Bitcoin: Bubble or Successful Evolution?

This is what a bubble looks like:


But it’s also what successful evolution looks like:


In similar evolutionary success news, Google now reports that there are 30 trillion Web addresses, up from 1 trillion five years ago

17 comments on “Bitcoin: Bubble or Successful Evolution?
  1. Bleep says:

    The spike in population is correlated to the use of fossil fuels. Which are finite.

  2. FreeMarkets says:

    Fosil fuels will last for a long time

  3. FreeMarkets says:

    humans had to reproduce as almost every generation lost many to wars – my mother lost 2 brothers to the 2nd world war 1 in action and one of terrible wounds – wicked evil wars for the monied elites! many other technologies and freedoms have helped the himan race breakout of bondage to the ancient rulers

  4. snoop diddy says:

    Theory is that 70,000 years ago the human race went through a bottleneck of only 20,000 and spread from Africa according to mitochondrial DNA.

  5. Sven says:

    That’s strange, one time it’s a bubble in the making, the other time it’s called evolution.
    How ’bout: “We humans are on the brink of destroying ourselfs”…

  6. Wolferl says:

    Humans are in a bubble for sure. Let´s see if we really are an intelligent specie or if nature will take care of this problem. Bet my money on nature.

  7. Chris says:

    In my opinion the human race is a bubble, not an evolution. Wait till we enter the human bear market.

  8. Sirial says:

    I agree with the others here the human bubble is clearly unsustainable in the long term lets say a very positive the next 5000 years. On the other hand could we be the miracle that finds a way to solve all our problems through technology and human innovation ? I rationalize the chances as very low. But then really how can my simple brain even perceive such risk in such a complex system. The universe is such a joke. Maybe people like Kurtzweil are right and we will see some kind of singularity.

  9. Mother Earth says:

    A bubble and a boom have similar characteristics. No evolution took place in the lower image, it’s easier to prove degeneration took place as unfit individuals created more offspring than ever before 😉

  10. Robespierre says:

    Looks a lot also like the graphic of internet bubble or the real estate bubble. Again all you punch drunk pigs, electron are not rare. Money for nothing and from nothing and your chicks for free. Exponential growth on an illusion of rarety.

    But naturally nobody answer what is the FUNDEMENTAL value of a thng given by Nature and God this time, that cost less than nothing to produce, is worth less than nothing since it has a negative charge and absolutely no industrial use, and that is still accepped as pseudo currency by 0,0000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 % of people. In sum not that much different than paper money and the shit produced by central banks. No barrier to entry. But enough repeating thes things since it is a religion of greed and irrational exuberance. I suppose that Max and Stacey, our great humanitarians FED reserve replacment chairman of the Universe are doing all ths for the african slave in Congo ? Just kidding. It’s snake oïl like the FED but hey hope bitcoin destroys ALL your virtual money, electronic or paper.

  11. Febo says:

    Cake, have your, and eat it

  12. Jack Nubaumb says:

    There is no possible way they know what the population was way back before 1000BC. They have to be making the numbers up!

  13. Wolferl says:

    @ Jack Nubaumb

    Archaeologists count the number of prehistoric graves and/or villages in a certain area of a certain time and how many and how big or small the houses were at a certain time. This gives you a hint how many people lived there at a certain point in time. Happened to talk to a guy just a few weeks ago who wrote his thesis about this topic. His estimate for the time of the first neolithic farmers in 5000 BC in south eastern Germany is about 2 people per square kilometre. This went down 1000 years later to a little less than 1 person when this first farmer culture (LBK) was wiped out by another culture. So if you have this data from a lot of regions of the globe you can do a rough estimate of the global population.

  14. Robespierre says:

    This site has been hold up by a this speculation. It’s all nice and dandy and fun, but meanwhile OUT THERE, you evolution aint helping anyone that is really hurting ot needinng help. That’s the problem with libertarians. Most of them think like you bitcoinsuckers. Not ONE freakin thing has changed in you know, what we call the real world. Out there. I still dont see in what this evolution will chande our lives. Why ?

    In the FED system, the insiders, the banksters are the ones that make most of the money because they have access first to the printing presses and 0% interest rates. In a the bitcoin racket it’s again the insiders, the ones who started the system and paid themselves bitcoins at zero or almost, that still make most of the money. What’s the big difference here ? Not a big one indeed. What’s is totally ridiculous and criminally fraudulent, It’s based on a totally false premise that électrons are rare and limited.

    FED insiders : 0% interest rates infinite amount of money.
    BITCOIN insiders: 0 cost for their money while non insiders have to pay crazy prices for an electron

    BOTH ARE CRIMINAL PYRAMIDS. But if a criminal pyramid can destroy another one, which it has a great potential for it, I am all for it !!!!!!! It is good principle. Fight fire with fire. Kill a criminal with anothe criminal. That’s what I think about any criminal system like virtual money (crypto currencies included based on a worthless électrons wiht insiders making most of the dough like the FED insiders).

  15. R. Freiherr v. Wackendonk says:

    Jamie Dimon Sez:


  16. Ade says:

    Crash Silver, Buy Bitcoin, Stack Gold 🙂

    Anyway, at the moment it’s a largely speculative Bubble, the best way for people to ensure the survival of bitcoin, (and their investment) is to help fund a real economy.
    There already is a real Bitcoin economy, but it needs to grow.

    As Bill Still says, it’s no good just stacking Bitcoin and Silver, we have to play an active role in creating a new society while the NWO is dismantling the old one, which would have been quite reasonable if it hadn’t become infested with new world order types..

  17. Dave Farago says:

    I think I just saw the Achilles heel happening with Bitcoin. Somebody out there is doing some very very strange Bitcoin transactions. Take a look at 229722 for example at block explorer dot com.  With Bitcoin you can have multiple “accounts” debited and credited in a single transaction. So, if you have 500 debits credited to a single credit, you get a very “big” transaction, datawise. In that block 229722 there is a transaction, total value just 3 BTC, that consumes 97.288 KB of data. There is a flurry of similar transactions happening as we speak. What does this mean? Each block has a “soft limit” of 250K of data, and a hard limit of 1 MB. After that, you have to wait for a new block to get “mined”, roughly once every 10 minutes, before there is a “place” to record your transaction. So, it is pretty easy to stuff a block with low value transactions, in other words, create a serious traffic jam. And, every single transaction has to be propagated to everyone’s block chain copy. I think it is game over for Bitcoin.

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