Stacy Herbert: 2014, the year fightback against banksters via Bitcoin

4 comments on “Stacy Herbert: 2014, the year fightback against banksters via Bitcoin
  1. Bruce 2 says:

    Freedom, yo.
    ▶ George Michael – Freedom! ’90 – YouTube

    George Michaelopolous before he became a dangerous driver, yo.
    Happy New Year!!!

  2. FightTheBankstersDon'tJoinThem says:

    If we are to fight the system (Banksters) we simply need to stop buying stuff from them.

    Stop borrowing, stop electing, stop consuming junk.
    Live small, live honest, live generously.

    Simply reduce the your addiction to Money.

  3. Jayme says:

    “Not death is evil, but a shameful death. Confidence then ought to be employed against death, and caution against the fear of death. But now we do the contrary, and employ against death the attempt to escape; and to our opinion about it we employ carelessness, rashness and indifference. These things Socrates properly used to call “tragic masks”; for as to children masks appear terrible and fearful from inexperience, we also are affected in like manner by events for no other reason than children are by masks. For what is a child? Ignorance. What is a child? Want of knowledge. For when a child knows these things, he is in no way inferior to us. What is death? A “tragic mask.” Turn it and examine it. See, it does not bite. The poor body must be separated from the spirit either now or later, as it was separated from it before. Why, then, are you troubled, if it be separated now? for if it is not separated now, it will be separated afterward. Why? That the period of the universe may be completed, for it has need of the present, and of the future, and of the past. What is pain? A mask. Turn it and examine it. The poor flesh is moved roughly, then, on the contrary, smoothly. If this does not satisfy you, the door is open: if it does, bear. For the door ought to be open for all occasions; and so we have no trouble.

    What then is the fruit of these opinions? It is that which ought to he the most noble and the most becoming to those who are really educated, release from perturbation, release from fear, freedom. For in these matters we must not believe the many, who say that free persons only ought to be educated, but we should rather believe the philosophers, who say that the educated only are free.”

  4. j03 says:

    I’m with ya babe! It’s on in 2014, like they ain’t never seen!

    Love you and Max both! Keep up the good fight! Happy New Year!

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