No, I’m not going to the world cup.

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  1. snoop diddy says:

    The Olympics and the world Cup create the biggest Potemkin villages and debt hangover around when the circus leaves town with all the fiat they can grab from thin air.

  2. Vonda Bra says:

    absolutely fantastic!!!
    spread this wide and far!!!
    Go, Carla! .. and thanks!

  3. Bruce says:

    I thought only food and drink was served with samba, partying and dancing.

    I love it when she says “veeehdiohs”. I wish to listen to her say “veeehdios” again.

    Brazil president scares me. The whole system is rigged. Pay your taxes then BEG they be spent right by the power-hungry crooks in charge. Universal themes.

  4. Bruce says:

    PS. No brazil girl should be in any video without showing her rump first yo. Amirite?

    When did videos like this start?

  5. DavidC says:

    Max, Stacey,
    A great video. It reassures me a bit that young people like Carla ‘get it’, likewise Luke in yesterday’s Ireland ‘Keiser Report’. Published on June the 17th, she’s already had over a million and a half hits and over 12,000 comments.

    Do people like the Brazilian President and all the G8 leaders riding past the fake shop fronts really believe all the crap they’re coming out with? Do they really believe that WE believe it?


  6. mirrormirror says:

    @Carla … great work and hope it goes viral.

    I have never even been to a football match , let alone WC.
    Now cricket .. that is completely different 😆

    Seriously though , the Olympics , FIFA and such , are pools of corruption …. this time a record $30 Billion in size.
    Don’t forget , Greece hosted the Olympics shortly before they went BK….
    … as well.

    One wonders if these organizations are in reality a form of Economic Hitman !

  7. Snorky says:

    Bread and circuses.

  8. Enki Ea says:

    In the mean time here is what the government approves/condones…

    Look into a new BCCI type bank but this time around, its operational in Brazil.

    The outfit in question is Banco Paulista and its controlled subsidiary broker/dealer SOCOPA.

    This little bank, owned by a very traditional “Paulistano” family (the Vidigal family) has turned itself into the go to bank for money laundering, black market currency, corrupt politicians accounts, etc.

    They are even taking deposits (turned into cash usually within 48 hours) from known terrorist groups, known drug dealers, arms dealers, pirated/contraband goods dealers, etc.

    ± USD 400 Million per month comes from the triple frontier of Brazil/Paraguay/Argentina and into Banco Paulista in São Paulo. From there, they cash this money on a weekly basis and deliver it to the owners “Casas de Cambio” to keep on moving. The bank is charging between 3% and 5% to cash out moneys and 20% to launder moneys.

    The Bank also charges a 3% flat feet to accept hard cash deposits of any source.

    Now the real deal is the black market currency exchange (known in Brazil as Doleiros).

    The bank uses its license to purchase official US Dollars from the Brazilian Central Bank (to the tune of US$ 10 million per day) therefore at official exchange rates and than sells the  same dollars in the black market (via fraudulent forex contracts). The focal point of distribution for the hard cash (both dollars and reais) is SOCOPA’s main office at Rua Funchal, 129  – 5º floor in São Paulo, Brazil.

    The person in charge of handing the cash over there is Mrs. Maria José

    There are 7 main “culprits” in this criminal activity:

    Alvaro Augusto Vidigal
    Alvaro Augusto de Freitas Vidigal
    Marcelo Pereira
    Tarcísio Rodrigues
    Nilma Kodama (previously involved in financial/criminal scandals)
    Antanos Nour Eddine Nasrallah (known drug/arms dealer along with brothers)
    Hwu Su Chi Law

    There are several companies involved:

    Industrias Mangotex Ltda.
    Esclimont Participacoes S/C

    If one keeps an eye out on any regular day, they will see politicians, businessmen, regular people, criminals, etc., all going into SOCOPA to get their packets of cash.

    The authorities in São Paulo don’t care or at least pretend the issue does not exist and the local media is nowadays almost like in Venezuela (no reports involving politicians).

    If this gets the media it deserves, it has the power to bring down some top figures in the Financial World of Brazil and also some heavyweights from the political arena as well. Let’s not forget known/wanted criminals. 

    This little bank is a true “Atomic Bomb.”

  9. Alf says:

    …”What country needs an incentive to take care of
    its people”…A neoliberal one.

  10. mijj says:

    @DavidC > Do people like the Brazilian President and all the G8 leaders riding past the fake shop fronts really believe all the crap they’re coming out with? Do they really believe that WE believe it?

    i think the purpose of those facades is plausible deniability. When captured and put in the position of facing up to their crimes, they will point to the facades and claim, “it wasn’t our fault, we were fooled into thinking all was well”. They’re like economic-wellbeing false flags.

  11. in2dwww says:

    Is her video in reference to US colleges and university athletic programs or Brazil?

  12. YoLithos says:

    A Small Side Note Might Be Useful :
    The President, or “Presidenta”, as she prefers to be called, stood up to military dictatorship, even taking up arms, when she was 16. While the rest of the snoring coplacent sheeple trembled quietly and/or everyone else supported the coup. And the “order” they “guaranteed”.

    She was arrested and barbarously tortured. One of many that suffered a similar fate, by the way. usually, family and loved ones were brought in and humiliated. Or forced to watch.

    Later on, as a Minister and the Vice-President, she was remorselessly taunted and heckled over it by the same sort of spiteful petty right-wing creeps and pickpockets that still were, and are, all for the dictatorship. But in very ill-fitting sheeps’ clothing, now. That keeps slipping, sliding, and falling off, despite their “best” efforts.

