Contagion spreads to Greece… Bitcoin hits new all-time high of $62 ($100 now in sight)

67 comments on “Contagion spreads to Greece… Bitcoin hits new all-time high of $62 ($100 now in sight)
  1. Lumber Jack says:

    It’s difficult to read the Cyprus banking crisis. If the Troika bails out Cyprus to prevent a contagion, which is in talks right now, Bitcoin will fall hard as well. That’s a lot of volatility in a fiat currency. Don’t expect max Keiser to admit that he’s wrong if this ends the same way as silver, but do expect him to masturbate in front of you if it rises.

  2. Harry says:

    ‘ In other news: Cypriotic factions are to be held responsible for the bombing of the ECB building in Frankfurt…’

    (why is this not yet happening?)

  3. The Ponz says:

    If Au and Ag prices are not being suppressed, why is BTC exploding while the PMs remain range bound? Answer: BTC is the only significant market in the world not dominated the shadow banking genociders.

  4. canadian dirtlump says:

    when do ethical bitcoins hit? I see more talk of silver in the MSM than I do here these days.. Old news I guess.

  5. Simon K says:

    What we have here is scared money pouring into BTC, not BTC entering mainstream or even working as an alternative value to other fiat currencies. You can have this virtual monopoly money reaching $1.000.000. People will feel millionaire with BTC just as some guys in World of Warcraft are allready feeling millionaire with their phony money.
    Max is hyping BTC to distract people from his failed armageddon predictions.
    BTC is no solution to fiat: BTC is another way by which fiat is expanded to infinity. The banksters love BTC: that’s why it has not crashed and wasn’t nailed down like gold & silver.
    Trillions of dollars in BTC it’s the dream of Bernanke…

  6. joe says:

    max and stacy,

    keep pumping up your investments. Your ‘journalistic’ integrity just fell to an all time low.

    pump pump pump. make every sucker get in on Bitcoin so it can raise to great heights. Then one day POP! and youll be laughing at all the suckers

    your a bloodsucking vampire

    thats a good wallstreet boy. hurray! hurray!


  7. JO Blo says:

    This will eventually fall hard, its too late to get in and make any real money and you can never know when people who bought at the crash (when it fell to a penny, something silver will never do) will sell.

  8. Noel says:

    I don’t have any bitcoins but I’m curious … just say you bought 5 bit coins using the
    USD…. can you sell them and get money back or is it just for trade or barter after you buy them with cash????

  9. badsey says:

    People could be using BitCoin to get their money out of these pillaged fiat systems and into a more stable currency or phyz.

    The real users of BitCoin continue to be users despite the rise and falls -much like people that went phyz silver/gold. It is always nice when your currency appreciates (what it should be doing).

    I don’t see large speculators getting into BitCoin. -And if they did the price would go way up and get way more volatile. All this volatility and media says to me is that BitCoin is on the currency map now.

  10. Mr. Bitcoin says:

    I haven’t seen higher than $57 today. Still if you look at a chart of bitcoin, it looks as though bitcoin is about to enter an exponential growth phase.

  11. T says:

    @ Joe

    Have to say i agree with you. Max is really pumping this reminds me of $500 silver. Max you will really undermine your credibility. Many here have expressed genuine questions about bitcoin. Maybe if you showed more balance and in addition to pumping it you addressed those concerns, after all you are all about educating and informing your viewers, i think this would not come across as a tad off.

  12. Ilia says:

    @Noel Yes of course you can trade them back and forth to any currency or even gold. Check,,,

    I wonder what the future holds …

  13. Ilia says:

    @Noel Yes of course you can trade them back and forth to any currency or even gold. Check,,,

    I wonder what the future holds …

  14. Ilia says:

    Sorry for double post, the site had some lag and I was correcting an error.

    Anyway guys if you want fair-and-balanced information there is a wealth of it out there. Just type bitcoin in google. To see weaknesses you can see which I recommend to everybody. There’s also if you like something a little more low-brow.

