Lead Counsel Of Silver Manipulation Suit: Missing Key Ingredient Needed For Case To Survive

had the opportunity yesterday to connect with lead counsel of the Silver Class Action Complaint, Christopher Lovell, partner of New York City law firm, Lovell Stewart Halebian Jacobson LLP. It was a fascinating interview, as Chris and his firm have won many of the largest settlements in commodity exchange act & antitrust law history, with their highest recovery being over $1.02 billion dollars.

During the interview Chris provided an update on the silver class action complaint, as well as announcing a key missing ingredient, one which may be needed for the survival of the class action silver manipulation case.

Bottom Line: The silver manipulation case is on the edge of being thrown out for good. After investing many hundreds of thousands of dollars into this case so far, Chris is humbly asking for help from the market. It appears that insider emails or a ‘canary’ may be the missing ingredient needed to keep the case alive.

Click here for more on the update on the class action litigation against JP Morgan alleging manipulation of the silver market:

7 comments on “Lead Counsel Of Silver Manipulation Suit: Missing Key Ingredient Needed For Case To Survive
  1. Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells says:

    Yes, now is the time for industry leaders like Sprott Rodgers and Sinclair to come forward and tell all they know instead of just moaning about the manipulation. Andrew Maguire blew the whistle to CFTC so I would guess he has a lot to offer Mr. Lovell’s case. This seems like a perfect opportunity.

    Will they take it?

  2. Robespierre says:

    When it comes to justice and rule of law United Shit of America is like Communist China, NAZI GERMANY and USSR combined. USA is today total shit when it comes to its judicial system and its market. Yeah I wipe my ass on US justice. Sorry for the vulgarity but this news is disgusting but it should have been expected.

  3. fonestar says:

    Who cares? I say let them take silver to $5/oz.. hell, let them take silver to $0/oz!

    Bottom line is what will silver be worth in a **BITCOIN** economy? They can only manipulate silver relative to what it’s worth in the currency they control, the USD.

  4. Peter Karwacki says:

    Silver is likely manipulated. That is all we can say right now. Andrew MacGuire was supposed to be the deep throat (but that never happened). Remember the “Crash JP Morgan – buy silver” (that never happened either).
    In the end, its just another investment – and you are either going to win or lose.

    Somebody said it – most of the silver in the world is gone -lost forever in the dumps on mirrors, electronics and even old telephones. The question remains: when will the markets reflect this reality instead of the sales of silver nobody really has?

    When the tide goes out – you see who has no shorts!


  5. benb says:

    I would guess these people have spoken with Ted Butler?
    On the off chance they dont know of each other maybe there is a way to put them in touch?

  6. dan valley says:

    Gold,Silver,Stocks,Bonds , and you idiots who are buying into Bitcoin the easiest to manipulate will be on here crying while Max pitches some new scheme to beat the elite.
    Good Luck Yall!!

  7. Silverwillwin says:

    The U.S government backed by the central banks are going the same way that the Nazi party went – first the false promises , then the scare tactics , followed by confiscation , peppered with propaganda .
    Face it – the forces are instilling fear slowly so that most American stay peaceful and manageable .
    You want out !? START STACKIN’ the PHYSICAL !!!!!!!!!!

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