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16 comments on “Max Keiser – Bitcoin, Bernanke & Buffett | London Real
  1. bareasstear says:

    i’m 9 minutes in as I type this and this x brain guy won’t shut the fuck up


  2. Just surf the Wikipedia hyperlinks to get an education on Dr. Adam Back’s Hashcash Invention.

    “Adam Back (born July 1970) is a British cryptographer and crypto-hacker.

    He is the inventor of hashcash, the proof-of-work system used by Bitcoin and several anti-spam systems. Hashcash has also been used in a number of other protocols such as combating blog spam, and defending against user namespace pollution.

    He implemented credlib, a library that implements the credential systems of Stefan Brands and David Chaum.

    He was the first to formalize the Non-Interactive Forward-Secrecy security property for email and to observe that any Identity Based Encryption scheme can be used to provide Non-Interactive Forward Secrecy.

    He is also known for pioneering the use of ultra-compact code with his 3-line RSA in Perl signature file and non-exportable T-shirts to protest the (now relaxed) United States cryptography export regulations.

    He has a Computer Science Ph.D. from University of Exeter.”

  3. Flopot says:

    Much better piccies. The guy on the right now looks far more pleasant 😀

    *Flopot – focusing on what matters 😉

  4. keehotee says:

    Xbrain. So that’s what happened to him. I’ll pass.

  5. Sirial says:

    Excellent performance Max. I was entertained.

  6. @Max
    WOW!…That was most entertaining! a great show!
    BTW. Here is a long list of people you should talk to some day. They might offer some very useful advice?
    Ross (At the top of the list) is an expert on Bagpipe Music, and is probably better known for his Professor hobby, as he helps run The William Gates Computer Lab, at Cambridge University.

  7. bareasstear says:

    NEW X Brain supplements
    potential side effects: nausea, fatigue, dizziness, constant blabbering out the mouth, inability to get to the point

    great show after the start

  8. geoff says:

    There are some good questions in this video. Imagination… what if everyone depended on cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange? What is the price discovery if you are limited by this medium? barter & crypto

  9. Internet Serfer says:


    Can you elaborate on this?

    Something about this Alphabrain stuff disturbs me.

  10. poopysnot says:

    “MAX-IGANDA! …Its in the MIIIND! Its in the MIIIIND!” =)<

  11. keehotee says:

    @serfer I don’t know anything about Alphabrain, but I am just against hucksterism in general – and particularly when it comes to people’s health. Supplements in general are BS methinks, as are superfoods and all the “guru” hucksters who peddle them i.e. Wolfe, Vitalis, Monarch, etc. etc. Although these people may have valid things to say, they are all getting rich off of peoples insecurity and fear regarding their health – which when considered from a perspective of Natural Law, is just stealing.

  12. misticmonk says:

    Does he think he is drinking brain juice, God bless him he’s an awfull fool.

  13. Lumber Jack says:

    Max Keiser talking with one guy who doesn’t know anything about finance and markets and another guy who is an expert at technical analysis (who I happen to follow, but think is just another reptile). Max might as well just talk into a microphone by himself, like a radio host.

  14. Lumber Jack says:

    When I was last in Zurich Switzerland I was informed that Cocaine was legal. Prostitution is also legal in Zurich, not that I know from personal experience or anything…

  15. CashAintKingNoMore says:

    Enjoyed the show! The time went by surprisingly fast. Thanks guys.

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