Operation Paul Revere InfoWars.com Contest Video – Micah Ellars (infowars.com)

Shock video out of Georgia shows police strapping down citizens accused of drunk driving before using a needle forcibly draw blood as the victim screams, “what country is this?”

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13 comments on “Operation Paul Revere InfoWars.com Contest Video – Micah Ellars (infowars.com)
  1. mijj says:

    is that ex-Soviet Union Georgia, birthplace of Stalin? .. or is it Georgia of the United States?

  2. meerkat says:

    ….which goes to show that you shouldn’t drink more than one bottle of cough medicine in a sitting.

  3. Jayme says:

    Hmm. Lt. Col. Carl Sims? Military?

    Messed up authoritarianism run amok will have no problem getting the police to attach electrodes to the testicles when they don’t get what they want.

    Shut it Down! Shut it Down Forever!

  4. Bill says:

    The 4th amendment protects us


  5. Great set of videos. The first one was alarming and amazingly well made. The second one I sent to a friend from GA who lives in the county. He’s an activist and may be able to work on this issue. What insanity!

  6. Jayme says:

    A Final Warning from George Orwell

  7. Jayme says:

    1984: Blueprint for US Authoritarianism | Happy Birthday George Orwell

  8. Cowpoke says:

    This is insane! No question as to what is wrong here. I feel sorry for the police. They do not know right from wrong. Just doing their jobs ‘without conscience”. Fact! People will and are going to die for one reason or another. The USA carpet bombs other nations people and then terrorizes their own citizens.

  9. aleksy says:

    No Alex Jones, just saying no does NOT put an end to tyranny. You just lost ALL credibility by saying that. It is WAY too late to just say no. The tyrannical global police state has been here for a long time, continuing to unfold, marching to the final conclusion of NWO and NWC (currency). Stop your bullshit fantasy of being able to stop it with ‘just say no’ or any other way for that matter.

  10. aleksy says:

    @Cowpoke: “The USA carpet bombs other nations people and then terrorizes their own citizens.”

    It’s called democracy.

  11. aleksy says:

    1. drawing your blood w/ your consent

    2. blood test = search [in this case for supposed BAL]

    3. “unreasonable search and seizure”

    4. #1 & #2 violates #3

    5. let the wolf start eating at the edges, a guarantee it will get to the center = NO CONTITUTION OR AMENDENTS LEFT

  12. jischinger says:

    art still lives!

  13. karate kid says:

    facts are really
    was stated that more people die from drunk driving than in the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan.
    this is more fear mongering news garbage

    more us soliders kills themselves each year than die in the wars from Iraq and afganistan

    the news is nothing more than talking puppets

    in my lifetime I have no faith in the us government or ant\y news outlet

    I like max besides his bitcoin fiasco and his attack on the catholic religion

    at least I know what im dealing with
    and I come here because his facts add up because they are based on reality that I have lived.
    but I invest on my sight of reality

    where the us government and the main stream media
    is completely gone in my book has no and never will again any reliability and I will teach my kids and their kids the same thing

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