All the Gold in the Universe Could Come From the Collisions of Neutron Stars

Yo, Ben! Check out the velocity on this money supply!

Yo, Ben! Check out the velocity on this money supply!

24 comments on “All the Gold in the Universe Could Come From the Collisions of Neutron Stars
  1. bones says:

    fuck yeah!

  2. Mother Earth says:

    Yes, gold is stardust…

  3. Max Power says:

    In other headlines, if astronomy is not your thing :

    Gore site owner charged over video in Magnotta case
    Edmonton website owner faces count of corrupting morals for hosting dismemberment video

    You can watch a DSN subnet being built :

  4. Flopot says:

    Isn’t science absolutely lovely. It would be great if we could just get on with s**t like this instead of having men go batshit crazy everytime they get a whiff of money and power.

  5. BankingThiefs says:




  6. Flopot says:

    @Banking Thiefs

    Aha! So that’s the real reason they’re after Iran! 😉

  7. Robespierre says:

    Also SILVER, PLATINUM, RHODIUM, PALLADIUM and rare elements metals.

  8. Aether Force says:

    more theoretical FLUFF!

    it’s a good thing these “scientists” don’t actually have to come up with anything that actually works!

  9. snoop diddy says:

    is this bullish?


    A controversial hypothesis, that has not yet been fully refuted.

    Ancient Scripture is narrated in Cantos (Songs) and incorporates mythological stuff that would be of great interest to kids! Those kids would later grow up into adults, and they would understand that the material universe is an engineered artefact. The Vedas are quite specific about the manufacturing process. and the maintenance schedule. We are due now for the regular 4.32 billion year maintenance repair process. Known as “The Night of Brahma” a period that also lasts 4.32 billion years, following which a new ‘Day of Brahma’, begins.

    The Vedas explain that hellish conditions within this material universe, make the prisoners desire to escape. This material universe is intended to be a fake heaven, and the prisoners no longer wish to escape. In this disgusting material universe, life is sustained by one living entity devouring another living entity. The criminal inhabitants of this penal colony gradually learn that cannibalism is ultimately a self-destructive lifestyle going nowhere!

  11. Mattdog says:

    And, you can find it in the dirt in the great outdoors!

  12. mijj says:

    pffft! .. i don’t believe a word of it. The gold certificates would instantly vaporize!

  13. OlympiaLogger says:

    Quite a statement. Now how about the part I never liked to do — Proof.

    I have a theory…Gold’s prior state is:

    …Schrodinger’s Cat…

  14. clearvision says:

    From the Article >>> The new finding also solves a related question: Whether this particular sort of gamma-ray emission—called a “short duration” burst—can be definitively linked with the collisions of two neutron stars. “We’d collected quite a lot of circumstantial evidence suggesting that they come from the collision of two neutron stars, but we’d really lacked a clear ‘smoking gun’ signature,” Berger says. “This event provides, for the first time, that ‘smoking gun.’”

    Condoleezza Rice should have been an astrophysicist. “The smoking gun might come in the form of a mushroom cloud” … or a double neutron star collision.

    I see a parallel here with Earth Economics;
    American Economy + Chinese Economy = Chimerican Economy … which became the world economic engine that every other country aligned themselves with, and then the one way Bond purchasing stopped and it crapped itself.

    or put another way;
    Ultra Misallocation of Wealth Consumerism (America) + Ultra low paid misallocation of wealth Pauperism/Wage-slavery (China) = EVENTUALLY NO ECONOMY.

    Two neutron stars finally colliding indeed. And instead of getting some kind of ‘new world order’ out of it, both stars collapse and explode and the GOLD IS FREE!!! Yay!

    6000 people control(hoard) 80% of the worlds capital (Real figures!). ie, 6Billian divided by 6000 = 1 in 1 million people control the equivalent of 800,000 of those other people. Then these douche bags have the audacity to sit around round tables and discuss what the other 6Billion-6000 people are doing wrong and dictate about how to create a ‘New World Order’. How about we simply put these people on trial for crimes against humanity? it would only be 6000 people, and you would have to have the capital of 800,000 people to even be a target of this particular witch hunt (we will set a fair limit, 6000 heads only) and you even get a chance to get off by throwing half your fortune over the wall to some hungry people! We would not even have to destroy capitalism, we could just target 6000 people … I say we start with the ‘philanthropists’ in the group, because they are the most hypocritical… Yes that means you Bill Monsanto Gates … you’re first!

    The 1% of the 1% of the 1% … LITERALLY!!! Make them start running.

