George Galloway impassioned speech against bombing Syria

31 comments on “George Galloway impassioned speech against bombing Syria
  1. susan says:

    Why is he the only voice to speak truth to power? What happened to Lord James of Blackheath? What about Tom Watson?

  2. cynicalHighlander says:

    Hi Max I would not rely on George Galloway 100% in telling the whole truth all of the time.

    Watch: George Galloway caught regarding chemical weapons in Syria

  3. LoungeLizard says:

    Reports are coming in that Saudi-backed Rebels admit fault for Chemical Weapons attack on Damascus.

    Does that mean France and the US will now strike Saudi Arabia for crossing the ‘red line’ instead of Syria? No, thought not. Oil & Gas my friends. Oil & Gas….

  4. ricecake says:

    Who want Assad out most? Last checked it’s the Saudis and their King. There’s the possibility that the Saudis are funding the war and want hire the UK_USA_Franc to be the mercenaries. The War Mongers are of course eager as usual to jump in to billions again and again. Now UK is out. So it left for the USA and France to divid the profit.

    In calculating the risk, Obama is now fast doing his sum whether his political risk is greater than the Syria War profit. France on the other hand has not much political risk since they dislike the Arabs very much. So the French are all in for the profit. Hope the Saudis will pay them good as promised.

  5. Sir David Rottentrousers says:

    The dude has the best accent and could justify the importance of suicide with toenail clippers. A true gift, this gentleman has….

  6. The Dork of Cork. says:

    Galoway is a naive person at best – for example he believes the second world war was a sort of Holy war when it was most probably a banking scam like all the rest since the days of Cromwell.

    I was listening to a half decent house of lords debate and (Lord) David Triesman came on after that truly eccentric House of lords guy who claimed many things or was scammed but I can’t recall his name now.
    It was a predictable simplistic moralistic Tony Blair like telling of events and I said to myself that man is Jewish and so it was.

    The truth is so sad to see but I am afriad its true…….a branch of Talmudic Judaism and Masonic morons run the British isles into the ground just out of pure badness.

    I don’t think people can deny it with any credit now – its a sort of matter of fact thingie.
    The poor hobbits of England having been gamed for 400+ years don’t know any better.
    The British Isles is such a sad little place.

  7. Danny Cunnington says:

    George Galloway is using an opportunity that has been presented by the huge failure of the Tories to hysterically hype an act of war that has failed in full public view. He has just recalled parliament on the strength of anonymous youtube videos made by so-called rebels which is clearly fakery,

    It has cost millions to pay the expenses of a whole house of MPs to get them back of holiday just a week away from when they were coming back anyway.
    Cameron and his sidekick Hague have told brass faced lies and been called out.

    They are now exposed as both incompetent and a failure. This level of leadership failure in judgement calls for a vote of no confidence and the sacking of Cameron and Hague.

    The clown Bandar from Saudi Arabia has just made the mistake of threatening Putin with Cheychan terrorist attacks at the Russian Olympic games in Feb 2014 if he doesn’t relinquish support for Syria.

    The pseudo-monarchy in Saudi Arabia can be utterly destroyed by the Russian military as they are a small minority who use an army to repress it’s own population. They are literally crapping their pants right now and trying to back down.

    THEME: Bandar the Bush family style polka player lays out cards against a chess player. The chess player calls the bluff and moves pieces that will result in the decapitation of the polka player. Polka player leaves Russia realising that their regime change for Syria agenda is now dead in the water after displaying a suicidal inclination that will result in the destruction of a tinpot dictator puppet regime in Saudi Arabia.

  8. The Dork of Cork. says:

    One must always look deep into Stanley Kubricks work to find the real truth.
    Many would say that Full Metal jacket was not his best work but why did he pick Hue as a Battlefield ?

    Was it simply about the money ?
    It was a symbol of cultural destruction…………get it , that I now realize is the ultimate object of these post Cromwellian NWO wars.
    To destroy attachments , to destroy non monetary relationships in village co- op like systems , to create a world of Vietnamese boat people who are pushed into the debt vortex.

    The interviews.

  9. The Dork of Cork says:

    “What have we achieved in Iraq ,does anybody know ?”

    Yes some people do know…….

    Almost all of the Iraqi oil flows east – it was not a war a nation state engages in……
    It created a sea of refuges which could be further exploited by driving down the wage rates of western countries and has forwarded energy to lower labour cost areas.

    We are dealing with a form of evil few people can imagine or conceive.

  10. wauhoo says:

    George Galloway, world statesman extraordinaire!

  11. Klaxon says:

    Bilderberger J. Kerry was just on every one’s Big Bro Vidi Scream. He doesn’t have proof Amerika of any kind but “he knows”.

  12. Blah Blah says:

    Nato now drop out of the Syria posse too. Soon it will just be France and paper planes for drones. Although having France along may be a masterstroke as the UK will be dragged in to pull French troops out of Syria as happened in Mali.

  13. dlweld says:

    That would be a nice speech to broadcast on CNN

  14. susan says:

    In Jim Willie’s latest piece, about Syria he says this:

    “The presence of Sunni Qatar from the Persian Gulf and US Fascist Ally Israel make for the odd mix. In June, the Israel Govt signed a deal with Russian Gazprom. It called for directing all surplus natgas output from Tamar to the Gazprom pipeline system, and the European market. The Israeli Economy will greatly benefit from the surplus revenue.”

    Which means Israel gets to be on the right side of the financial future again, whilst USA sinks into the pit.

