The Alex Jones effect…

Hi Max,

Sorry about all that – I couldn’t find any other contact information for you. We are all a little stunned by the appearance of Alex Jones on BBC Sunday Politics show this morning.

I’m emailing from the BBC’s Have I Got News For You and wondered if you would consider coming on this series as a panellist when new season starts in September?

The programme is recorded on Thursday evenings at The London Studios on the South Bank. Guests are asked to be there at about 5.15pm, allowing them a little time to read the newspapers should they wish and to meet their team captain. The recording is usually finished by 10pm, with hospitality provided afterwards. Transport to and from the studios can be arranged if required and a guest fee of XXXX is payable.

Needless to say, we would be delighted if you were able to appear on the show as we think you would be a great guest. Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me on the number below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Danny Carr

Assistant Producer


66 comments on “The Alex Jones effect…
  1. kieran says:

    1776 will commence again if max gets on hignfy.

  2. Harry says:

    Good for you MAX!
    Spread the reality over them viewers…

  3. snoop diddy says:

    Should be good!

    I love this bit by Doug Stanhope on nationalism:

  4. snoop diddy says:

    … though I guess that clip’s a no lol…

  5. Dylan says:

    Be careful Max that they don`t just want to wheel you out to mock the conspiracy theorist. The Alex Jones reference makes me suspicious. He didn`t comport himself as well as he could have to say the least. Then again neither did they.

    But they maybe seeing this as their chance to paint the truth tellers in the worst light.
    I`m sure you are up to the task though and a match for any of them.

  6. Sirial says:

    Doug Stanhope’s bit certainly tell’s you what kind of man that Danny Carr is. He obviously has no shame to ask for a preferential treatment.

  7. Blah Blah says:

    Vet who is hosting it first. If you can get on a show with Bojo hosting and spend half an hour ripping the shit out of him then go for it. Otherwise you shouldn’t bother.

  8. The Bilderberg Broadcastingn Corporation?

    They often screw up! announce that Building 7 has collapsed 26 minutes ahead of schedule. Invite Visor Security Chief Peter Power into the Newsroom, and ask him why he was conducting drills that were the exact same tube trains and busses, at the exact same locations, ant the exact same times as the 7/7 London Terrorist bombings!!!???… Then the Bilderberg Broadcasting Corporation has the cheek to call anybody like Alex Jones, who points out how improbable those coincidences could all aggregate into a hyper-giga-coincidence, a crackpot conspiracy theorist!

    BEWARE THE BILDERBERG BROADCASTING CORPORATION! Jimmy Saville was just the tip of the ice cold BILDERBERG!

  9. Sirial says:

    This reminds me btw of my younger years when I was a runner and assistant producer for a dutch commercial television program maker.
    I had to try and get everything for free it disgusted me and I burned down in that job after about two years of non stop 12 hour work days of which I only got 8 hours paid. I guess I wasn’t built right for that line of work.

  10. jischinger says:

    great response – bravo!
    support independent everything!

  11. jischinger says:

    say anyone have some old useful computer equipment you can send this guy –

    if he goes he will be missed – who hasn’t seen or used a moxnews vid?

  12. me says:

    Max, please go on and proclaim such non-stop and unvarnished truth that they have to bin the show and re-record, but get Stacy to record it from the audience and post it on here. It will get millions of hits.

  13. jischinger says:

    “…a guest fee of XXXX is payable.”

    they pay their guests in porn?

    well, it’s the bbc, figures.

  14. jischinger says:

    I’d like to see Doug Stanhope on the Keiser report – but you’d probably need to use the bleep button, a lot.

    I’d also like to see Dylan Ratigan on the show, he left his big million dollar MSM job for something far more ethical, the future. He’s one guy modeling the role.

  15. Flopot says:

    Further proof that Max and Stacy are kicking away the MSM “Dome of Truth” in terms of financial fraud in the UK. Personally speaking, I think Max should give the proverbial two-fingers to the show.