  15. Irony Man says:

    Reminds me of the banking system. As gold is produced on the one hand, on the other a big black hole forms and sucks in and destroys everything. The Hawking Gold Theory??? [cf. Stephen Hawking / Thomas Gold]

  16. BankingThiefs says:

    @ OlympiaLogger “Now how about the part I never liked to do — Proof.”

    The facts we can prove are…

    1) We know gold is created in nuclear reactors, and stars are just big nuclear reactors in space.

    2) The proof that MOST (NOT ALL) of the gold came from outer space is that it is evenly distributed over the earth. Unlike oil and coal, you cannot find it by simply using geology (rock formations).

    1+2 = 3

    3) So you put the two known facts together, and you know something happened in space to a star to get it to spew it’s gold all over the planet. Not much happens out there other than collisions.

  17. BankingThiefs says:

    P.S. … and explosions.

    I lean more toward the theory of gold is spewed out from exploding dead stars (Supernova) it’s a lot more common than a star collision.

  18. @BankingThiefs, retired NASA Astrophysicist Oliver K Manuel might heartily concur with you.

    Poor Dr. Oliver (Emeritus Professor) has had a bit of a raw deal from the ‘Dismal Citadel of Orthodoxy’. He proposed that our Sun was a second generation star. The neutron star remnant of an ancient supernova. This neutron star is still spinning inside our sun, accounting for a large portion of the Sun’s energy, and the observed faster rotation at the equatorial regions, than at the polar latitudes. Also countless other phenomena that can be explained by his Supernova Remnant Neutron Star core hypothesis, yet have no conventional explanation.

    The prime reason that the establishment reject this theory, is that it inevitably leads to the conjecture that advanced civilisations exist, that are capable of ‘celestial engineering’, and those kinds of speculation undermine the authority of the established status quo!

  19. heeler says:

    @Alastair, have heard the binary star idea but not the theory of a neutron star inside our sun,though surely it would effect the radiation or emission line characteristics of the spectra coming out,anomalous data would show up methinks(or has it?). Did you hear about the unidentified particle possibly a new type of neutrino coming from the sun which has a seasonal characteristic on earth and affects the decay time of isotopes?.
    So there is a solar hemisphere emission imbalance afterall
    ‘that the sun’s core rotates slower than its surface, and maybe even that an entirely unknown particle exists and is affecting our world in a tangible way. ‘

  20. OlympiaLogger says:


    Postulate #2 is at this very moment throwing the entire universe out of balance.

    Gold is most often found in Quartz formations.
    Experienced gold prospectors rarely look for gold, but rather look for rocks and rock formations that are known to hold gold.

    So far, you have:


    Might I suggest you change your Nom De Plume to “Winston Smith”, and take your post writings in a political direction.

  21. Jon Whitmore says:

    i miss those little live silver & gold charts. but i found the same ones at it even links to this site and other good ones.

  22. whirlybird says:

    Funny this article: I recall Frank at Seattle Coins telling me last year his favorite “conspiracy theory” was that the Hadron Large Collider was made to create gold.

    Huh…..maybe he was on to something…

    Meanwhile though…I’ll keep stacking, 1 oz at a time…

  23. joseph c says:

    Current gold holdings on Earth are minutia compared to gold that exists in/under the oceans, and in small deposits subsurface that will become profitable to mine as technology improves. Gold is worth more than fiat, but longer term, many factors will lower it’s value, so it’s currently low priced, then will rise, then will ultimately fall, not as far as fiat, but there is a LOT of gold in the earth. Much more than is currently reported.. the ‘shortages’ are not as real if technology improves, and subsea gold mining is a huge game changer.. also, different, smaller mining robotics that can go after once ignored small deposits.

    Also, bitcoin has been revealed to be compromised. it’s useful for commerce, but if the internet is hit by war, bitcoin’s encryption has already been hacked, the miners stopped that event, but it showed that a larger computer network could easily lift bitcoin and shut it down instantly, several nations have such large networks.. so either bitcoin must immediately upgrade itself, or be vulnerable to attack. Also, hardened, radio peer to peer alt internet should be immediately developed so the govt internet when it’s shut off, won’t affect bitcoin.. that could then be secure, but electronics can be shut down by pulse weapons, so ‘bitcoin number stations’ radio beacons could be networks by citizens to provide global connectivity for bitcoin, etc… govt’s are highly vulnerable now, parallel systems need to be developed, and bitcoins encryption was authored by the NSA.. so how is it secure? it’s transparent glass to them… satoshi knockem-over… a billion dollar joke.

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