This aired on Bloomberg TV on July 25th. It is the FIRST time it has EVER been mentioned in the mainstream media…

13 comments on “This aired on Bloomberg TV on July 25th. It is the FIRST time it has EVER been mentioned in the mainstream media…
  1. Mini US says:

    With the Bilderbergs and G8 meeting within weeks, looks like they have given the go ahead to talk about it.

  2. heeler says:

    exponential functions indeed.

  3. Andy Perry says:

    I have been talking about this for a couple of years.I said here is no imminent Armageddon coming, there never was. There is no currency war, there is instead a war on state issued currency. Allowing financial institutions to issue and distribute Democratised (‘private’), currency is the name of the game and it has obvious implications for international exchange rates. It is these issues that are being addressed. I predicted two years ago that exchange rate blocs will be put into place. That there will be a pan-American exchange bloc that will allow dollar devaluation. There will be a surprise raprochement between Japan and China on the basis of a regional exchange bloc! This together with the super trade agreements being put in place is the basis for the new Democratised financial order.
    Should you wish it,the detail is here for free. Because I want to tell you something, not sell you something.

  4. StackEm' High says:

    July 25th…old news?

  5. Bev says:

    If this article is correct, is this then vindication for former Rep. Dennis Kucinich, and Stephen Zarlenga, Director of the American Monetary Institute .

    I would love Max to interview Kucinich and Zarlenga among other advocates for a public/government Debt-Free, Interest-Free money that would benefit all of society…creating jobs that repair and advance infrastructure,technology and survivability.

    It certainly contains part (hopefully all) of their recommendations:

    First, it dismantles the Federal Reserve System and incorporates it into the US Treasury, where people think it is now.

    Second, it removes the accounting privilege banks now have to loan their interest bearing debt into circulation by decisively ending the fractional reserve system. All serious monetary reformers know that to have real reform, we must end the fractional reserve system! The banks no longer create what we use for money.

    Third, Congress creates and spends money into circulation for infrastructure, health care and education, starting with the $2.2 trillion the civil engineers tell us we need over the next 5 years.

    Inflation is avoided because infrastructure and real goods and services come into existence.

    Over 7 million new jobs are created!


    Is it also vindication for Jim Sinclair who has said that nation to nation debt will be reset with the rising value of gold (oil) to balance the international balance sheets?


    I want Dennis Kucinich and Stephen Zarlenga to be interviewed by Max, please.

    Professor Kaoru Yamaguchi’s Model of HR 2990
    Professor Yamaguchi (Berkeley, Doshisha Universities) shows that Kucinich’s HR 2990 NEED Act: (1) Provides the funding for infrastructure repair (which solves the unemployment crisis) (2) Pays off the national debt as it comes due (3) Does this without inflation! Click here to watch a video of Professor Yamaguchi’s presentation to the 2010 AMI Conference. Wow!

    Key Articles

    Is the Federal Reserve System a Governmental or a Privately Controlled Organization?

    The Chicago Plan Revisited. Michael Kumhof (Deputy Division Chief, Modeling Dept., IMF) applies modern computer modeling to the Chicago Plan, which support the monetary reforms of HR 2990 and dispel the widespread fears of inflation under a government money system.

    A Program For Monetary Reform, from six notable American economists, is a 1939 proposal put forth to rebuild America’s economic system.

    A Critique of Innes’ Credit Theory of Money, by Stephen Zarlenga, which explodes (or “discredits”) the prevailing economists notion that it is OK to use “debt” in place of “money.”

    The Need for Monetary Reform is a brief summary of monetary reform.

    Why States Going Into The Banking Business Would Be A Distraction, Not A Solution To Their Fiscal Problem, American Money Scene Bulletin 5. This article is a comprehensive critique of the notion that instead of fixing the problem, governments should go into the banking business.

    Helpful Monetary Reform Materials


    And, Jim Sinclair


    And, the author of this article.

  6. BankingThiefs says:


    I’ve heard dollar propaganda loads of time, “oh the Euro’s gonna implode”, to push up the dollar. Someone is long dollar/ short euro and they’re talking their book.

