[KR521] Keiser Report: Net Worth Enemas & Monetizing Bulimia

We discuss net worth enemas and monetizing bulimia in an economy in which the central bank QE beatings will continue until morale improves. In the second half, Max interviews Zac Goldsmith, a Member of Parliament for Richmond Park, about the danger of boycotting democracy, which is that it is guaranteed to take you away from democracy. In response to such anti-democracy sentiments, Zac has launched an e-petition to introduce a proper Recall mechanism for MPs. They also discuss being pro-market not pro-corporatism and how it is that investment companies are hoarding rhino horns to benefit from the economics of extinction.

202 comments on “[KR521] Keiser Report: Net Worth Enemas & Monetizing Bulimia
  1. snoop diddy says:

    well i did predict 300 for bitcoin by the end of the year lol, amazing price action.

  2. Evolutis says:

    Alstry Nomics says: “Can Technology Eliminate Scarcity?”

    What a great crew! … We put the best consideration first – this session.

    “to infinity and beyond” [Buzz lightyear] lol

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