    It is a shill operation: Ian Hislop (who seems far more anti-bankster in Private Eye than on Public Air) will mock you as an internet conpsiracy theorist and Paul Merton will spin of in unfunny riffs.

    More importantly the show will focus on NON-ISSUES most of the time and if you try and steer the agenda the hosts will mug to camera and make out like your are a loon.

    Steer well clear. On the otherhand, it might be a cracking show! Oh this fence hurts so much 😛

  16. Flopot says:

    PS I write these things as a person who used to LOVE the show. Those were those MSM days, my friend; like watching Real Time with Bill till the end, my friend. Then Stacy punched me in the nose with precious metal dusters marked “Da Truth”.

    PPS Mr Hislop also thoroughly annoys me with his pro-Unionist predelictions but that’s mere unfair bias on my part. He can be quite the iconoclast with hypocritical guests. The BBC steer the show into shill waters.

  17. snoop diddy says:

    Doug Stanhope on Newswipe (presented in Max and Stacy’s current studio)

  18. Nat says:

    @Flopot (kind of)

    Have I got News for You is a comedy panel show.. They always (well, often enough) say funny things on relatively unimportant news stories. If you can’t enjoy it now because of some idea that it’s part of a deliberately brainwashing MSM then you’re taking life far too seriously!

    The show simply reflects mainstream veiws on all sorts as most people really don’t care about the news unless it’s something made up to rant about in the Sun or Daily Mail.

    In my view, the BBC is run by mainstream disinterested people FOR mainstream disinterested people. THAT is what most of MSM is about – nothing to do with any conspiracy against revealing the truth. That includes the presenters and guests as well as producers and writers.. I lived with an asistant producer once who worked on some BBC/ITV entertainment – one of the most boring and clueless people in the world, but very focused on the minutiae of how to get further in her career in a world of equally clueless, job-focused people.

    The worst episodes of Have I got news for you (i.e. boring, unfunny, awkward) are those where someone has strong views on a subject and they are unable to conceive that the show is supposed to be entertainment and is not a soap box.

    The truth is simply not believable enough for most people – for it to be revealed simply would require too much attention and effort to react against and therefore it’s ignored and a nice mild, easy to live with version continues.

    Every scandel blows over eventually and we can all relax again and focus on what to do after work and at the weekend.

  19. Nat says:

    P.S. I’m loving the random “infolinks” ads, trying to pick up on random phrases – like it’s being deliberately satirical or obscure for a laugh.

  20. Nat says:

    Aargh! Something funny is going on with my old computer (G4 powerbook, Firefox 3.6 ) ..

    Every single video on the site is now Debt Death Camps (E452) !

    P.S. I’m worried that Max will want to do the show because he reckons he’s funny.

    In reality he likes to rant a bit which involves some imagination/fantasy leading to some grating shouting, which many people don’t find funny (including me – sorry).

  21. john in cheshire says:

    Max, for goodness’ sake don’t appear on that godawful show. They’ll rip you apart, just as they allowed Alex Jones to do on the Andrew Neil show. Alex did you and him no good at all by his ranting; we’re not used to that here in the UK. But if you want to retain your credibility, please keep away from the bbc, they are past masters in ruining a person’s reputation. Unless, of course it’s someone they are in love with; eg. obama, mandela, any muslim, most non-whites, non-Christians, non-Jews.

  22. Sirius Black says:

    The link for Alex Jones’ appearance on the Bilderberg Broadcasting Corporation’s (h/t Alastair Carnegie) Sunday Politics show is:

    Of course they all try to giggle and pretend Alex isn’t confronting them with the truth.

  23. swell says:

    LOL, “paid in porn”! It is wonderful that BBC has so-far somewhat resisted Eschelon’s devastating pogrom against sex, porn and nudity. BBC Ian Hislop’s Age Of The Do-Gooders, 2 of 3, “Suffer The Little Children”, is quite helpful examining the history age-of-consent laws wrought by do-gooders. (And Hislop’s, When Bankers Were Good (2011), reveals that banking wasn’t always only greed and self-serving financial recklessness.)

