8 yrs in jail for lobsters in plastic vs banksters walking free

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5 comments on “8 yrs in jail for lobsters in plastic vs banksters walking free
  1. YoLithos says:

    Max is soon to be declared “Hors Concours”, in the “Most Dangerous in Financial Journalism” contests. He and Stacy deserve a new color-code all their own. Great.

  2. Dippy says:

    surely a death sentence would have been more appropriate for a crime of this magnitude?

  3. Danny Cunnington says:

    LOL! How can anyone enforce such a boneheaded law? Personally I like lobsters and buy them regularly. From a vishandel/fish dealer on the border of Belgium and Holland (Kappele nearby the Dutch town of Hulst and 15KM from the Belgium town of Sint Nikolas).

    Yes you can buy the live ones in the aerated tanks but that’s more for restaurants. I buy mostly the Canadian/Newfoundland ones which are cooked and frozen in saltwater in a plastic bag. To defrost, you put them in a fridge and let the ice slowly turn to water.

    Of course if you had lobsters frozen in saltwater in a cardboard box and tried this then you would simply cause a deluge of saltwater wrecking the other stuff in your fridge and making a watery mess on the kitchen floor.

    If you want to cook the live ones and are concerned about crustacean cruelty you simply refrigerate them down to about 5 Celsius. Because they are cold blooded this slows down their metabolism to a state of deep hibernation. Despite this I have on several occasion had to reassure Dutch kids who are avid fans of Sponge Bob on kid’s TV!

  4. jischinger says:

    I really can’t understand why the Texas Affluenza story didn’t get more press,

    you’d think Alex Jones would have gobbled that one up. Not a peep.

    was it cause the kid was white?
    was it cause the kids father was rich and well connected?

    mowing down and killing 4 people maiming 2 more permanently and he walked away with probation?

    We’re clearly on the other side of the Rubicon.

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