    Euro is the closest thing to a gold back currency, they have more gold than anyone, and they hate to inflate away it’s value.

    As for “Iraq will become the richest nation in the world due to its oil reserves. Thereby, numerous nations that hold the Iraqi Dinar are looking to the IQD becoming the global reserve currency.” The Norway Krona NOK is already fiat backed by oil, but like the IQD, it’s not got enough volume for big investors.

  7. Huggy Bear says:

    July 25th of what year? 2012? This conversation “just happened” a year ago?

  8. My eyes are focussed on Syria. The overthrow of Syria, was mentioned by Gen. Wesley Clark as a key component of a ‘Grand Strategy’, possibly formulated 20 years ago? The Warmongers are currently resorting to every dirty trick in the book.

    “LOOK! WMD’s !!! WMD’s !!! Assad is using chemical waepons against the heroic, ‘Freedom Fighters’.” (The UN doubt the claims, and the suspect evidence provided by NATO.)

    Russia has played a brilliant game of chess! With timely interventions again and again. BRAVO! The recent S300 deployment will give NATO a splitting headache, if they are stupid enough to attempt the imposition of a ‘No Fly Zone’, allowing NATO Warplanes to indisciminately bomb “Command & Control HQ’s” such as Hospitals, Junior Schools, TV Broadcast Stations, Electric Power Staions, Sewage Works, etc. The people have heard these lies before! just look at Libya!

    The kind of event that could upset the apple-cart, would be a pre-emptive strike by Israel, against Iran’s perfectly legigimate Nuclear Enrichment facilities. China could react badly to such a move? It’s far better that NATO ‘fears’ getting a bloody nose! than actually receiving that bloody nose! Half of America and most of Europe would shout for joy! at every NATO Warplane that hit the dirt in flames!!! (Pilot ejected! I am not a sadist!) Our dim-wit, crass stupid politicians live in a bubble of ignorance! they seem to have no idea how unpopular NATO actually is!

  9. t says:

    Be careful about the site Investmentwatch. The recycle old finance videos without telling anyone. They have another one with Faber which was probably taken in 2011, but they never mention it. In the background you can plainly see that the Dow is at 11,100. That hasn’t been the case in the last two years. These guys are charlatans.

  10. BankingThiefs says:

    “Fancy a spot of London in 4 hours, guv?
    ‘Son of Concorde’: London to Sydney in four hours gets closer”

    Not going to happen in our lifetime. USA has been trying to build a High Speed Civil Transport (HSCT) since Britain/France/Russia managed to do it in the 70s! Heck they only just figured out (VTOL) Vertical Take-Off and Landing!

    The cheapest way to realistically do this would be to skip the development costs and just build some new Concordes using the old plans but updated to fix the issue (armor plated fuel tanks) that stopped the old ones from flying. Rich people would pay a premium to fly faster. Time is money to them.

  11. Danny Cunnington says:

    Watch out for the Iraqi Dinar scam. The bush crime family and cohorts extracted most of the Iraqi Dinar in the first two years of the illegal occupation of Iraq. They engineered it’s collapse and bought it up for next to nothing. That’s why you heard things like $9 billion Dollars going missing and airlifts with 360 tons (In weight) of pallets packed with hundred dollar bills.

    It didn’t go missing it bought up virtually the whole currency using tax payer money but the Dinars disappeared into private hands. Later, they will try to monetise Iraq’s entire oil wealth and make the Dinar commodity backed whilst covertly holding the loins share of all the currency. It’s the ultimate resource rape.

    This is why the oilfields were not developed. They want the reserves held off market for now. Many of these shallow fields have very low extraction costs.

  12. Andy Perry says:

    Forget the ‘private’ Fed herring.
    Arms manufacturers are private, they produce weapons for profit. Does this mean that Obama is not repsonsible for USA wars? This argument is ridiculous.
    You want the state to control the production and spending of money. This has got arguments to recommend it. But you do understand this is the end of capitalism right?
    So what is this new system called?

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