayme says:

    move into town, buy up all the land and voting rights, dominate the ‘politics’.