The Next Big Thing: Profiting From The Fear Of Climate Change

The last big thing was green tech – preventing climate change with anything from wave-power generators to the smart grid. Hyped in the bipartisan stimulus bill, it promised gobs of jobs, billions in revenues, and untold riches. Private investors plowed in billions too. It ended up in a massive pileup of capital destruction. Fatalities were everywhere.

Now comes…. The Next Big Thing: Profiting From The Fear Of Climate Change

6 comments on “The Next Big Thing: Profiting From The Fear Of Climate Change
  1. WeLoveIt! says:

    CO2 is green. Plants love it! They need it. We need plants.

    Paper currency is made from CO2.


  2. Mini US says:

    Its not the next big thing.
    Its called Trading Carbon Credits and they are already doing it.

  3. Mother Earth says:

    Fear is a big driver. Wallstreet uses it all the time. All hedges, futures, derivatives, credit default swaps are an expression of fear, all fraudulent and false. Now the fear of climate change is fully justified, it is existential, the reason why we can feel fear at all, unlike the nonexisitential fear of losing 50% of your savings on Wallstreet (which is why it’s so easy to fleece people). But richter is an airbag anyway so it figures he tries to fearmonger about fear abusers.

    DOE is the biggest abuser of this fear, having bagged about $130 million dollar to develop reflectech foil, which is silver coated PET plastic, and us barely usefull..And it’s still on it, locking up technology by churning huges sums of subsidy and achieving nothing.

    Take me on the other hand, I deliver hard progress in the political arena and outside, and I do it all with my own fucking cash.

  4. daddy warbucks says:

    The world will never be short of low information voters and muppets.

    A fool and his money are soon parted.

    Equitorial bulge; only one factor as shown here:
    f = \frac{a_e-a_p}{a} = {5 \over 4} {\omega^2 a^3 \over G M} = {15 \pi \over 4} {1 \over G T^2 \rho}
    where a_e = a(1+{ f \over 3} ) and a_p = a(1-{ 2f\over 3}) are respectively the equatorial and polar radius, a is the mean radius, \omega = {2 \pi \over T} is the angular velocity, T is the rotation period, G is the universal gravitational constant, M \simeq {4 \over 3} \pi \rho a^3 is the total body mass, and \rho is the body density.

  5. Jayme says:

    If the only thing to fear is fear itself then I fear the profiting from fear of climate change itself – greed.

  6. poopysnot says:

    The Department of Energy Spends $11 Million Per Job