Drill, Santa, Drill! Big Oil Hacks Up North Pole

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7 comments on “Drill, Santa, Drill! Big Oil Hacks Up North Pole
  1. Ryan says:

    “There were no planes on 9-11″

    Youre crazy. Lol.

    Occams razor

  2. ronron says:

    haha. i worked up past the tree line. good luck with that.

  3. Sorry, that spammer got through controls. Spams that same comment thousands of times. Not a *real* person looking for conversation. Just someone who wants to fill up entire page with stupidity.

  4. mirrormirror says:

    LOL .. was that your Xmas message Max ?

  5. lisa kudrow says:

    “There were no WMD’s in Iraq”

    Youre crazy. LOL

    Occams razor

  6. hey stacy says:

    I was here a few hours ago and read that diatribe of sentences regarding “there were no commercial plane crashes on 9/11″. First….WTF?!!!!!! Second….I was so stunned by what was written I copied it and searched for it on the internet. It seems it was written several years ago. Just simply google it.

    Lastly….is there any way you can allow it to be posted somewhere so each sentence can be analyzed? I find it alarming that you banned a post listing what appeared to be THOUSANDS of accusations which upon further review I am personally unable to say is incorrect? Yet you have determined them all to be “stupid”? Even though you want a conversation?

    How do we get this idiot back? Looking at what was written it looks as though they simply copied and pasted from another site. I have a copy that I am sending to everyone I can. Everyday you and Max say our financial system is rigged. Why would it be beyond those same leaders to ALSO rig acts of war? And for the same reasons? The more I think about your deletion and your comments, after reading this diatribe, I have for the first time become suspicious of you and Max.

  7. Chris says:

    Halliburton would freeze it’s hind end off, the melting arctic ice cap is a myth. Rather, cap size oscillates with the antarctic. When one pole has a shrinking cap, the other expands. They’ve only been taking satellite measurements of polar ice since 1977. There were stories of the arctic being ice free in excess of 80 degree’s north in 1922 and 1810-20. Likewise in 1959 a nuclear sub surfaced at an ice free N. Pole in 1959.

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