A Norwegian Carpenter Thanks American Officials for PM Manipulation

Average Americans have debt over their ears they never can repay – and now your government wants to borrow more money, or print more worthless paper dollars? QE1, QE2, QE3, QE4, QE-Bankrupt! Are all of the American officials retards?
And now your leaders manipulate the gold and silver prices (Comex) to keep this stupid scam going a few more weeks or months. Meanwhile, the Wise Man from the East – the Chinese, the Indies, The Russians and the Arabs buy your gold and silver on sale, paying you with worthless dollar bills you have been printing unrestrained. Have you Americans completely lost your mind? Have you become a country of retards? The whole world is laughing of you! We can all see that the former mighty America is bankrupt, and we do not understand that the people let your leaders continue this obvious scam.
Before you had Gangsters, now America is governed by Banksters supported by Washington that scams all its citizens.
I would like to thank your politicians which made it possible for me to purchase 10,000 physical Silver Eagles and 100 Gold Eagles very, very, very cheaply – I even paid with your (very soon) worthless paper dollars – and secured my and my children’s future.
Click here for the full letter from a Norwegian carpenter thanking American officials for PM manipulation:

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3 comments on “A Norwegian Carpenter Thanks American Officials for PM Manipulation
  1. Steven says:

    As a wood worker myself I to have a respectable stash of the shiney stuff. Funny how the down to earth working man might have what it takes to acquire the goods while the well paid indulge in the kind of borrowing, spending and investing that will ultimately bring them to ruin. All paper either rots or burns.

  2. Petrus says:

    this dude has a decent pile of gold and silver – that is for sure. I have a lot of the shiny stuff myself – let s hope the norwegian carpenter is right and that silver and gold prices skyrocket.

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