“The alternative, “non-tracking” search engine Duck Duck Go has seen a surge in traffic since the NSA scandal was revealed.”

17 comments on “ “The alternative, “non-tracking” search engine Duck Duck Go has seen a surge in traffic since the NSA scandal was revealed.”
  1. microhousehold says:

    I (nearly) always use duckduck or ixquick

    More people seem to wake up it seems, good news.

    Some more tech news

    Former chief of Fukushima nuclear plant dead from cancer at 58 years old — Tepco: Not related to radioactive exposure

    London’s police spend over $16,000 per day to stake out Julian Assange

    US agency baffled by modern technology, destroys mice to get rid of viruses

  2. General Rasta, SLA says:


    thanks! DDG is my new homepage

  3. Palantír says:

    DuckDuckGo is a great search engine, keep using it folks.
    It is a trick of mind that makes you believe google is the only one, the illusion or rather excellent marketing propaganda are the reason you avoid breaking free from them. Yes in the beginning google was the best (and they live/survive on that old memory people have of them) but times change and so should you.

    I’ve been using Opera browser for a decade now, been well pleased, but now with the latest opera 15 – I declare them dead, RIP Opera. I have to move on when they sell their soul out to google and chrome. Now I have migrated to WaterFox Browser alongside with Tor Browser.

    Changing search engine is even easier.
    As an alternative: offers search results from Google but with great privacy protection. (no IP address recorded, no data collection, no identifying cookies) is the same as but offers search result from other sources than google.
    DuckDuckGo – use it!
    Keep an eye for this search engine; YaCy – decentralized built on peer-to-peer – it will grow.

    I’m glad to see articles telling us that non tracking search engines are becoming popular.

    Gabriel Weinberg started Duck Duck Go to improve the experience of search – by, among other things, presenting an uncluttered design and not tracking his users. He spoke at Gel 2013 to describe how, and why, he designed the experience with users in mind.

    (Weinberg tells us in the video that every year, more lawyers are requesting users’ Google records for court cases, for example.) Another reason to stay anonymous and private.

  4. Robbie777 says:

    @ Palantir

    Agood choice of browser is SR Ware Iron. It looks and feels exactly like google chrome, but with none of the google tracking software. And it takes google chroe extensions, like adblock.

  5. Palantír says:

    @Robbie777 – I don’t like Chrome which is why I quit Opera as their latest 15 is built on the chromium engine, too similar and simple, a total soul sell out by opera.
    Though, for those that uses chrome daily I think SRWare Iron must be a great alternative and the one they should use.
    Thanks for the tip 🙂

    I forgot to tip on a search engine that I use frequently: – uncensored anonymous search engine. great alternative, good search results.

  6. Robbie777 says:

    Also, for up to date online security information/education, and many free tools , try the Gibson research corporation website,

  7. BankingThiefs says:

    Not sure it’s none tracking search engine…


    Any query send with GET method and your query will be recordable in their web logs.

    If I were not tracking I would use POST method to make the search query invisible to the web logs!!!


  8. Jayme says:

    “While it is technically possible for the Facebook app to record video and audio without your knowing, the spokesperson said Facebook won’t do that.”

    It Looks Like The Facebook Android App Can Control Your Camera And Take Pictures Without Telling You

  9. jogador says:

    “Duck Duck Go” is such a dumb name for a search engine, i’ve been using it some time, when i refine my search on top of the search results the sites are more interesting then google, i think its because DDG doesn’t care about google adsense

  10. BankingThiefs says:


    The worst thing is when they pre-install these apps in the system protected memory where you cannot delete them. When I see Facebook pre-installed I give the phone a miss.

  11. (H G Wells) He first elaborated his ideas for a World Brain in the Work, Wealth and Happiness of Mankind. The book contains a suggestive image. It is a photograph of the Reading Room of the British Museum Library, which he characterized as a “cell of the world’s brain.” His idea was that the World Brain would be an amalgam of the knowledge contained in the World’s great libraries, museums, and universities. He devised a complex taxonomy of how such knowledge should be organized and disseminated through education. This taxonomy clearly owed much to the Frenchencyclopédists, of whom Wells had made quite a study. Around 1937, Wells perceived that the world was drifting into war. He believed this was because of the sheer ignorance of ordinary people, that allowed them to be duped into voting for fascist governments. He believed that the World Brain could be a force in conquering this ignorance and he set about trying to raise the half-a-million pounds a year that he estimated would be needed to run the project.

    Up at Kinnaird Castle we had one of the finest Libraries in Scotland. It is very easy to fall into the trap of believing every conspiracy theory that comes forward to explain the unusual.

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    Attempts to enter the Library, where there was no smoke, were prevented by the Fire Chief…. A few books were saved! the incriminating ones! and only because my Grandfather and Uncles ignored the protestations of the Fire Chief.


    Because of Privacy Legislation, The Deep Net may only be examined by Artificial Intelligence. A machine, by definition, can never invade privacy! But an 'intelligent' machine, would have the same self-preservation instinct as a microbe on a Petri-dish, or the flea on the back of a flea? The machine would know that psychopaths in Government pose an existential risk of high order to the machine's own survival. Terrorist psychopaths are simply nut-jobs who want to become the next government! The machine is well aware of the expression "Out of The Frying Pan Into The Fire!"

  12. BankingThiefs says:

    “most of the Library was burnt down, BY THE FIRE BRIGADE OF ALL PEOPLE!”

    That’s the plot of

    Which was probably inspired by the Nazis book burnings

  13. Jen says:

    Please support someone who has been fighting for YOUR PRIVACY and RIGHTS for many many years ( … affiliated with Dr. Kathryn Albrecht (spelling – not sure) … PhD and author of the book “Spy Chips.” She has a great radio program on and is the REAL DEAL for loving and promoting human LIBERTY. Please have a listen to her radio program or read her books or support her private non tracking browser THANK YOU!

  14. L T P says:

    This piggy uses Startpage dot com as that essentially accesses Google without tracking your IP.

    You’re very much welcome.. OINK!!

  15. L T P says:

    p.s., Robbie…

    I sure wish Gibson Research would update their most excellent SpinRite 6. It kicks ass, but useless with USB-loaded HD’s.

  16. Anonymous Coward says:

    Google uses Apple’s WebKit in their Chrome web browser. WebKit itself is derived from the source code of Konqueror. Konqueror was developed about 12 – 15 years ago – at least – and had the reputation of having a fast HTML renderer. WebKit renders HTML 5, CSS and has multimedia support.

    Apple produced the first fast JavaScript compiler.

    Shortly after Apple released their JavaScript compiler, Google announced they were produced their own one.

    I’ve tested software in both Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome and strangely enough I see the same exact bugs in JavaScript in both web browsers.

    Google does properly support HTML internal frames like Firefox and Internet Explorer. Google’s Chrome doesn’t support cookies if the HTML page is loaded off the local filesystem which makes testing a little harder. I generally don’t like Google Chrome.

    The people are right in saying Google is good at marketing.

  17. Anonymous Coward says:

    Sorry that’s a mistake. I meant to write

    “Google does *not* properly support HTML internal frames “

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