    Interesting how it is not only Eschelon members, brainwashing Peoples and pushing book-burning and killing off art, sensuality, pleasure and sex, porn and nudity. (Sweden was captured and co-opted into the pogrom, for example.) Consider that immediately coinciding with Xi’s “cyber-crackdown” meeting Obama, suddenly China has caught the hysteria:

  24. Danny Cunnington says:

    That’s a totally crap show watched by idiots. Max could do much better than that. The lame-stream media are forced to try and get alternative/real media figures on because of their own failing credibility and ratings. These crappy news comedy panel shows are not where it’s at.

    Just say ‘not available”. After a while you will get better offers.

  25. swell says:

    BTW, “Cyber-Security” is quite the misnomer, the more accurate descriptor is “panopticon”.

  26. Youri Carma says:

    ‘Shock jock’ disrupts BBC’s Sunday Politics show

  27. Spacehoppa says:

    HIGNFY has gone seriously downhill in the past few years. They seem utterly without teeth anymore, not that Paul Merton ever had much of a clue about politics. It’s usually the host that makes most of the political satire. Maybe you should go on as the host Max. They get the best jokes and the most screen time. Please do go on though, they need Max’s hurricane of truth blowing through their all too cosy quasi gameshow.

  28. Youri Carma says:

    BBC Reports Collapse of WTC Building 7 Early– TWICE</b?

  29. swell says:

    It was from a Rick Falkvinge Tweet that I first learned that Glenn Greenwald had written on PRISM, in TheGuardian. Falkvinge tries to somewhat absolve Google of being a willing accomplice, yet Google wittingly constructed the Great (Fire)Wall of China, for obscene profit. While visiting this KR site, Google’s targeted ads, display, “SEE Your Arrest Record Online Now!”, (and similar), all much too frequently! (Psyops).

    During Bush’s term, having read a DoJ Inspector General’s report that included search terms that particularly triggered government interest, I copied and pasted that entire exact list string (in order to see what other government documents it found and brought up), into Google search and behold, the very next day the Attorney General was on television, going all apoplectic and screaming bloody murder that Google must turn over its records “Now!”

    Google policy excludes nudity from youtube and its terms-of-service now presume to exclude nudity from Google Glass, following Job’s Apple lead, in the pogrom. Such policies promolgate an underlying stigma surrounding nudity which then ever-perpetuate ugly negative stereotypes.

  30. YoLithos says:

    “Come into my parlour”? Full hazmat gear might be in order. On an encrypted VPN teleconference line, perhaps. With an avatar.
    Ought to be interesting. As always.

  31. swell says:

    Is Facebook not a willing accomplice?

    Facebook goes nuts confronting all manner of sex and nudity, Facebook even ran its former chief “privacy” officer, Chris Kelly, for attorney general of the state of California, based on his knowledge of people trying to upload naughty pictures or say stuff of an off-color nature.

    All while Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, Randi Zuckerberg, (and Facebook’s marketing director), obstreperously proclaimed we must end Internet anonymity now, that people hide behind anonymity in order to say just what they like, as if behind closed doors.

  32. Flopot says:


    I hear you. Yes, sometimes we take everything too seriously and you could well be right about MSM satire for MSM minded people. However, the MSM does misinform from self-censorship through to outright censorship and propaganda.

    Whether it is a full blown, blueprinted conspiracy or an evolving system of behaviour I cannot tell. But governments and corporations in the Western democracies have and do take steps to control the MSM. All documented.

    But I do takeaway your point about not taking everything too seriously with clinched sphincter and furrowed brow. HIGNFY is harmless fun but does bite back if you go off script, e.g. mentioning the possibility that 9/11 is an inside gets you a scolding from Hislop for believing “the internets”.

    Shill waters do not run deep.

  33. Flopot says:

    Lol. Should that be “clenched sphincter” instead of “clinched sphincter”? What the heck is a “clinched sphincter”? Sorry. Time to move on. Ahem.

