Another reason to support Bitcoin

8 comments on “Another reason to support Bitcoin
  1. Paul says:

    “They hate us because of our freedoms”. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha , etc……

  2. Davout says:

    I have bitcoins and I have pms. So I am not a “bitcoin hater” . I like the concept of cryptocurrencies. However there are still things that I am not completely understanding.

    I just wanted to ask the question of how much decentralized bitcoin really is. With the blockchain issue that made the price drop this week, did the system “self repair” or did the “central planners” (developpers) of bitcoin had to intervene? This is a problem that would not happen with pms.

    Also, another question is not if the whole internet is shut down (unlikely) but what if governments force the shut down of all exchanges like mtgox, outlawing them and basically do everything to prevent people from exchanging their bitcoins against fiat currencies? Fiat currencies are still necessary to pay your tax.

    My last question is why is there so much hate from bitcoins users against similar crypto currencies like litecoins? They should like the fact that people are willing to use crypto currencies… of course that doesnt help the people who are just speculating. In the bitcoin wiki, litecoins are accused of being a pyramid scheme, but if they are, so are bitcoins? Bitcoins users seem to hate competition from other crypto currencies as much as governments would hate non fiat currencies.

  3. Max loses all credibility over Bitcoin says:

    Max, you do realize that Bitcoin is THE most traceable currency EVER INVENTED, right? By definition all transactions MUST be logged to preserve the Bitcoin trail of ownership. Which means Bitcoin is the least private currency ever invented.

    Max you should stick with silver. Every time you open your mouth about Bitcoin you make mistakes and say things that simply aren’t true. You’re endangering your readers and you’ve started to “talk your book” like a cheap money manager.

    Give it a rest. Lets get back to collapsing the system and away from your own personal high risk investments which you’re up to your own neck in. This is going to lose you followers.


  4. Max Bernanke says:

    Max Keiser is becoming Ben Bernanke. The King of the Fiat.

  5. Max Keiser The Turn Coat says:

    Max is a Pumper & Dimper and is going to his old Wall Street Ways losing millions for people…Max’s went down on Ben Bernanke

  6. aleksy says:

    BOHICA——the new label for the 99% after this goes through? UNLAWFUL ENEMY COMBATANT

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