    Now I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that the Banksters are still winning, and as they have all the gold and will be behind the new global gold-backed currency, that these long-held conspiracy theories have been proven correct. Even Bix Wier says that the objective was to default on the US Debt, which will usher in the new trade-settlement system.

    Also, lots of Rothschild emblems all over the ‘SilverDocs’ website. The Banksters have never been on the run, they’ve been laughing all the way to the BRICS Development Bank. Mission completed, doing God’s work.

  15. alan says:

    “He said the United States was joined by allies including France, “our oldest ally”, in its determination to act”.

    The worlds a funny place. I remember the venom in the attacks on France, for their daring to question the destruction of Iraq by the USA and its toadies. The blogs were brutal, US brainwashed fools wanting to punish France. Obviously France has been shown the light since then.
    Made an offer they could not refuse!

  16. Blah Blah says:


    Just sit back, have a large plate of freedom fries and watch the show 😉

  17. mijj says:

    i believe it’s good form, nowadays, to congratulate someone who opposes injustice by calling them “anti-semitic”.

  18. mijj says:

    the significance of Galloway is highlighted by the scorn, derision, contempt, ridicule, anger, outrage, etc directed at him (ie. fear) by the establishment via its media and various establishment apologists and stooges.

    Well, done, Mr Galloway. A hero to the people, a pain to the scum parasites who regard themselves as masters of the people.

  19. Crazy Horse says:

    The red line has been crossed and there is no turning back. Obama has no choice but to bomb all of Texas including the Bush residences and properties for its covert support of Saddam’s use of nerve gas against Kurdish civilians during Bush the First’s reign.

  20. 161803398 says:

    He said it was a “feeling”. He didn’t say it was a fact.

  21. pch says:

    @crazy horse: i think bush senior only owns a hotel suite in texas; it’s enough to give him texas as his primary residence/no state income tax penalty-his home in maine is where he lives most of the time though considered only a second residence (not required to pay state income tax-meaning aim at maine first for likelier success.)
    dubya’s home is in texas: and he was president when we were using depleted uranium in our arsenal in iraq, maybe afghanistan as well (something to do with bombs or missiles, i believe-if your suggestion had been acted on years ago we might have gotten bin laden as well (wink, wink: ministry’s khyber pass lyrics.)
    napalm/agent orange would be under johnson and nixon but they’re already dead.
    i haven’t a clue about carter; though he asserts ‘not one bullet was fired’ during his tenure (let’s leave any other questionable legacies for a different debate.)
    as for reagan and clinton: i haven’t a clue either; but i’m sure they have those ghosts lurking in their respective closets; reagan most likely in central america or afghanistan; clinton probably in arkansas in response to lousy sex or whitewater.
    obama was fine with bp’s use of corexit in the wake of deepwater horizon (how can you say no to one of, if not the biggest pentagon fuel suppliers); the effects on the individuals involved with it’s use are still being documented.

    **hope i have those facts right; seriously, if not; someone please correct me.**

  22. pch says:

    oops: reagan’s already dead.

  23. EricTheCynic says:


    My guess, Freedom Fries will be removed from all congressional menus by Monday, we are back to having French Fries again.

  24. Flopot says:

    If the US attacks Syria then it seems Iran and Syria will attack Israel.

  25. ptah says:

    Putting the actual issue of Syria to one side for a moment, I am really enjoying the kind of political debate we are being served due to a lack of any real majority in Parliament. These rats are having to fight for every political point. I guess it won’t last.

  26. drummerboy says:

    the most disturbing part are the killings of the two priests.which are both armenians.when the genocide went down,1915-1918 over a million and a half armenians perished at the hands of the turks.most of all turkish land belongs to the armenians.the turks would NEVER go into syria to stop the a matter of fact,they are enjoying it,’s not about gassing people,’s more about removing the total existence of the CHRISTIANS. and the Armenians,they were the first,in all of humanity to embrace christianity since 451ad.if i were the leader of the free world,i would remove turkey,saudi arabia,and iran,and i would keep a very short leash on all the rest. the middle east is a great big zero.those people come into this world,and all their lives aspire to be absolutely nothing. they have nothing that contributes to society as a whole.personally,they can take their oil,their rugs,their dates,and camels…….and shove it up there fucking ass. fucking mind game players,every fucking one of them. and if the u.s. thinks that turkey is their ally,well let me just say, with authority, that those cocksuckers will be the first, to be two faced against us.

  27. dux13 says:

    Admiral Ackbar from the planet Dac apparently has an evil twin on the planet Earth: Ackbar Abomba.
    His line is not “It’s a trap!” but rather “I have set a trap!”

  28. Stuka_007 says:

    I wished we had one single politician in Germany in the parliament like Mr. Galloway. Respect to this man. Unfortunately Germany is in complete control of the war-heads. Also respect to the somehow democratic culture in the British parliament. Such a discussion would even not take place in Germany because of the fear someone could make a statement regarding Israel, Jews and getting an invitation to a jump with parachutes which does not open after jumping out of the plane.

  29. poopysnot says:

    Chris Hedges on Obama Decision to Attack Syria and
    “Give Congress a Voice”

    Published on Aug 31, 2013

    Chris Hedges and Paul Jay discuss President Obama’s statement that he has decided to attack Syria and seek authorization from Congress… Even though he says he doesn’t need it

  30. Frank says:

    The Brilliant George Galloway enlightens the house again while the rest are sitting like Sheeps taking money for Zionist war mongers. Thank God we have people like George who are courages and informed.

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