Global Deposit Confiscation Called For By Bilderberg Member and CEO Of Italy’s Largest Bank

He called for “a common solution in Europe” saying that the “EU should pass laws identical and shared in different member states”. Indeed he went a step further and called for a global coordination of deposit confiscations to rescue failing banks.

“What we cannot accept is differentiation country by country inside the same area. I would strongly suggest to make this decision not only within Europe but within the Basel Committee, where all countries are represented.

Ghizzoni is also a Member of the Board of Directors of Institute of International Finance in Washington, Member of the International Monetary Conference in Washington and Member of the Institut International d’Etudes Bancaires in Brussels. He attended the powerful Bilderberg Group meeting in Spain in 2010 and he a frequent attendee at Davos.

The confiscation of deposits, especially deposits over the €100,000 level seems likely in other European countries and could be seen in indebted nations globally.

Individuals, families and companies need to diversify their assets and not have all their life savings and capital in banks.

Global Deposit Confiscation Called For By Bilderberg Member and CEO Of Italy’s Largest Bank

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8 comments on “Global Deposit Confiscation Called For By Bilderberg Member and CEO Of Italy’s Largest Bank
  1. daddy warbucks says:

    A monarchy is that which calls itself a monarchy (only if the people allow it)

    Time to revoke supranational status of any self deemed ‘international person’.
    Starting with the UN and all it’s agencies:

    Envision claw back UN pensions along with

    “… dismantlement and restitution of its assets.’

    UN/League of Nations, both expensive failures

    The IMF’s Gold Gambit –

    WSJ, By JUDY SHELTON ,April 28, 2009 The fund’s misuse of bullion reserves is crucial to its plan to use the financial crisis to expand? its power.

    ‘While IMF officials insinuate the receipts would be used to help poor countries, the real goal is to set up a permanent endowment fund for the IMF.’

    ‘… Congress should call for the IMF’s dismantlement and restitution of its assets.’

    The IMF & World Bank are UN agencies

    Since 1945 the UN is:

    … responsible for the maintenance of international peace and security.

    … responsible for cooperation between states on? economic and social fields (raising the general standard of living, solve economic, social and health problems, promotion of human rights, culture and education, as well as humanitarian aid).

    … how’s that working out?

    Global events spiral into chaos, austerity, poverty & debt, the world bankers are getting ever wealthier and ever more powerful ….

    evidently the UN, it’s agencies, councils & court is a complete & utter failure & massive waste? of the world’s wealth -or is it really a tool of the Rockefellers, Rothschilds dynastic families & world bankers for world domination & the NWO controlled by themselves.

    The UN is not there for you, think the ICJ, IMF or World Bank is? (or WHO, think ‘weaponized flu)

    UN/League of Nations, both expensive failures

  2. daddy warbucks says:

    ‘Established in 1945 by the UN Charter’
    ‘… Accordingly, the Court (which is part of the UN) has come to the conclusion that the Organization (the UN) is an international person.
    … That is not the same thing as saying that it is a State, which it certainly is not, or that its legal personality & rights & duties are the same as those of a State … What it does mean is that it is a subject of international law (which the UN itself deems) & capable of possessing international rights & duties (which the UN itself deems), & that it has capacity to maintain its rights by bringing international claims (which the UN itself deems).’ -Wikipedia (italics excluded)

    …got that?

    Now consider that the UN, it’s agencies & it’s employees pay no tax & is not subject? to the laws of the country in which it operates … sweet deal for this increasingly authoritative ‘international person’ that makes it’s own laws. Since this ‘person’ produces nothing & contributes no revenues, the world citizens must be forced fund & support this ‘person’ that has supranational sovereignty over all countries.

  3. daddy warbucks says:

    How many UN ‘agencies’ enjoy immunity from law &don’t pay any tax? WHY, anything to do with “supranational sovereignty of the intellectual elite and world bankers” speech by David Rockfeller?Rockefellers own the UN? Find out for yourself.

    ‘… an initial offer to locate it (the UN) on the Rockefeller family estate of Kykuit was rejected as being too isolated from Manhattan.’ – Wikipedia

    So you’d think we would hear ‘anything’ from the Rockefellers or Rothschilds through out this financial catastrophe, since they are the biggest share holders of the biggest corporations and banks in the world? Maybe they hope no one will connect the dots as to who is behind this world collapse into the NWO?

    – (go to the last 3 minutes) – youtube: The Rothschilds Exposed 3/3

    – Know Your Enemy (Part 71 – Israeli Supreme Court)

    Does anyone remember how Bush jr quickly hushed up any call to de-fund the UN and kick them out of the US when the UN’s food for oil scandal was exposed?

    Know Your Enemy (Part 65 – The World Core Curriculum)

    youtube: Know Your Enemy (Part 66 – Alice A Bailey)

    (Part 67 – The War on Parents)

    Agenda 21 for Public Officials

    Watch the UN’s Agenda 21 in action, this is happening around the world:

    youtube: Sheriff Dean Wilson – Defend Rural America:

    Click to view link

  4. Diane Alden says:

    Mussolini would be proud. What a great example of statist fascism .. the MO of the world banking class.

  5. Mary Genoud says:

    Well at least we’ve finally heard it from one of the horses’ mouths that wealth confiscation is actually designed for the collective good; no, not yours obviously, but the good of banksters, banks, etc. And for those who thought only disadvantaged, psychologically-unbalanced trustees or pension fund managers were responsible for everything missing, at least now you know that what’s been stolen was designed to moved-on up to conniving, thieving banksters and banks; the same people and entities responsible for your missing wealth, what a coincidence!! To paraphrase an old adage: the best way to rob deposits is to control accounts. Today, all it takes is a few keyboard strokes for someone not held accountable to law, even laws that date back to Babylonia for money to disappear in a second.
    We need to expand credit unions, create new banking facilities and means of exchange.

  6. Ade says:

    Humanity needs a star chamber to protect it from Vermin, they get three warnings to stop and/or stand down. There’s no fourth warning.

  7. mijj says:

    hmm .. the image of sinking to the bottom of a river with feet set in a concrete bank, springs to mind.