Chase Bank confirms to Infowars that all business account holders were being subjected to cash & transfer restrictions

Stacy Summary: While the US is negotiating ‘free trade’ deals, more and more domestic companies are not so free to trade. No doubt, the propaganda on tv will tell you that these small companies in America are FREE to compete with the likes of Walmart, etc. and that it’s their own failings which make them unable to outdo the clever, competitive Walmarts of the world. What we’re witnessing, however, is increasingly open system of systemic financial discrimination against all but the oligarchs and monopolists. And, finally, the whole Western world is being Cyprus’d, first slowly and then it will be as suddenly as in Cyprus.

Chase Bank Limits Cash Withdrawals, Bans International Wire Transfers

UPDATE: Chase Bank confirmed to Infowars that all business account holders were being subjected to these new regulations. They indicated that customers would have to pay a fee on every dollar withdrawn over the limit. Given that even a relatively small grocery store or restaurant is likely to turnover more than $50k a month in cash payments, this appears to be part of a wider move to shut down businesses who mainly deal in cash. The bottom line is that banks think your money is their money and will do everything in their power to prevent you from withdrawing it.

19 comments on “Chase Bank confirms to Infowars that all business account holders were being subjected to cash & transfer restrictions
  1. Oneguy says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words or in this case, 178btc.

    Schaefer you are the man!

  2. Chris S. says:

    Everybody knows that you don’t own the money in your bank account. Why do you think that they’re money is your money?

  3. Bruce says:

    Honestly, this is a headline that you’d think would come from Communist China, yo.

  4. Hondo Stalwart says:

    Starting @ 50k … then 40 … 30 … 20 … 10 … 5 … now, how about investing in a mutual fund. … We are doomed.

  5. In the past this would be water off a ducks back for Chase. They have a ‘Licence To Print Funny Book Entry Money’ and loan it out at interest. Any amount of it, even the sky was no limit. The pile of Funny Money $100 Dollar notes could reach the moon and back!

    So what has suddenly changed? (November 17th) that is the question everybody wants to know!

  6. ilikesilver says:

    Won’t work for electronic money.

    Will work for Gold and Silver.

    This is even more of a reason to transact outside of the banking system. You could also pass on the saving to your customers. Such as Sales Tax avoidance and other costs incurred by trying to run your business legally. Isn’t that what these large banks do for their favoured clients?

  7. Max Power says:

    Several hundred people need to submit the underneath text to:


    This CBC Interactive webpage is historically incorrect :

    SEE :


    Background (wiki)

    The United States has had some sort of legislative limit on debt since 1917. From time to time, political disputes arise when the Treasury advises Congress that the debt ceiling is about to be reached and indicating that a default is imminent. When the debt ceiling is reached, and pending an increase in the limit, Treasury may resort to “extraordinary measures” to buy more time before the ceiling can be raised by Congress. The United States has never reached the point of default where Treasury is incapable of paying its debt obligations, except in the War of 1812 when the Burning of Washington happened and parts of Washington D.C. including the Treasury were burned.

    Legislative history[edit]

    Further information: History of United States debt ceiling
    Prior to 1917, the United States had no debt ceiling. Congress either authorized specific loans or allowed Treasury to issue certain debt instruments and individual debt issues for specific purposes. Sometimes Congress gave Treasury discretion over what type of debt instrument would be issued.

    The United States first instituted a statutory debt limit with the Second Liberty Bond Act of 1917. This legislation set limits on the aggregate amount of debt that could be accumulated through individual categories of debt (such as bonds and bills). In 1939, Congress instituted the first limit on total accumulated debt over all kinds of instruments.

    ALSO SEE :

    US government indebtedness has been the norm in United States financial history, as well of most Western European and North American countries, for the past 200 years.

    The US has been in debt every year except for 1835.

    Debts incurred during the American Revolutionary War and under the Articles of Confederation led to the first yearly report on the amount of the debt ($75,463,476.52 on January 1, 1791).

    Every President since Herbert Hoover has added to the national debt expressed in absolute dollars. The debt ceiling has been raised 74 times since March 1962, including 18 times under Ronald Reagan, eight times under Bill Clinton, seven times under George W. Bush, and five times under Barack Obama.

  8. Max Power says:

    CBC Programming Announcements

    The following Announcements are based on the most currrent programming information available from Audience Relations:

    Why is Radio 2 not available online anymore?

    Thanks for your email. On October 1 the CBC started advertising on Radio 2. Because those ads cannot be broadcast outside Canada, we geo-fenced or blocked Radio 2. However everyone outside Canada can still listen to streaming Radio 2 by going to a different link.

    Please go to the CBC Radio page and click on the link “See what is playing on all streams” under the “listen now” boxes. This link will take you to the complete list of streams and direct URLs. Under the list of Radio 2 regions you will see links to “International Pacific” and “International Eastern” streams.

    If you have an Internet Radio you can use the Direct URL for the region you want to hear.

  9. poopysnot says:

    Daaamn.. thought I’d go have a few drinks (a bluemoon for sure) and look what happens! Chase Bank is making melook soberr 😉



  10. poopysnot says:

    Heads UP Kansas City!

    In KC area? Join us for FREE screening of Money for Nothing featuring @ritholtz @WilliamKBlack @yvessmith Oct 21, 5pm— Stephanie Kelton (@StephanieKelton) October 16, 2013

  11. Jayme says:

    It sounds like they can’t be bothered with serving most of us little people. ‘Pay us more or get lost,’ seems to be the message. Fees going up for everyone who can’t afford them.

  12. Snooze says:

    Since I have been watching The Keiser Report, Max has been warning about a banking collapse. For those people who work for the government or you think that you are on the winning team, these banksters are going to strip the meat of your bones. The banking collapse is going to be systemic, so if you don’t have gold or silver, you are going to be sitting target. At this late stage precious metals should be seen as insurance. I am buying gold to purchase freedom miles, just in case I have to get out off this out this place.

  13. The only reason Chase does business with anyone is to skim easy money off the top.

  14. keehotee says:

    simple solution – change banks

  15. Hondo Stalwart says:

    Reverend Billy inside Chase
    He and his golden toads

  16. I wonder if Schaefers will see another price revaluation when Chase Bank finally takes a dive and you’re looking at some real Art History! ahahahah

  17. Bruce says:

    Hondo Stalwart says:
    Reverend Billy inside Chase
    Carbon dioxide is your friend. And so is the bank teller at 0:40. This was entertaining though. Golden toads, yo.

  18. Kevin Eshbach says:

    This reminds me of doing a wire transfer (to pay for some items) at Wells Fargo and the empty banker suit was not too happy about it. When is Wells Fargo going to finally shat the bed?

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