    Also maybe check out

  15. maxkeiser says:

    I see that people are upset that we recommended gold at 400, silver at 7 and btc. at 7 –

  16. davem says:

    Please stop bashing max and stacy, and dont blame them if their predictions dont work out as they’d hoped. As much as we all get excited about them talking about $5000 per oz gold, or huge gains in bitcoin, no-one can see the future, not even them and at the end of the day they are journalists not economists. I think – listen to their advice and weigh things up, do your own research, make your own decisions, then accept responsibility. Dont blame max and stacy for what you do.

  17. Kyle says:

    Insainty! 😀

  18. Kyle says:

    People bash bitcoin because it’s not tangible.
    BITCOIN IS NOT FIAT, hence why it jumped $10-15 with the current chaos.

  19. Kyle says:

    @lumberjack – Max did say that it will be volatilie until bitcoin is established in the mainstream. (That was in his last interview with AJ).

  20. joe says:


    no im not upset at your ‘recommendations’. the issue is that by pumping something up you cause it to be inherently unstable.

    what happened to your mantra of speculators vs savers

    bitcoin is a great idea. bitcoin pumping is a bad idea

    and you know all this – but your greed is over running your ethics


  21. Kyle says:

    @joe I don’t see a problem with being a cheerleader for bitcoin. The is a difference between speculation and activism too.

  22. Sovereign Silver says:

    @Lumberjack How can you say Max was wrong about gold and silver? Record mint sales as I type this. All indices vs gold and silver are way down from 5 years ago. What you get burned trading paper metals? That’s on you brother. Gold and silver are just getting started my friend. You’d be wise to stock up.

  23. Simon K says:

    Max, your recomendations have nothing to do with the value of BTC: i welcome your recomendations of gold & silver because they are ethical. BTC is not. BTC is helping to inflate fiat. I bet many people are buying BTC with their credit cards! Is that good? I don’t think so. The rising prices of something have nothing to do with their value. If’s that a fair measure, let’s all buy stocks from Correction Corporation of America!

  24. Ilia says:

    @joe Bitcoin is clearly on the savers’ side in the speculators vs savers battle. Most bitcoiners are inherently savers. Its supply is even more limited than gold (gold supply in the future is unclear). How is cheerleading it encouraging speculation?

    If in the short term we get volatility – well, that’s just the price mechanism, my friend. If you want bitcoin to be stable you want its market cap to grow enough where it’s harder to buy/sell large amounts.

  25. Wolferl says:

    There are about 16.000 bitcoins right now. Probably a few 1000 are in free-flow. How many morons in panic to loose their wealth does it need to boost a bitcoin from 20 to 60$? Not many. Bitcoin is supposed to be a device of exchange and payment but not a store of wealth. To do a transaction you buy the amount of bitcoin you need, do the transfer and you are done. So the actual value of bitcoin at the time of the transfer does not really matter. Everyone who now promotes bitcoin as a store of wealth or even a chance to make money by speculation does not understand bitcoin a bit.

  26. Lumber Jack says:

    Most of the people on this site us US dollars. The US dollar will someday be in grave trouble, but for now it’s comparatively strong and is still the world reserve currency for a short time. The strength of a single currency lies in its relation to other currencies. When all the central banks devalue their currency, one should run to gold and silver under normal circumstances, but unfortunately gold and silver are manipulated like Libor rates were/are manipulated. The dollar has not collapsed like so many of us thought because the game is rigged. My fear is that bit coin is too good to be true and “the powers that be” will . I would buy a little bitcoin etf maybe and treat it like a penny stock, a small investment, but I wouldn’t recommend moving all you dollars to bitcoin. Max is an activist/journalist and one of the smarter people out there, but he’s not a financial adviser currently. His motivation is to reveal fraud, address inequality, and fight the establishment, not to make you money. If there’s a mad rush into bitcoin and it creates a loss of confidence in fiat currencies, you better bet “the powers that be” will do something about that.

  27. Simon K says:

    As i’ve been saying, where the USD goes, BTC goes. USD index is up, BTC is up. BTC is not a weapon against fiat: BTC is the platinum trillion dollar coin divided by 21 million pieces.

