Rolling Stone Profiles Barrett Brown: Journalist, Activist and American Political Prisoner

Submitted by Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg

Barrett Brown is one of those figures that immediately captured my attention after first learning about him while watching the Anonymous documentary We are Legion. I soon realized that he had been incarcerated a mere three months prior to me serendipitously stumbling upon the film. It wasn’t difficult to see that he must have been onto something very, very big for the Feds to go after him so aggressively. You don’t charge a person with 105 years in prison merely as revenge for a youtube video in which you threaten an FBI agent. No, there was something much deeper going on here…

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5 comments on “Rolling Stone Profiles Barrett Brown: Journalist, Activist and American Political Prisoner

    You don’t declare “war” on Mike “Majestic” Mc-Conn-ell’s company and expect a slap on the wrist.

  2. alan says:

    Exposing the truth is the most dangerous thing to the military industrial complex.
    Broadly speaking the democratic process is so corrupted as to be farcical, but the illusion is important and must be defended.

  3. jischinger says:

    oh weird, I subbed to his channel and forgot all about him.

    interesting guy



  4. jischinger says:

    why does evil always want to crush our best and brightest?

    how can you not like this guy?

  5. jischinger says:

    Snowden basically proved everything Barrett Brown said was true and only 4 comments – two of which are mine.

    C’mon people show this guy some love!

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