Bitcoin: more than just the currency of digital vice – The Guardian

BitcoinBitcoin, the digital coin with a questionable past, is gaining ground as a legitimate currency, trading at $32 a share last week.

It poses a tangible threat to centralised banking and the guardians of fiat money. Bitcoin won’t knock off the dollar any time soon; the euro can sleep easy. But it is clearly a force to be reckoned with. Bitcoin has become the world’s best performing currency, with its value spiking 130% just this year.

Read: Bitcoin: more than just the currency of digital vice

11 comments on “Bitcoin: more than just the currency of digital vice – The Guardian
  1. Vlad says:

    What I learned from the Guardian today: Inflationary currencies are heaps of fun.

  2. susan says:

    Bill Still on bitcoins:

    ‘I am becoming convinced that this is nothing more than a high-tech pyramid scheme and would like to warn my friends against it ‘

  3. mijj says:

    @susan ..

    .. then Bill Still is a keen authoritarian.

    Bitcoin is money and the number space equivalent to gold in material space. Unlike fiat, which spews forth on a whim from the diseased minds of psychopathic authoritarian loons, Bitcoin and gold are mined from nature, and are naturally limited in volume. They are, in essence, sound measures in a way which fiat money is obviously unsound. They aren’t tools for stealing from the people and empowering the center of authority – which is the very reason why Bitcoin and gold are feared and suffer propaganda by authoritarian figures.

  4. aleksy says:

    From @Flo on another thread:

    “For example, how does each bitcoin play a part in the “Al Gore Rhythm” that supposedly limits the total number of bitcoins?”

  5. aleksy says:

    @MIJJ: “Bitcoin and gold are mined from nature”

    explain please (r.e. the bitcoin part..)

  6. SAO says:

    I remember when two bits was a quarter. Now it’s bullshit.

  7. gr8mikey says:

    After watching Mt. Gox crash to zero in 10 minutes, and then that other bitcoin exchange folding up and closing shop after stealing everyones bitcoins, buying bitcoins is the equivalent to buying stocks after the flash crash. This sure feels like a suckers bet and I will stay away.

  8. Mike Hunt III says:

    If your bank gets robbed from bank robbers or if employees of the bank make off with all the banks loot, do you blame the US dollar? Why are people blaming Bitcoins when Bitcoins get stolen.

  9. Mike Hunt III says:

    I read part of the Bill Still interview with Adam Kokesh, and Still is another one who doesn’t understand Bitcoin but just isn’t comfortable with the concept.

    Also he says ” I basically have a lot of trouble being comfortable with Bitcoin. Number one, it was hacked about two years ago”

    Again Bitcoin was not hacked…essentially someone robbed some Bitcoins and Still wants to blame Bitcoins. It’s gonna take awhile for people to figure out this new money.

  10. The don says:

    I bet it wont be long until North Korea announces something related with bitcoin.

  11. Catfish says:

    Bitcoin trading at about $40USD today. And so far I’ve purchased 5 ozt with bitcoins mined from my PC (not a mining rig, just a daily-use PC).

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