The Lungs of Éire to be Ripped Out by Thieving Bankers

Has the land of Michael Collins fallen so far and lost so much of its spirit that the Irish are really going to allow the scum in the City of London to own and control their forests again?

34 comments on “The Lungs of Éire to be Ripped Out by Thieving Bankers
  1. gussy says:

    It would look that way.

  2. nolongeradebtslave says:

    its all the fluoride

    come on erin wake the fuck up

  3. BankingThiefs says:

    Don’t blame London, blame the fact you joined the EU and stuck yourself with an inflexible currency called the Euro.

    I never did see the point of getting rid of the British only to give away your sovereignty to Europe.

  4. MirrorMirror says:


    David Cameron on Leveson press regulation talks, pt1/2 (14Mar13)

    13 mins

    MUST LISTEN …. per “Royal Charter”

    ….. does that mean it’s above “Party Politics” .. and choice ?

    Talks about defending us from …. Tyranny.

    Good questions from audience



  5. Geek Boy says:

    @Gussy – going to Kraftwerk in Dublin in July?

  6. The Dork of Cork. says:

    Ok , I would not want to sell that stuff to those bastards

    But the sad fact of the matter is that most state forestry policy has been a epic disaster.

    Most of it is dark alien Sitka Sprice plantations……..

    You can’t actually walk through the stuff even if you wanted .

    The forestry roads built to access these industrial projects tear the last vestiges of wilderness from often albeit overgrazed areas.

    After harvesting the land looks much like the Somme.

    The water is poisoned ………..

    I could go on.

    Better to clear that industrial junk and get some transhumance summer Kerry cattle grazing on the stuff.

  7. The Dork of Cork. says:

    Its probably no exaggeration to say that these industrial forestry projects destroyed more neolithic remains then all the major roadworks in Ireland (and thats saying something given the scale of post war road building in Ireland)

    They destroy the tourist & walking appeal of the mountains.
    They destroy farmland.
    They destroy the soul.

    Walking in west Kerry last week in a John Boorman like Excailibur set……….. at 500 meters~
    A entire series of ancient cairns , standing stones and probably burial chambers on what was /is a good summer grazing area….
    It looked perfect only for the straight dark lines of those dark satanic forests destroying a once beautiful glacial valley to the North.

    I say , chop those evil alien trees down.


    If you are going to do regeneration of a area do it proper or don’t do it at all.

  8. Wolferl says:

    @ Dork

    Really, they are using much Sitka in Ireland? Hard to believe, cause i don´t see an advantage. It´s a slow growing tree and produces a shitty lumber. North Americans use it much for their houses, since those houses are not supposed to last more than 40 or 50 years. Always thought the Irish use much birch and oak for reafforestation. And that they are pretty successful with about 500.000 hectare reafforested area over the past 40 years.

  9. Robespierre says:

    During the napoleonic wars England, this bunch of bastards. did the same thing in Québec, we had in North Americas one the most beautiful forest of oaks old of many hundreds years. Today zero oaks are left in Québec. But these bastards kept all there nice trees untouched in Nothingham. British imperialists bastard banksters. England is in the business of raping and plundering, democide, genocide and financing stuff like Adolf Hitler. Hope this country sinks into total shit. I always laugh when I see all these assholes that think the English are nice people or are tolerant, peaceful and econlogical compared to the French. They are even more arrogant and racist than any frenchman or spaniard. That’s why even the Americans couldn’t tolerate the British.

  10. Randyrocker says:

    Where’s Al Gore and the green army of propagandists who love talking about trying to save the world from deforestation. Why aren’t they rattling England’s cage of destruction?
    The reason is all they really want is the other green with dollar signs all over it.

  11. Robedpierre says:

    Where is also Rothschild, that Nazi banksters that also prétends to be an ecologist while buying the biggest coal Producer in Indonesia ? You wont from the ManBearPig Gore or the british Nazi-Zionist either.

  12. Josey says:

    Hi Robespierre,
    I bet the people of the Vendee & Lyon hold your name in high esteem……not!!!!

  13. The Dork of Cork. says:

    Well maybe in the Pacific northwest.

    But in Ireland & western scotland its the fastest growing tree around.