  34. swell says:

    In one interview with Max, Alex Jones asserts he never looks to violence as a solution, that he is all about merely bringing facts and information to the discussion. Next, AJ is right out there screeching how “the answer to 1984 is 1776!” AJ frequently tries to have it both ways. At any given moment, he probably doesn’t see his own mind’s disconnect. AJ proudly insists he stands for freedom, that freedom and liberty are his sole objectives. Yet David Knight, filling in for him in Austin, claims there is no King but Jesus, that our laws come from Jesus, that our Constitution comes from the Bible. If Jones is so willing to shill theocracy, would he be so willing to submit to theocracy if it were Islam or LDS that ultimately prevailed?

    For me, the scariest threat posed by Mitt Romney, was that he would place the Solarwinds Utah Data Center in the hands of the Mormon Church. (After all, the Bush DoJ went all-Bible.) Would Alex Jones go for that flavor of theocracy, or does it have to be his own brand, with Jones, himself, calling the shots? The Mormons are way big on Genealogy and such a Big data center would serve them well. TIA/ECHELON? As Bill Safire in the N.Y. Times described it? It is not just cradle-to-grave sexual histories presumably being gathered and employment histories and medical histories and educational histories and political histories being gathered and assembled for data mining and analysis, but as Senator (Intelligence Committee member) D.F. implied, it’s for pre-crime.

    David Icke insisted to Alex Jones that we must learn to clear our minds of preconceived notions for clearer thinking (Cf. wikipedia’s “Critical Thinking”), yet they both immediately then launched into their own harsh dogma, religiosity at the core, hurling as invective, the “P” word, continuously. Does Jones even realize that that is New World Order mind programming, that he is parroting, that the opposite is not the prevailing orthodoxy as he rather erroneously continuously claims?

    How about Alex Jones’ Texas? That good-ol’-boy state where “They Shoot Horses Don’t They?”, and killing sex workers is “enshrined” by law:

  35. Mother Earth says:

    Well, at least Max can make a lot more sense than AJ

    Not trying to belong with climate change deniers is a good thing
    In the end sanity wins all arguments, since more people are stuck in reality than are projecting the delusions.

  36. davem says:

    Well done max for getting invited. Like lot of other comments here, I’m not sure if it’s good for you. I stopped watching it years ago, it’s quite conservative weak satire and isn’t controversial. Think it was good when it started years ago, but never watch it now. It’s also filmed and then edited, certainly isnt live. Hislop lives in a very posh village in Kent, very much part of the establishment. They WILL probably wheel you out as “conspiracy nut’ or ‘gold bug’ which seems to be an effective way to block out other voices and views. Not sure how to get around that. You have to be funny, that’s the main thing, it’s light entertainment. When you get serious speakers on these type of shows they seem to get one chance to speak and then are ignored – I saw Mark Steel on ‘Question Time’ treated this way, also Tariq Ali, people just go quiet, don’t know what to say then move on.

    Poor Alex Jones, they treated him so awfully. Andrew Neill making out he was a loony, he should have punched him.

  37. swell says:

    Bill Maher cavalierly stated that he is fine with the US Supreme Court allowing police to forcibly take DNA swabs from inside suspects mouths, people not yet convicted of crimes, because it is exactly like fingerprints.

    Perhaps frisking and body cavity searches are exactly the same, by that logic, as they are both ostensibly looking for contraband?

    They are not exactly the same. DNA is, “Now I own a piece of you!” “Now I have your basic blue-prints, your assembly code, your building blocks!”

    “Now I can determine your very longevity!” Oh, and so much else. “I can even patent you!” Oh how the Mormons would love this in the Solarwinds Big Data Center. Oh how that would help with their genealogy. Yes everyone’s DNA does appear eventually destined for there.