  28. Silver Man says:

    Looks like the Silver Liberation Army forced Max Keiser out as he becomes a pimp for his part ownership of Bitcoin. Oh that’s right he didn’t invent it…he is merely part of the group that used his patented algorithms as part of the design.

    At worse he is getting royalties or direct part ownership for use of the patents….

    What would Jamie Dimon Do?

  29. Lumber Jack says:

    @Sovereign Silver

    First of all I own physical gold and silver and routinely momentum trade USLV, a triple leveraged silver ETF. If you think Silver is going to 500$, buy and hold USLV why holding physical. I’m not selling my gold and silver until central banks reverse the QE programs. Max was wrong to say silver is going to 500$ in the next couple of years. There’s this peculiar double think where he says it’s manipulated with impunity but it’s going to 500$ and the silver bugs will crash JP Morgan Chase. If gold and silver are manipulated with impunity, why would you load up more in gold and silver. The Federal Reserve is hell bent on pumping up the stock market. I hate to agree with Maria Bartaroma: don’t fight the Fed. Silver can reach 500$ over decades, not anytime soon. Even though Silver has been one of the very best investments over the last 10 years, it’s been a bad investment for the last year, and JP Morgan Chase has ironically been a great investment as has the entire financial sector in the US because of QE and low P/E ratios. I hope bitcoin really works as an alternative currency, but it sounds to good to be true if one can more safely profit from the rigged system by shorting the yen.

  30. WTF... says:

    Bitcoin patents and royalties? Bitcoin is a trillion USD coin? Good gravy, what’s wrong with you people?

  31. Hugh Beaumont says:

    When the time is right – these babies are going to drop like a lead zeppelin.

  32. Lumber Jack says:

    Max Keiser is being dishonest. Sure, he told everyone to buy silver at 7$ and gold at 400$. He also told people to buy silver at 48$ and gold and 1900$. Hence the skepticism of Bitcoin as it hits these absurd highs.

  33. KYLE says:


  34. KYLE says:

    Max Keiser was shit out of Jamie’s ass I turst Jamie more than Max because we know Jamie’s intentions

  35. Danny Cunnington says:

    Well it’s fun to watch but a lot of early users who made the big gains are online gamblers. This is because Btc is perfect for unregulated gambling so to me, getting in over $50 feels like entering a casino. Call me a pussy if you want but I would like to see the sort of stability that makes it more attractive to retailers because this is it’s true role rather than an emergency lifeboat driven by fear reactions or a speculators frenzy with a Las Vegas feel.

    If you got in when Max first told you too, Btc $7 after the crash in 2011 from the mid twenties enjoy the ride. Revolutions happen quickly but are unpredictable.Evolutions take time and tend to be stable. Btc is self-evidently an evolution. If it breaks $70 you could get a moonshot at $100. The problem is it only takes a coincidence of several large holders taking profits and consolidating their gains to hit a waterfall decline. When it was in the mid thirties it dropped a Dollar fifty on a single sale of 2,200 Btc. In Dollars at that price that’s only about $85,000. There’s more than 10.5 million of them in total. This was also about the point that Max came out as a Btc (in Dollars) millionaire.

    From this you can extrapolate that Max has at least Btc 25,000 and he’s far from the only one. What if Max or someone like him got out? What if several Btc Dollar millionaires got spooked at the same time? This could crash it $40 or more and lots of the latecomers are basically weak hands.

    Don’t blame Max for jumping up and down about Btc. It just like being at the races where you backed an outsider at 150: 1 on the nose and your horse is romping away from the rest of the field. What would you do? It’s not like he didn’t call it a buy when it bottomed.
    Thought: Brain damaged former brokers don’t do very good poker faces.

    Disclosure: No Btc nice stack of silver held on a sit tight and be right policy. IMO physical silver is a racing certainty to huge gains. A financial monster is dying. They just lost 21 tonnes of China white heroin in Afghanistan and three state of the art labs. The Russians did the bust and the elite are seething with rage. Ref: RIA Novista 12th March report linked at Infowars. Blackout in the MSM. Largest single drug bust in History in Dollar terms.

