Another UK meat scandal: ‘Tens of thousands of diseased cattle sold for human consumption by Defra’

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10 comments on “Another UK meat scandal: ‘Tens of thousands of diseased cattle sold for human consumption by Defra’
  1. snoop diddy says:

    Is this bullish?

  2. Mommsen says:

    From wire services: “The raw meat, from around 28,000 diseased animals a year, is banned by most supermarkets and burger chains, The Sunday Times reported.

    Tesco, for example, rejects it because of “public-health concerns surrounding the issue of bTB and its risk to consumers”.

    But it is being sold to some caterers and food processors, and finding its way into schools, hospitals and the military, or being processed into products such as pies and pasties, the newspaper said.

    A Defra spokeswoman said: “All meat from cattle slaughtered due to bovine TB must undergo rigorous food safety checks before it can be passed fit for consumption.

    “The Food Standards Agency has confirmed there are no known cases where TB has been transmitted through eating meat and the risk of infection from eating meat, even if raw or undercooked, remains extremely low.”

    The meat is sold with no warning to processors or consumers that it comes from bTB infected cattle.

    Asked whether the public should know whether or not the meat they are buying originated from an infected cow, a spokeswoman for the Food Standards Agency said: “The public do not need to know anything more about that meat other than it is fit for human consumption.”

    If an inspection of a carcass reveals tuberculous lesions in more than one organ or region it is declared unfit for human consumption and destroyed, she explained.

    But if only the lymph nodes in one organ or part of the carcass is infected, then that area is removed and the rest is considered safe to enter the food chain.

    She added: “Cooking this meat would be an additional safety step, but we would emphasise the risk even before cooking is very low.”

    The Sunday Times reported that Defra’s reassurances contrasted with experts’ warnings who have said rising levels of bTB in cattle are becoming a serious threat to human health.”

  3. Snorky says:

    We are not ancient Rome. We are Sodom and Gomorrah.

  4. jischinger says:

    the fda looks the other way in the US

    take Micky Ds
    most of their meat are old dairy cows
    pumped 24/7 until they die
    they are full of hormones, sick and diseased

    unless you know where your meat comes from stop eating the stuff, but be careful your veggies are full of plastic

    learn how to garden
    it’s not that hard
    can be fun, full of accomplishments and rewards and you don’t have to jog in place – plus the fresh air will do you good.

  5. Useless Eater says:

    I’m with you concerning growing our own food, jischinger.

    This documentary, IMHO, is probably the most important movie ever made, with regards to saving the planet. Tilling the soil for thousands of years has not only been completely unnecessary, but it is destroying the landscape, making it non-arable and depleting it of all of its vitamins and minerals. This movie offers a new anti-revolutionary way of farming which can provide immediate results and solutions beginning at a local community level. Some people may even be able to start using these techniques in their own little gardens, or even on a smaller level than that. All it takes is the tiniest amount of initiative. It will free the gardener/farmer of all the things which people are using as excuses to use Monsanto products for today. Not only is there little need for fertilizer (or even water, for that matter), but there is no need to ever again use insecticides, herbicides, weedkiller or any of those products you find in stores to replenish nutrients in the soil or so-called plant food. There is no longer a need for soil prep (once it is started), crop rotation, irrigation, PH balancing, fertilization, weed control, or pest control, and any and every soil type can be grown in. In fact, this is actually one step BEYOND organic farming, and it is the ultimate in all-natural. I highly recommend it (as if that is not obvious to you already). I have personally seen it change people’s lives to whom I have introduced it, and that, my friends, is no exaggeration. This is the future – or there is no future. Until a man (or woman) can grow his own food, he can never be truly free.

    Back to Eden. If you have difficulty playing it, first turn off HD by clicking “HD” then press play. When it begins to play, pause it and let it load for about five minutes. It should work just fine after that.

  6. trevor says:

    There is no scandal here.If Defra dumped 10000 tonnes of safe meat to appease a few French.The only nation around here stupid enough to eat raw mince then that would be a scandal.Love the show.Bye y,all

  7. @Useless Eater,

    An excellent documentary, and perfectly correct about tilling the soil being counter-productive. A great deal of research went into this method in the early 1970’s. This reminded me of the legendary’Findhorn Giant Vegetables. Their secret was a local stone quarry that cut stone with diamond saws. the cutting sludge was used as a soil dressing, it was loaded with trace elements and minerals.

    Industrial food is purposely designed to keep it’s victims perpetually ill. The Pharmaceutical Industry make $Trillions out a of dumbed-down moronic population. The obesity crisis, is a direct result of the lack of essential nutrients in Supermarket garbage food. People have to eat more! and that sure makes the Supermarket loads and loads of money! So they encourage junk food sales. The god of money has always demanded human sacrifice by the millions!


    @Useless Eater, theseWikipedia pages might be of interest?

    Agroforestry[edit]Agroforestry is an integrated approach of using the interactive benefits from combining trees and shrubs with crops and/or livestock. It combines agricultural and forestry technologies to create more diverse, productive, profitable, healthy and sustainable land-use systems.[18] In agroforestry systems, trees or shrubs are intentionally used within agricultural systems, or non-timber forest products are cultured in forest settings.[citation needed]

    Forest gardening is a form of agroforestry that is particularly popular with permaculturists. Numerous permaculturists are proponents of forest gardens, or food forests, such as Graham Bell, Patrick Whitefield, Dave Jacke, Eric Toensmeier and Geoff Lawton. Bell started building his forest garden in 1991 and wrote the book The Permaculture Garden in 1995, Whitefield wrote the book How to Make a Forest Garden in 2002, Jacke and Toensmeier co-authored the two volume book set Edible Forest Gardening in 2005, and Lawton presented the film Establishing a Food Forest in 2008.[7][19][20]

    Hügelkultur[edit]Hügelkultur is the practice of burying large volumes of wood to increase soil water retention. The porous structure of wood acts as a sponge when decomposing underground. During the rainy season, masses of buried wood can absorb….etc. “

  9. keehotee says:

    The answer for mineral depleted soil is glacial rock flour (dust) or similar.