the artist taxi driver calls the queen

11 comments on “the artist taxi driver calls the queen
  1. Vonda Bra says:


    starring the artist taxi “drier” …haha thats funny LOL 😀
    (check out the credits) 😉


  2. Bruce says:

    Hah. Great rant.
    I noticed the “drier” too, but someone bet me to it 😉

    I wish people were catching on, but I don’t think they do.
    Her knighting ceremony is to keep her relevant and receive silent endorsement from the current celebrities and other populars. They won’t be saying a bad thing about a little ol’ lady that gives awards out, that’s for sure.

    That’s all it is these days, Public Relations.
    You can do anything as long as you have a good image.

  3. Bruce says:

    The knightings will and have continued through the ages. How many fuckers rejected her invites? Not many, I bet.

  4. Who the fuck is Jim says:

    She’ll be shitting herself right now. Fuck it, her ancestors killed everyone to get all that loot. If its fun in the Game of Thrones, why not real life? I’m not a royalist as such but I’ve got nothing against her, too easy a target. James Wolfensohn, now thats a tosser.

  5. markclonk says:

    holy shit that is fucking funny,I just hope the artist taxi driver doesnt get found in a suitcase in hotel room with things sticking out of his arse.keep up the great work

  6. trooper dave says:

    The UK gubment has put a 1% cap on benefit increases. That’s 1% flat, not 1% over inflation.
    BUT, the Queen has here “entitlements” increased by double figures. One “entitlement” for slaves, sorry staff, increased from £30million to over £36million, 24%. But those disabled and the elderly are dragging the UK down!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Definition of inverted snobbery
    [mass noun] derogatory
    the attitude of seeming to despise anything associated with wealth or social status, while at the same time elevating those things associated with lack of wealth and social position. Derivatives
    inverted snob
    Oxford Dictionary.

  8. KingOfTheNorthernHemisphere says:

    He’s an artist… of course there’s an “…artist taxi “drier”…”
    Cobalt Siccative & Japan Drier

  9. Alf says:

    @ Alastair Carnegie…Those who govern on behalf of billionaires are threatened
    only when confronted by the power of a transformative idea…It’s not so much about
    wealth or status but corrupt institutions. Billionaires are hiding behind a network of
    so-called “independent” groups, who manipulate politics on their behalf. most of which
    take positions of interest to the ultra-rich and the corporations they run: less tax, less
    regulation, a smaller public sector. Around a quarter of the money received by the
    rightwing opinion comes from the two foundations. If this funding were not effective,
    it wouldn’t exist: the ultra-rich didn’t get that way by throwing their money around
    randomly. The organisations they support are those which advance their interests.
    Equally, all of them pose as learned societies, earnestly trying to determine the best
    interests of the public…The Institute of Economic Affairs is a British group which, like
    all the others, calls itself a free market thinktank. Scarcely a day goes by on which its
    staff are not interviewed in the broadcast media, promoting the billionaires’ agenda:
    less tax for the rich, less help for the poor, less spending by the state, less regulation
    for business. In the first 13 days of February, its people were on the BBC ten times.
    This is the new political frontier.
    Corporations and their owners have learnt not to show their hands. They tend to
    avoid the media, aware that they will damage their brands by being seen to promote
    the brutal agenda that furthers their interests. So they have learnt from the tobacco
    companies: stay hidden and pay other people to do it for you.
    By these means the ultra-rich come to dominate the political conversation, without
    declaring themselves. Those they employ are clever and well-trained. They have money
    their opponents can only dream of. They are skilled at rechannelling the public anger
    which might otherwise have been directed at their funders: the people who have tanked
    the economy, who use the living planet as their dustbin, who won’t pay their taxes and
    who demand that the poor must pay for the mistakes of the rich. Anger, thanks to the
    work of these hired hands, is instead aimed at the victims or opponents of the billionaires:
    people on benefits, the welfare state, trade unions, Greenpeace, Civil Liberties…etc.
    Back to the Artist Taxi Driver, he confronts all this bollocks with his own version of a
    transformative idea. You may call it inverted snobbery. I would call it enlightening the
    ignorant masses with straight talking language we all understand, to the “accepted”
    corruption of the establishment and the privileged elites…Honestly Alistair, how much
    more money and power do these people want?

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