Roger Ver, Charlie Shrem; 2013 Bitcoin Symposium @ NHLibertyForum (don’t worry about the occasional BTC hack, pioneers always end up with a few arrows in their back . . . )

I just had lunch with Roger, Charlie and Gabe Sukenik of bitinstant and coinapult. The future of BTC looks completely ROCKING! as these guys are complete and utter workaholics and diehards pushing their business initiatives and the message of BTC. It doesn’t hurt that the price action in BTC is holding the mid-40’s level and looks set to continue its bull run with big gains. An interesting side note and one you’ll notice when you watch the videos… There is a definite libertarian streak running through the proselytizing of BTC. The good news is, you can completely ignore it if you wish. My readers know that I have issues with much of what is pushed as ‘libertarian’ – but that’s not what attracted me to BTC. I like it because it’s providing some justice where currently none exists. When Eric Holder the U.S. top attorney says he can’t prosecute bankers because he fears them – – it’s time to go long BTC. This is much bigger than any one economic ideology. Oh yes…much bigger. There’s plenty to debate on the pros and cons of one economic school vs. another and there’s plenty of time to do it but there’s never been a better time to support BTC.

12 comments on “Roger Ver, Charlie Shrem; 2013 Bitcoin Symposium @ NHLibertyForum (don’t worry about the occasional BTC hack, pioneers always end up with a few arrows in their back . . . )
  1. BankingThiefs says:

    Just the latest in a long line of Bitcoin thefts. If the pros can’t keep their coins safe what chance does Joe public have?

  2. waspoza says:

    Joe will have bigger chance pretty soon with very hard to crack hardware wallet:

  3. Curious says:

    Buy at an exchange that employs two-factor authentication, use it, and once you buy your Bitcoin, put any you aren’t intending to use shortly into cold storage. I think that’s how you protect yourself from theft.

    I can see how the idea of being responsible for your own money and its security might turn off many, many people, actually. The more securely you want to protect your Bitcoins, the more inconvenient it will be. But, along with freedom comes the need for that kind of personal responsibility though, right?

    I just don’t think my grandma will be using them anytime soon.

  4. Vonda Bra says:


    The Missing Piece of Bitcoin

    more vid on BTC here …


  5. Mr. Bitcoin says:

    I’m not a huge fan of the paper wallets.

    I wish there was a way to avoid having to have the coins on paper.

    Seems as if super secure online storage is almost better. Then, you don’t have any physical liability.

    I’m thinking what would be the easiest/ most secure method to travel with your coins? And having them online would definitely be better then fumbling around with a bunch of different pieces of paper holding a few QR codes. If your pants get wet, you lose all your money.

  6. Bitcoin Bob says:

    No need to rely on paper. Google bitcoin brain wallets.

  7. The Mad Ape says:

    Bitcoin is no different than fiat, in fact it is worth less than fiat. It is virtual and backed by sweet fuck all. Stay away from it like the plague.

    SLA baby!

  8. Curious says:

    If you were to encrypt the private key to an address while on an offline computer, you could then safely go online and store that encrypted file containing your private key with any file storage service you choose. Travel anywhere where you have access to the internet and you have your Bitcoins available to you.

  9. The Mad Ape says:

    I see all of these fools mining for bitcoins. They are so hard to mine now that the average joe will lose money doing it. Gigahash yourself into bankruptcy fools.

    You stand a better chance running a mining operation to hack into the instawallet accounts of bitcoin holders and taking all of their virtual wealth, trading it for fiat, and then buying silver.

    Much less horsepower required and completely anonymous.

    There ya go boys and girl, a business model for destroying bitcoin.

  10. Ilia says:

    Here is what I use:

    The machine that stores bitcoins never even touches the internet, wireless or any other kind of network. Not too complicated either.

  11. Danny Cunnington says:

    The key to bitcoin is in widening usage. The more retail outlets use it, the more it will succeed. It’s really still too small a market to shake off it’s volatility at present. When you see Bc rise against fait you are really seeing Bc deflation. I’m sure a lot of speculators will make a load of money out of buying low and basically gambling but the real potential of Bc is as a currency that you can use on and off line just like cash without bankster involvement.

    The vast potential of Bc is a stable currency medium with very low transaction fees. It’s not there yet so we have to wait and see. When I can buy real stuff like food and fuel for my vehicles I’m in.

  12. Dustbowl Daze says:

    I liked it better when you talked about silver all the time Max. This digital fiat bitcoin nonsense will be the end of your good reputation. I don’t want to make the bitcoin founders rich anymore than I want to make money off stocks or bonds and pay a management fee to some Type A asshole like Keith McCullough. Please go back to promoting real wealth. Bitcoin is only good to go in and out of for quick international transactions, but someone who buys it at $45/coin could lose everything. And you’re actually recommending people SAVE in Bitcoin. I gave you the benefit of the doubt on this for a while, but I’ve decided this is nonsense and you’re empowering a massive fraudulent scheme of worthless digital money. I was almost pulled into bitcoin by my greed, but that is the only possible thing that could draw me in. Otherwise it’s just same shit, different day to me. This may be the one thing that gets me to stop watching your show.

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