    Yet politics makes strange bed-fellows and we ally with Alex Jones over some issues, even while mortal enemies on other. Same goes with Bill Maher. Justice Antonin Scalia was right, this time, Maher was wrong, egregiously wrong. Yet Maher nailed this:

  38. swell says:

    Bob Dole says that he, Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon wouldn’t make it in today’s politics. That’s because we’ve seen how it turns out.

  39. swell says:

    The number one reason exigent letters are secret is, “don’t get caught!”

  40. Blah Blah says:

    Check if you get a repeat fee if any show you are on makes it on to Dave Ja Vu as it could be a nice little earner for you. A bit like Noddy Holder and “Merry Christmas Everybody”, the gift that keeps on giving.

  41. Sirial says:

    Looking at the comments in the guardian article concerning Jones performance on daily politics it is pretty evident not many Brits enjoy a shouting match. In my opinion it is a shame Alex does not seem to be willing to make his arguments in a clear and precise manner. I know he means well but the cultural differences between Texas and Britain are huge and he does not seem to be able to take that into account.

  42. dave says:

    Definitely go on the show, use your american “get out of defamation free” card and shock the british public senseless. See how many shows you last. We can have a pool and bet on it! I say one.

  43. aleksy says:

    coming on this series as a panellist

    you would be a great guest


    Did Carr mean to have max as a regular speaker or just a one time guest?

    @Dylan: ITA with your assessment

  44. aleksy says:

    @A/C: yeah don’t you just love the way the BBC announced 26 MINUTES AHEAD OF TIME, that WTC 7 H-A-D A-L-R-E-A-D-Y collapsed!!! Wow, that kind of “clairvoyance” is unprecedented, special, celestial, just heavenly. why, they show restructure their whole format for ONLY people—-FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD—to call in and get their futures told!!!

  45. Frans says:

    Well, if Max would be a regular guest on the show it would be fine: the sheeple need time to understand the abstract way of thinking and expressing of Max.
    I needed mhyself a few years back the time to understand that everything Max said was in essence completely true. It just takes a little time to get accustomed to the style of Max.

  46. BankingThiefs says:

    Great news! Just don’t do an Alex Jones, go crazy, and get yourself kicked off, I’d like to see you there as a regular guest every week un-spinning the media propaganda!

  47. gussy says:

    What’s he sorry for?

    Personally I find HIGNFY a bit low-brow, much prefer the far superior original The News Quiz, do yerself a favour and get on that instead, better still Desert Island Dics.

  48. Josh says:

    Alex Jones only got where he is today by being true to himself, and as Max K has pointed out before as have I, remember he is a Texan. I’m English, but I have spent some time in Texas. He is no madder than the rest of them over there. Its great that two Americans are doing so much to raise awareness about the Banking, one eyed cabal, wreaking so much havoc on humanity. Its given me faith in the American freedom vision again. The establishment can only laugh for so long until they realize no one is laughing with them like Piers Morgan interviewing Jesse Ventura, or Icke selling out Wembley. This is our moment.

  49. Josh says:

    I reckon Kaiser could handle Have I got News for you and it might add an interesting slant. However, I’m not so sure Have I got News for You could handle AJ though. He’d shove their news up their asses! haha. He wouldn’t play all that clever, smug, cozy, Private Eye acceptable rebellion stuff. Ok its funny, but whats going on in the world isn’t. Its time to smash it.

  50. Josh says:

    By the way, the word sheeple is condescending. Lets all help each other in our own unique ways.

  51. Flopot says:


    “We are all individuals” 😉

  52. Sir Halibut says:

    don’t prostitute yourself Max!

  53. Trevor says:

    Why blank out the amount of the appearance fee, Max? You’re a mega-rich Wall Street broker with tons of silver stashed away. We can’t be shocked by how much they offer.

    Maybe Angus Deayton will be the guest host. Could be a happy reunion for Mrs Keiser.

  54. Lumber Jack says:

    Follow a similar Strategy as Alex Jones:

    Blast the BBC for failing at its job as a news agency.

    Be disrespectful to the host and make the points you want to make.