    They even included one of her torturers in a greeting line, in some official celebration. Gave him some sort of promotion, too. She never lost it. Oh, by the way. She lied to the torturers.

    That said. Yes, do think she has pandered far too much to “political realities”. Or supposed economic ones. The need for “support”. Or,whatever one’s euphemism for pandering to the rich and powerful. I worry about it. Although, proposing even minor help, for the weak or poor (not necessarily the same thing, always), is enough to become a punching-ball, over there. Leaders having a habit of coming out of first meetings with US presidents, “worse” (for us) than they went in.

    We’re still emerging from some very, very heavy, oppressive, ominously silent darkness. Too slowly for any sort of comfort. Even twilight seems like a good omen. If it grows.

    As I’ve already said : the political dictatorship has abated. Significantly. The economic dictatorship – and the life it imposes on the poor – is virtually indistinguishable from the other, in its effects on the ground. The present protests are the restarting of the original process of what we call the “opening” up, of society. All that the craven right-wing hacks have been increasingly crowing and cackling against. And trying to undermine and tear down.

    Which is why it should be denounced. And things like this are necessary.

  13. Randyrocker says:

    $39 Billion for a World Cup, to in the President’s words, “Enchant the World.”

    Isn’t that nice? I know, no one I know is going to go. The cost’s are too high.
    If you wish to put your life in danger, by all means go, although you could likely be robbed or even possibly kidnapped, and should you escape from having to face any of the possible dangers, you will indeed have reached the President’s promised ‘Enchanted Kingdom’.

  14. YoLithos says:

    Argh. A few adjustments necessary. But, I’ll keep it to this one :
    Hope it works.

  15. marcio says:

    Thank you Carla.

    Jee! @Enkie Ea, I hope you have someone covering your back!

    As WE can see, there is no Monopoly over corruption. The police force has not that different approach towards the people. What WE should learn from this is that since times immemorial hate etc. have caused humankind’s most troubles. Jews against humankind, humankind against Jews, Nazi colluding with Jews to kill their own. It is unnatural, only the unnatural hate, the unnatural and the unloved. It is time WE recognize our mistakes to do away with intolerance and hate.

    Thank you.

  16. YoLithos says:

    Tough. Alright, Here’s a nest of the same


    The people of Brazil were perfectly happy, and had no desire for a change of government. A small cabal of Army Officers initiated a coup d’etat and almost effortlessly sent the Brazilian Royal Family packing, on the 17th November 1889. Nobody intends to replace a monarchy with a tin pot military junta style corrupt dictatorship, but that is nearly always what they get! From that moment on there is a power struggle for supremacy, amongst rival gangs of murderous cut-throat racketeers and gangsters!

    Monarchy may at times be riddled with faults, but have a care when abolishing monarchy. It’s wise to determine who are the actual abolitionists? rabble rousers are good at causing a disturbance, but generally they could not organize and manage a ‘piss-up’ in a brewary! The black velvet gloved hands behind the black velvet draped scenes, promoting the ‘abolitionist’ agenda, will soon own every brewary in the country! without even getting their hands dirty with grubby politics! They will loan money to the new Military Junta. (See Confessions of an Economic Hitman, John Perkins)

  18. Jayme says:

    Thanks for the reality check.

    It looks like the same globalists ideas appearing all over the world, working to destroy all culture and turn it into their same gray globalist goo.

  19. The Beat says:

    Oh, please. Football has been described as the opium of the masses. Now who doesn’t want some opium from time to time. Do Brazilians really think that if the World Cup was NOT going to Brazil, then all that money would AUTOMATICALLY go to improving the health and helping the poor???????


    Think people. That money follows football and the rich who indulge it. It DOES NOT go to feed the poor, heal the sick, improve literacy, or any other worthwhile cause. It follows the opium of the people, pure and simple. Get a friggin’ life, oh, and GO JOGA BONITO!!!!!

  20. YoLithos says:

    An archaic fossilized gentry, miring the country in ever more outdated structures and design. Sliding further to the bottom of the heap of humanity.

    Then, those working for a less archaic, more modern, better, more humane country world. World. Humanity. People.

    And the bourgeois well-off, who want carve out and to secure a greater share in the new status quo. Without losing the old one.

    The crown supported emancipation. The landowners and most nobles, who handled the basic economy and the totally rigged, hamstrung political system. Choking to death on antiquity and disconnection from reality.

    The latter ejected the former, using the army – which had only achieved a “skynet” like consciousness and existence during the Paraguay War. The army dreamt of becoming a “moderating force” in politics – which was the Emperor’s nominal role, in the former system. All the way into the last US driven military coup dictatorship, from the early 60’s to late ’80s.

    The only “good” thing to come out of it, was the political system alternating two regional elites. Instead of the over-musty old one perpetuating the same old nobility, a small, hard gob of lumpy fraud.

    You’re right. In this crazy place, the crown was significantly more modern and “in touch” with the times – than most of the landowners, businessmen, and administrative “corps.

    Like Nietzsche’s superman, we here rope-walk the abyss between a neolithic tribal empire, and a friendly, kind, civil, modern space-age new-age. Or, something like that. Yes, I’s old, father William.

  21. CrazyKyle says:

    Tourism does give a boost to the economy, but the Brazilain government doesn’t have to be dickheads about it. Why the fuck are people being evicted!? …. so sad.

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