Your European Getaway

Stealing is not that difficult.  You can simply walk into most any store, grab a handful of merchandise and take off running.  Getting away with it is another story.  That’s why there’s always so much emphasis on who is driving the getaway car in any heist movie and just how skilled they are.

From the 1940’s to the 1980’s we had Allen Funt and the TV show Candid Camera.  Today we have the internet and investigative reports like today’s enlightenment on the Fed’s upstreaming of the USA’s “assets” to European Banks courtesy of ZeroHedge and Ellen Brown author of Web of Debt on just who owns the Fed.  At least Candid Camera outlasted Bretton Woods.  Makes you wonder how long they are going to tolerate this internet.

5 comments on “Your European Getaway
  1. daddy warbucks says:

    And then also, you have to factor in Monsanto’s continuous attack on nature:

    Feb 3, 2013
    GMO Companies Want to Make a Super Bee That Will not Die from their Pesticides

    Monsanto is killing bees to make room for their new “Super Bee”? Soon to be whistle-blower who worked for Monsanto will be releasing documents detailing how Monsanto planned to kill off bee colonies in order to introduce a “new and improved” species of bee that will only pollinate Monsanto crops.

  2. MirrorMirror says:

    @daddy warbucks … “Monsanto Super Bees”

    Are you just being cynical or do you have a link ?

  3. MrJones says:

    @MirrorMirror. What….. you still think Lance Armstrong didn’t cheat either.

  4. MirrorMirror says:

    @MrJones … LOL ..

    BTW.. I detest the whole TdFrance … Drugs on Wheels … just another scam to make money .. and I mean the Sponsors/Organizers, not those kids on their bikes. A bit like the Olympics & F1 . Where there’s money, there’s dirt.
    And of course I am aware of Monsantos’ dealings .. just wanted to know if there was a link specific to the “Super Bee” ..
    I’m sure you can provide one.

  5. marcio says:

    Thank you Dave. Dave, let me tell you a secret I’ve learned from real life experience: “never underestimate the intelligence of a psychopath”. I’ve haven’t read your insights into the subject of “divorced currency” despite the fact you’ve “been writing about it for years”, but I know for a fact that “these guys” are up to something, they always are. Fortunately, my familiarity with them, the psycho character, taught me how to outsmart them. Once I heard from Jordn Maxwell (poor Jordan, I paid a thousand dollar worth of webmaster support to his website and, apparently, he does not have website anymore), anyway, that Edwin von Misses himself said that “people have always supported dictators”:; does not mean the people will continue to do it – I don’t buy into the deception of natural law scheme of things perpetrated by the social sciences; so that’s why I think the 1% elite can’t get away with the censorship of the internet without a backlash. But “these guys” are up to something for sure, it’s just I can’t put all the pieces together yet.

    Bye A’ll!

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