    Drop “” and “Keiser Report” a couple of times and mention that RT is way better than the BBC.

    Make is so bad they never allow you on again, but in the meantime steal some of their viewers.

  55. Flopot says:

    Hahaha! Lumber Jack FTW! I like the cut of your jib. Do it like that Max. Brilliant post mate.

  56. Nat says:

    Like someone above said, HIGNFY is a low-brow comedy panel show and more of the comedy is in the personalities and off the cuff remarks.

    I think people might be mistaking it for a top political program here..

    Might be different to talk this way about appearing on Question Time or something, to shock the public with the truth etc like perhaps the old France 24 panels Max used to be invited on – what happened there? – but not this show.

    The people who watch it, including me, aren’t looking for political insight but just a quick laugh in front of the TV with a beer in your hand, before going to bed.

  57. davem says:

    @josh – yes I agree – this stuff has had its day. well said: “He wouldn’t play all that clever, smug, cozy, Private Eye acceptable rebellion stuff. Ok its funny, but whats going on in the world isn’t. Its time to smash it.”

  58. Ptah says:

    “Sorry about all that – I couldn’t find any other contact information for you.”
    It is not difficult to contact Max Keiser – what kind of approach did he make!

    On a separate point, I am livid at Alex Jones for his ham-fisted attempts to ‘awaken’ people. After years of trying to get Bilderberg discussed in the open he has turned the whole debate into a circus act and allowed himself be portrayed as a freak. Arronovitch – one of the most odious of people you are likely to meet – was allowed the smug smile of satisfaction: Job done and it was too easy for him.

    In America it might be acceptable to just throw a tantrum until people listen but in the UK it just isn’t that simple… that basic! You have to either not engage with MSM or you win the debate on their terms. This is how Max destroyed the guy in the gold debate on NewsNight, by playing by their rules and winning. Grrr.

  59. Alf says:

    I wouldn’t bother Max…but I can see the difficulty you
    face. UK MSM won’t touch you with a barge-pole simply
    because you actually know what you’re talking about and
    you’re not afraid to be confrontational with the truth.
    Unfortunately the BBC don’t like that at all, they like
    their viewers to be relaxed, sitting by a large open
    fire with a double brandy comfortable in the knowledge
    that its safe to laugh because its only satire…I feel
    your message is far too important for this kind of show.

    It’s up to you Max, but if you do decide to go on, I
    hope you piss all over their large open fires and make
    their double brandy’s freeze over…nothing less will

  60. random user says:

    The audience won’t get it, they just won’t get it at all.

    “…the pope of fraud…”, “…rhymes with Ponzi scheme…”, “…hang the bankers…”, “…hologram of a mirror image of a rehypothecated chimera…” etc, etc, etc.

    If he gets anything more than blank stares and silence from the uninformed zombies, I’d be suprised.

  61. Zoloto says:

    Max, beware the evil treacherous BBC. ‘Have I Got New for You’ is known for its pernicious formulaic structure that it uses every week to attack religion and royalty, usually reinforced by photos and video clips. Let’s just say we know whose interests the BBC now represents – I’m sure you’re aware of this.

  62. Chris M says:

    NEVER appear on an edited programme on the BBC, unless you want to put forward piss-weak, pro-establishment bullshit, as they will stitch you up EVERY time. If you can appear live, you can defend yourself, they will ALWAYS screw you if it’s edited.

  63. Mervyn King says:

    Max – just go on it with one simple message. Tell the people where their money comes from – i.e. the banks make it out of thin air and then charge interest on it. Expose the fractional reserve system. I think that would shock a lot of the viewers – but open their eyes at the same time.

    The other thing that will shock people is to expose the gold scandal – the fact that the BOE has loaned out most of the gold on its books (not that there was much to begin with). Challenge the BOE on the show to refute it.

  64. Mervyn King says:

    On the point about the editing of the show – just keep talking all the way through – they can’t edit everything; I suspect this is one of Alex’s tactics! 🙂

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