Food stamp #fail

Stacy Summary: More glitches. More dry runs. Flash crashes. ATMs down. EBT down. One glitch away from chaos. Or. It’s all going to be okay! Smile. Welcome to Walmart. Oh wait, they fired all the greeters . . . Anyway, at least there are no reports of riots. Imagine if the Fed, for example, tapered. There would be chaos in the streets of Lower Manhattan. Actually, most of the hard core welfare queens reside in Midtown, but you know what I mean.

Food Stamp Debit Cards Not Working in Many States

Do you accept TARP?

Do you accept TARP?

19 comments on “Food stamp #fail
  1. Useless Eater says:

    “Food stamp debit card outage unrelated to government shutdown, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture says:”

    What, the Lord and Saviour of the Obama supporters cannot provide his flock with sustenance?

    I suppose the non-believers of Satan shall be (conversely) punished harshly – with limited access to certain National Parks, huh?

    This God of the United States is a cruel one, indeed. Dare not doubt him again. Not exactly fire and brimstone, but the TV guys are sure making a big deal out of it.

    (Hee hee)

  2. SAO says:

    Hope & Change that will kill you.

  3. When I heard about this on Thursday, I thought it had to be some sort of mistake.

  4. Most people never realized that “The Flash Crash” happened during Hank Paulson’s testimony before congress. Consider this Welfare Failure as the debt ceiling version of the same “market” phenomenon. Glitching… Tony Soprano style. Capiche?

  5. Bruce says:

    “We iz ur masters, yo. Be warned if you wanna try some crazy shit. We is shaping ur psychologies, yo.”
    -Big Gubment

  6. snoop diddy says:

    something about 3 meals away from something.

  7. Ilia says:

    Commonwealth bank customers couldn’t get cash out of ATMs or use debit cards or credit cards on Saturday night. My friend was worried.

  8. Bill Stewart says:

    During WWI, at least 2 millions died due to starvation due to displacement etc …

  9. Bill Stewart says:

    The Great War (BBC 1964) : AC60C8830E27DD3F0607AF5817B278E70040DCBA
    26 Parts at ~45m

  10. Palantír says:

    …. “I think the 1998 default was a lesson, that’s the best you can say about it,” says Sergei Dubinin, who was head of Russia’s Central Bank at the time. “Both elites and business, as well as the population, can draw conclusions from it. They are that you cannot go on accumulating debts, the budget has to be balanced and taxes have to be paid.

    In what way will the Americans be forced to learn this lesson?

  11. mirrormirror says:

    Apt name : DEBT

  12. Was at a Fresh n Easy today and they had signs on the self checkouts “Sorry no EBT”

  13. BankingThiefs says:

    @mirrormirror “Apt name : DEBT”

    Nice spot, the missing word you need is Dietary

    Dietary Electronic Benefits Transfer = DEBT

    The banks that run this scheme are such comedians. 😀

  14. daddy warbucks says:

    Obama administration has been setting the stage to pull the rug out from under the USA;

    First make citizens dependent on government, only.

    Government must provide everything; “control the food and you control the people”.

    Remember this? “Illegal to feed the homeless – is this true?”

    …illegal in North Carolina to give food to homeless people, this is true for many parts in the United States.

    Soup Kitchen Cited For “Illegal” Sunday Meals

    Tuesday, September 22, 2009, by Middletown Eye (Ed McKeon)

    Vegas puts lid on soup kitchens

    Soup kitchens serving the homeless have been banned in the US city of Las Vegas with fines coming into force for anyone caught giving hand-outs in its parks.

    Of course this is a dry run, I would not be surprised if the Black Panthers are not being armed and trained by the DHS

  15. Devil's Advocate says:

    Hate to say it but the country needs a good old fashion culling.

    Never met so many people with so many programs, info available who are so demanding, rude or entitled.

    Fuck most of them.

    If they’re not old, ill, handicapped or actually held a job then I don’t care.

    Too many single moms with 3 kids from 3 different dudes…Too many fat old mamas with 8 kids who have NEVER worked one day…Too many men using their baby’s mama for food and a government paid place to live.

    People that believe they deserve help for GENERATIONS…Too many people eating crap with their EBT money, then shocked that they’re obese or have diabetes.

    I am willing to DOUBLE the EBT amount but RECERTIFY everyone…You’ll be shocked at all the the people taking advantage of the lax enforcement…Help is for the needy and ment to be a TEMPORARY CRUTCH not a lifetime choice…UNLESS you fit certain criteria.

    My mom and I lived in garages when I was small…Her pay as a maid was very low…Finally we gave in to eat and got food stamps…We did it for 2 months then the shame of it made us cancel it…We rather eat beans and tortillas than be on benefits.

    Most Americans refuse to stuggle, give up vices, eat better, make scarifices till the wolf is at the door…Some maybe very nice people but their lack of personal responsibility makes me not give a royal f*ck.

  16. Petunia says:

    JPMorgan issues all the food stamp EBT cards in the country. If the cards are not good it is JPM fault. Maybe the govt didn’t send the cash, or they are doing Obama’s bidding.

  17. I think they did this on purpose to show that govn’t is still needed.

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