What the US government pays to snoop on you

AT&T, for example, imposes a $325 “activation fee” for each wiretap and $10 a day to maintain it. Smaller carriers Cricket and U.S. Cellular charge only about $250 per wiretap. But snoop on a Verizon customer? That costs the government $775 for the first month and $500 each month after that.

Facebook says it doesn’t charge the government for access. And while Microsoft, Yahoo and Google won’t say how much they charge, the American Civil Liberties Union found that email records can be turned over for as little as $25.

What the government pays to snoop on you

6 comments on “What the US government pays to snoop on you
  1. jischinger says:

    The Math

    as of June 2012 the US ranked 3rd with 327,577,529 cell phone

    the US Population is 310,866,000

    the number of phones per population is 103.9%

  2. jischinger says:

    not sure how they calculated the above figures – the wiki page says they are active phones in use.

    That’s 1.7 Million people with 2 active phones

    However, how many people do not have an active phone?
    Do infants and kids under six have a phone?

    There are 11 million illegal aliens in the US, 4 million births and 2.4 million deaths.

    Assuming a 6 year old and under doesn’t have a phone then calculating the birth/death rate would allow us to subtract about 12 million citizens, which almost evens those numbers out.

    How many wiretaps in a year?

    In 2012 3,395 wiretaps were reported – that we know of- 1,354 authorized by federal judges and 2,041 by state judges. That was up 24% from 2011.

    and it seems costwise would depend on the carrier – but – you can bet if Verizon is charging $775 a tap AT&T and Cricket will be reevaluating their wiretap pricing structure next week.

  3. jischinger says:

    I calculated on the high end, minus e-mails, that the wiretap program costs us $28M a year.

    Doesn’t sound like much compared to the $85B a month injected into the black hole banking ponzie scheme – yet, while they are ripping the economy to shreds, keeping us forever in debt, for added fun and pleasure they are also nickel and dimming us to death with a service that really doesn’t cost more than $10 to implement and that’s on the high end.

    When is all this corruption going to end?

    Where and What is the straw on the camel’s back?

    Why is it only the looney tunes who are talking about waking away?

  4. BankingThiefs says:

    BIG Data = BIG Brother!

    If you store your data in “The Cloud” you lose all security over your data and for sure someone’s gonna be using it to make a profit.

    Tax the citizens so you can pay corporations to spy on them, because they’re over-taxed and restless, nice system.

    Kinda reminds me of Lenin’s “Crush he middle class between the millstones of tax and inflation”.

  5. BankingThiefs says:


    Kinda reminds me of Lenin’s “Crush the middle class between the millstones of tax and inflation”. Then he sets up the Cheka (secret police) to make sure the media and public toe the party line and don’t criticize the system.

  6. jischinger says:

    @BankingThiefs not unlike Hitler’s promises of utopia by conquering the world’s resources; cause he knew what to do with them best of all, and while plundering the world he would also rid the population of the old unclean souls.

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