    Google it up the Russians even took a load of photos to verify.

    Is it a coincidence that the bank heist in Cyprus is mostly targeted at stealing billions of Russian/Ukraine deposits? This is after all what the rise in Btc is connected too.

  36. WTF... says:

    When it comes time to put your money to use always do your own due diligence. Criminey, people, get a grip.

  37. febo says:

    Bitcoin is such a yawn. I sniff a bitbubble.
    I guess the trouble is – there are no pics of scanty women hiding thier bits with, er, bitcoins.

  38. TJ says:

    I’m waiting for Bitchcoin 😉

  39. Davout says:

    Max, nobody reproaches you for recommending bitcoin at 7 but for pumping it when it is 60… could be dangerous for people.

  40. JD says:

    Why is there spam in your headlines with that “Top 10 stocks…” link?

  41. SilverPorno says:

    Yes, Max is losing his integrity really fast.

    maxkeiser | March 19, 2013 at 5:03 pm |

    “I see that people are upset that we recommended gold at 400, silver at 7 and btc. at 7 -”

    Max knows the difference but is choosing to ignore it to make money in this pump and dump. Apalling. It could be the end of him being acknowleged as an honest authorit in the financial arena.

    Physical gold and silver cannot be compared in any way to bitcoin. He knows that. But pump away, eh Max. Make yourself some more millions, eh?

  42. evolutis says:

    @ joe … ethics? … we are far, far, too technologically capable, to be ethical under any form of monetary system. Within a linear, materials economy / extraction, production , distribution, consumption, disposal, and ethics, all become as functionally obsolete. More and more people are embracing the wisdom of uncertainty, and the massive shift in consciousness that entails, but many continue to speculate on a false ability to predict the future.

  43. It’s like waiting for paint to dry, attempting to Google Max Keiser today. Either the server is overloaded? or something funny is going on?

  44. Vonda Bra says:

    yeah, something´s wrong … loading takes ages …
    getting this all the time for days now:

    “Service Temporarily Unavailable
    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.” 🙁

  45. puszuiger says:

    GO CYPRUS GO. Now start the presses for the good ol’ Cypriot pounds and tell the FUCKING EUROCRAPPERS IN BRUSSELS TO STUFF THAT EURO WHERE THE SUN DON’ SHINE!!

  46. X-Ray Specs says:

    The chance to spew bitcoin hate draws more web traffic. More web traffic means more ad revenue. More ad revenue causes even more postings about bitcoin. Bitcoin price advances on more bitcoin coverage.

    Super win. Thanks haters.

  47. microhousehold says:

    This side does load slow today, got the same messsage as Vonda yesterday.

  48. microhousehold says:

    Nice to see bitcoin go up.

  49. Simon K says:

    My argument against BTC is not “Max is making millions”. That’s a stupid argument. Nobody would censure Max for making millions if silver could break the $500 target. The argument against BTC is the same Max uses against JPM and the Goldman Scum: this is a fight of savers (gold & silver) against speculators (USD, BTC & other fiat currencies). BTC is a speculative mean of exchange conected with the USD: when you buy gold & silver with USD, you break the banksters; when you buy BTC, you’re using the fiat that the central banks are suplying, inflating the money supply and causing inflation. You are spending more money to buy less and less amounts of BTC. You’re consuming more and more USD. Isn’t that what the banksters want?

  50. @Mr. Bitcoin & Vonda Bra…. Thanks for the feedback! I might check the traffic stats later on. People must be hungry for real news!

    If things go badly and there has to be Military assistance to the civilian power over here in Blighty? Treason Trials could be on the agenda? A lot of household names will effectively be under house arrest, pending download of every school report, every library book loan, every phone, fax, telex, email etc. they have ever made in their entire life being processed by Artificial Intelligence, to preserve privacy…. Interviews at Military Tribunals, to clarify the ‘computer generated reports’ may be required?

  51. Chris J Miller says:

    Wow, I want to buy Bit Coin, but worried the banksters may hack it some how.

