Rick Ackerman Responds to the Lame Slur Hurled At Andrew Maguire

Stacy Summary: I know everyone on this site has seen the silly schoolboy type slurs and insults lodged by Jeff Christian at Andrew Maguire. Jeff apparently believes one must STFU if one hasn’t ever worked for Goldman “Doing God’s Work” Sachs. Frankly, I found it too pathetic to comment. But I think Rick Ackerman’s response is a good one and want to share it. Rick, for those who don’t know, was a market maker for 12 years on the floor of the Pacific Stock Exchange and then contributor to Barron’s for over 20 years. Here are his thoughts, as expressed on Forbes hit piece:

No real trading experience? Only an embittered ex-wife could invent such an outrageous claim. The tradable ideas that Andy used to post regularly in my chat room (Rick’s Picks) were nearly always a step ahead of Goldman’s precious metals desk. He generously bestowed on the room a nifty trick we referred to as “Andy’s Indicator,” a technically-based signal that is one of the most powerful and effective trading tools I’ve come across in my nearly 40 years of trading. Nor do we find any mention in this Forbes hit-piece of Andy’s astounding prediction, for the benefit of a Congressional panel, of exactly how the gold market would be manipulated the following day.

Who cares whether he worked for Goldman? His knowledge of the inner workings of the metals markets is surely equal to that of Goldman’s best and brightest. How sad that Andy’s courageous testimony against a criminally rigged game has made him the kind of enemies who will say absolutely anything to discredit him. To all who know him — other than his ‘ex’, that is — Andy is a gentleman and a stand-up guy.

16 comments on “Rick Ackerman Responds to the Lame Slur Hurled At Andrew Maguire
  1. RichardJ says:

    My firm subscribes to Andy’s service as well as a few others. He’s a top notch commodity trader from what Ive seen of his weekly commentaries and skimming his trade posts. I trade the 10YR almost exclusively but close associates on our metals desk say good things.

    It’s interesting that the CFTC suit that was finally dismissed after 5 years of “investigation” was closed only a month ago and now it’s on to character assassination.

  2. DiggerUK says:

    The only people defending this hoaxer, are those who have made good money out of trading his name as a whistleblower.
    As his CV shows him as a failed car rental expert, it’s no wonder that the main smokescreen being put up for this guy, is by those who own the ‘Pay for information’ sites that had a good business trading on his name.

    The Keiser crew has a lot of answering to do regards due diligence as journalists as well.

    Everybody who has an ounce of common sense, knows the whole persona created around this guy is fraudulent.
    The ‘assassination attempt’ was one of the worst conspiracy theories of all time, and should have told everybody that something was not quite right about this guy.

    Now even Murphy from the Gatagoons is putting as much distance as possible between them. The manipulation con is starting to play out.

  3. JoeinSyr says:

    Gata are goons, Maguire is a hoaxer, Keiser is a complicit tool…you have the market cornered on info i see Digger. I’ll side with Keiser over your troll comments anytime.

  4. DCor007 says:

    Maquire said on KWN that he would address the issue this week (on KWN I’m presuming). I don’t think anybody is questioning Maquire’s skills as a trader but his credibility is potentially on the line. Regardless of whether he worked at GS or not, just tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may. Last thing we need is a good-guy whistleblower with his integrity being questioned.

  5. Snorky says:

    Haters gotta hate …

    Sorry, but I just couldn’t resist! LOL!

  6. @Snorky – yep; and sheep will be led . . . it’s so so so easy to lead them to baaaah; seen it many times, will see it many more

  7. DiggerUK says:

    @ Herbert, ok wise guy, get Maguire back on The Report.
    Ask him to give us his CV, he won’t give it to other sections of the MSM, but he seems to trust you.
    Ask if he reported the car bump as an attempt on his life, or was it just a case of somebody ‘failing to exchange details at the scene of a motor accident’ as UK law demands.
    Ask for more details of the ‘inside information on silver market manipulation’, or is it as we all now know, nothing more than bar room bragging….or maybe make believe.

    You and Max must be sweating about your well paid jobs at RT, after all if your credibility as hacks is a busted flush after this, who will employ you. Larry Kings you ain’t
    It’s mea culpa time, or out of work time.

  8. @DiggerUK – you’re a moron. Bye bye.

  9. Dippy says:

    Personally I’m glad Kitco smeared Andrew Maguire, this only shows the depths they will sink to when the truth comes out and the fraudsters get nervous. Reminds me that other guy on Kitco who’s always dissing gold, called Jon Nadler I think – kinda ironic really considering its a precious metals site.
    I doubt there are many degrees of separation between the guy who hit Maguire’s car and Jeff Christian, they show their hand and so does the NY post.

  10. $ilver 100$ says:

    Uiiiiiiiiiiiiii ! 😀 😀 😀
    Is Goldi`s brainfucked world fantasy dissolving ???
    Is SHIBOR Indicating a Chinese Banking System Collapse in November?
    Remember Lindsay Williams interview about, the US can take down China within hours, befor they also collapse. 😎

  11. $ilver 100$ says:

    The Federal Reserve can avoid unprecedented losses by never selling mortgage-backed securities
    If interest rates quickly rise, the value of its holdings may plunge, prompting losses that may jeopardize its annual remittance to the U.S. Treasury. The central bank turned over a profit of $88.4 billion last year. 😀 😀 😀
    This is 1 month QE.
    Yepp, profit ! 😎
    The physical gold could be gone once the Western demand returns. That will possibly become the inflection point where the physical market will take over.
    The missing part is that the gold is not gone; it merely moves from West to East. THAT is the key reason why a resumption of the gold bull market could result in violent price reactions to the upside.
    China’s Gold Reserves At Least 2.5 Times Higher Than Reported, ‘De-Americanisation’ Continues

  12. LL Cool WFT Jim says:

    I proudly hand over my title of “biggest pain in the ass on maxkeiser.com” to DiggerUK

  13. anonymous says:

    Stacey, I didn’t know you guys read the comments. I’ve been wanting to get a message to Max. I apologise for going totally off topic here but remember how Max was saying that people were front running 9/11?

    Stacey, please look at this info:
    Dimitri Khalezov actually knew the Mossad agent who organised 9/11 and he’s written a book on it.

    Stacey, I have tried to contact Gerald Celente to give him this info but he’s surrounded by gatekeepers. If you have his private email, be an angel and pass this info on to him.

  14. @Dippy – yes! Jon Nadler. He was a hoot.

  15. Bruce says:

    All this talk about dis stuff but no talk about Eric King’s comical elongaated voice? People just ignoring daat shit as if he’s normal. Da world be crazy, yo.

  16. MikeA says:

    Not only is Kitco “News” actively publishing so-called dirt on Maguire:

    but their forum’s chief goon is feverishly slinging mud as well:

    Andy, I hope you sue these bastards before Revenue Quebec puts the Kitco gang of tax cheats out of business:

    Good thing a bankruptcy judge just gave them a fifth extension or Kitco would already be liquidating their pool accounts for pennies on the dollar:

    And in case you didn’t know, Kitco is insolvent and selling off assets:

    The real story here is that Kitco’s days are numbered. Maybe they are putting out this trash “news” in an effort to divert their customers from seeing who the real swindlers are.

    They can throw as much mud as they want, but the truth always comes out in the wash.

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