    Forresters call it the pump……………

  14. The Dork of Cork. says:

    English oak ……grows naturally on the eat coast of Ireland takes 300 years to grow 300 years to mature and 300 years to die.

    Sessile oak on the west coast less so but its not straight timber when it grows out of the rocks.
    We have also a all consuming Rhododendron problem in our tiny (Killarney national park was actually someones back fucking garden) oak woods and also a burning problem in Killarney this feb as peasant farmers burn down oaks holly & birch to clear land for grazing.

  15. Flopot says:

    The corporatists in Ireland and the EU have been pushing this for years. The biggest gombeen of them all (i.e. the man who sold his country to the banksters) Bertie Ahern, is part of a European forestry cartel that seeks ownership of Ireland’s forests.

    So selling the harvesting rights is NOT part of an effort to pay the debt but rather the usual neoliberal ploy of using a crisis to steal state resources. I say “neoliberal” but but that is just a fancy term for a load of intellectual rubbish that justifies enslavement and robbery. They are thieves, pure and simple.

  16. Flopot says:

    PS there was a recent campaign and petition to try and prevent this from happening. They (the lawmakers betraying their people) really are not going to stop until someone throws ’em out of the country or puts ’em in jail.

  17. The Dork of Cork. says:

    The reality of state plantations in the British isles climate zone.

    They are more then worthless in my opinion .

    They extract from the capital base.

    They are a negative.

  18. The Dork of Cork. says:

    PS – I said plantations.

    These are not forests.

  19. Flopot says:

    F**king economists are suggesting the sale of the Irish forests. Who do these bastards serve? There is NO economic reason to sell the harvesting rights – the Irish government will lose money. So it must be another neoliberal grab for the spoils of a crisis. F**k! Here are some of these gombeen intellectuals (bolded)….

    ““Half of Europe’s forests are in private hands yet access is not a problem. Irish sawmills would also be able to bid for timber harvested in Ireland,” says Alan Matthews, an economist who recommended selling harvesting rights in a state-commissioned report.

    He notes Coillte has already sold harvesting rights to pension funds and land over recent years.

    “As always in Ireland there are people opposed to change, particularly the trade unions,” says Colm McCarthy, an economist at University College Dublin. “It is up the government to make the case for its policy.”

  20. Flopot says:

    A case study in corporatism

    “It is clear then that the International Forestry Fund does have an interest, indeed an expressed interest in acquiring Coillte lands. The presence of Bertie [as chairman of the IFF] demonstrates the nexus between the political elite and the privateers.

    Anyway, there we have 2 shock doctors in Ireland (Matthews and MacCarthy)…

    I would not be surprised to find that they have been paid in some way by the IFF or similar corporations, perhaps through grants, conference talks, consultations. Who knows.

    And the Irish people are getting excited about Fianna Fail again – I cannot believe it. Vote in one bunch of corporatists for the same feckers who foisted the private debt onto the Irish people. How the hell do you explain this insanity? The MSM?


    I agree with you from an asethetic POV (I have no idea about the science) that many “forestry commission” (or equivalent) estates in Ireland and the UK are eyesores and appear to be dead zones. Broadleaf trees please?

  21. The Dork of Cork. says:


    The Irish government if it were a true government should not make decisions in the interests of making or losing money for itself as a true nation makes the stuff.

    Ireland does not exist as a political unit period.
    its a large (badly run ) estate.

    Forget about the place,
    Its beyond the limited of mild retardation.

    The people you mention are the estate managers ………they don’t own the gaff.

    They just need to make a few bob for themselves.

    That McCarthy lad is a right tough bit of stuff.

    does many things ….but it looks like he is branching out into throwing women & children on the streets.
    Hard work for hard men that one.
    You see you are not part of the deserving poor if you can’t hack the bank debt system of serfdom.

  22. Flopot says:


    Irish lawmakers are facilitating classic shock doctrine tactics – under the guise of paying off the debt they are flogging off the wealth of the people to wealthy vultures.

    I wholehearted concur with your imagery – Ireland and her people are reaching new levels of retardation.

  23. The Dork of Cork. says:


    Well I know a little bit …………..

    What you do to bring back a blanket bog (with at least a bit of drainage) is Birch scrub………..this fixes some nitrogen back into the soil…..the magic is in the roots.