    I’m going to buy £1000 worth, what the heck

  52. WTF... says:

    Buying BTC with USD dose not inflate USD. For a person to buy there has to be a person selling, the USD doesn’t magically materialize, it currently exists and its exchanged from the buyer to the seller. Buying physical gold and silver works exactly the same way.

  53. fonestar says:

    Max & Stacy, what happened to your site ? Seems like you have a technophobic-troglodyte infestation going on here!

    It took me a while to allow the brilliance of Satoshi’s creation really hit me. Honestly, without a technical/networking background and an interest in markets I’m not sure it ever would have. Bitcoin is the real deal and I would risk my professional reputation saying it is by far the most advanced currency the world has ever seen. Actually, it’s more like an advanced application-layer, dynamic crypto-wealth-tunnel. So long as it has convertability to Dollars, Euro, Yen, etc it will see massive, massive demand!

    Bitcoin is going to $1,000 and beyond!!

  54. Spacehoppa says:

    Alistair Carnegie, I love your posts, but could you be a little less obtuse for once. I’d like to understand what you are saying, as I am sure that, as always, it is interesting and pertinent.

  55. benb says:

    I really dont know about bitcoin, not sure how I could get it, no clue as to where on earth I could spend it. Doesnt look too apealing to me, for that reason, I am out.
    I have a hunch that if this site were to go down, so would bit coin. Never hear of it anywhere else, has anyone else herd of it anywhere other than here? Next time I am at the local pub I will ask if they take them, if they say they do I guess I would have to rethink.

  56. SAO says:

    A bittercoin to swallow.

  57. Mike Hunt III says:

    Bitcoin will never succeed for the following reasons:

    1. Bitcoin is a FIAT currency because, uhm, it’s not gold or silver.
    2. Chris Duane, our lord and savior, says bitcoin is a PONZI scheme. And besides if he can’t profit from it, it must be a PONZI.
    3. When the grid goes down, Bitcoin goes down too. The dollar and online banking will be okay…they probably have generators ‘n stuff.
    4. When a ginourmous Texas size asteroid hits earth and everyone is covered with a giant 1000 foot tidal wave like in the movie DEEP IMPACT, who is gonna be interested in bitcoins? They’ll be too busy trying to build the next WATERWORLD.
    5. The illuminati/PTB/Federal Reserve/Rothchilds/Obama will come to realize the threat of bitcoin and go house to house worldwide and confiscate every single computer holding every single copy of the Bitcoin software, and as simple as that NO MORE BITCOIN!
    6. Some mad scientist will release a virus causing the dead to rise. They’ll eventually come to rule the earth, and I’m pretty sure they won’t accept bitcoins. I mean have you ever met a zombie that accepted bitcoins?

    I rest my case.

  58. snoop diddy says:

    best comment ever in the history of the universe 🙂

  59. jarrollin says:

    OMG The Kentucky Wildcats lost in the first round of the NIT to Robert Morris! They were coming off a national championship season. Oh, and something called BitCoin hit a new high. Maybe Calipari can start paying his players in BitCoin. It’s untraceable so the NCAA will never find out.

  60. SAO says:

    @snoop diddy
    The whole universe? Thanks.

  61. Davout says:

    hypocrites … Don’t hide between sound money principles … Austrian economics, decentralized currency, anonymous transactions (joke). I bought bitcoins end of last year to speculate and make a quick buck … I don’t think it will ever be money … Bitcoins advocates stop being hypocritical … you bought bitcoin like me to speculate, not to fight the evil elite … I also bought gold and silver years ago to speculate and for protection against systemic events, not because I think it is money (which they might be or not, not my problem)… So many bitcoins advocate hiding between principle or mathematical arguments to justify their greed. I don’t need to justify my greed. plus it is parabolic and we know how it will end up so max keiser you are not helping by pumping it at this price … very risky to buy now…

  62. Davout says:

    sorry i didnt mean between but behind* in previous post

  63. Mike Hunt III says:

    You got that right Davout. It is better to be greedy with no principles than to be greedy and have principles! Amen brother!

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