    If its high enough then Scots pine is almost a natural tree in Ireland at 300 -400m North facing slopes.

    You need to keep the density very low in a high altitide setting

    But then the timber (scots pine is good for poles etc) is useless as it is not straight

    Still a Scots pine plantation is better then sitka spruce anyday as it leaves some light in and unlike our Pacific friend is nice and dry to sleep underneath.

    Larch is also not that bad although they use a European / Jap hybrid for commerical use in the main.

  24. Flopot says:


    Lovely stuff – you should be in charge of Ireland’s forests, not the gombeens.

  25. Flopot says:

    PS I have a copy of this wonderful book…

    Time to reread methinks.

  26. gussy says:

    @geekboy, I am as a matter of fact got me ticket last week. Went to see them in Dusseldorf in January, they were great, the crowd were woeful, everyone just standing there like showroom dummies, at one stage some bloke says to me that he’s glad that I’m enjoying myself but would I mind not waving my arms. The Dublin gig is redemption. Are you back in Ireland or are you still hanging out in Scheiße Schweiz.

  27. Wolferl says:

    @ Dork

    Thx a lot for the picture. Is this “Oban” were the famous whisky comes from? 😉

    Quite difficult to tell what kind of spruce those are, some seem to have the red bark of the common European some seem have a yellow touch like the Sitka. Anyway, having in mind that you have a lot more rain than where i live, that plantation is about 25 years old. Time to earn money, since now you cut about 30 – 40 of the trees out in order to give the others more space to grow further. The purpose of that extremly narrow way of planting the trees was to force them to grow straight up and avoid most limbs on the trees. All this is important later for the quality of the lumber. The process will be repeated in about 30 years and in another 20 years you get top class construction wood.

  28. Wolferl says:

    30 -40 % of the trees

  29. gussy says:

    According to information received from the Woodland League, a company by the name of International Forestry Fund 2010, in a joint venture with Helvetia Wealth AG of Switzerland and IFS Asset Managers Ltd have put in a bid to purchase Coillte the Irish forestry body that currently holds a land area in this country approaching 1.5million acres.

    The International Forestry Fund. a British Virgin Islands registered company established in March 2009 as a joint venture between IFS asset managers Ltd of Ireland and Helvetia Wealth AG of Switzerland. In January 2010 BERTIE AHEARN was appointed chair of IFF.

  30. The Dork of Cork. says:

    yes the are around Oban is infested with the stuff.

    I am not so sure the crop is worth much even after all that straight enclosed growing , but sure in a plantation things must be tight.

    This is a better way of recovering the hill.

    The best way is to shoot deer on mass from a helicopter over a weekend but the animal rights crowd would go mental.

  31. The Dork of Cork. says:

    Value added at factor cost Year 2009
    190 million

    Total output : 438 million
    intermediate consumption (fuel inputs etc) : 251 million

    value added at basic prices. :187 million

    Add taxes : 2 million

    You must consider there is a considerable loss of rough grazing……… whats the point.

    It has only value if the monetary system changes

    Thats the danger
    They seize what looks like dead assets and then get their buddies in the banking system to inflate.

  32. Wolferl says:

    @ Dork

    Of course i have not much clue what is paid for lumber in GB. But since i own some woodland in Germany i can tell you you get about 60 Euro per cubicmeter of low quality lumber just for the paper mill and up to 200 Euro for top class construction wood here. (Spruce). And if you have really precious wood, oak, cherry, etc. you can use for furniture or wine barrels it´s up to 2000 Euro. Lumber is at an several years high right now. Of course you have to cut the trees to the right size and bring it to the next road to get the money. This can be pretty expensive sometimes if you don´t do it yourself or if your woodland is in a mountain area.

  33. The Dork of Cork. says:


    Intermediate consumption (fuel & shit) is effecting all primary industries in the west including agriculture.

  34. Geek Boy says:

    I went back a second time for 2 months, Kraftwerk were playing Zurich so that was my excuse. Home since November. Yeah, the crowd were the same in Zurich; Autobahn was way too long in fairness but I was jumping around mad for Aero Dynamik and Music Non Stop, epic – 3D was unreal. I think the crowd here too will be mad for it, so surreal. I’ll be in touch so about that – think I’ve your number or email somewhere. All the best.

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