Ladies and gentlemen: we may just have uncovered the actual location of the ultra-secretive JPMorgan gold vault in the city of London. Where is 60 Victoria Embankment, London?

26 comments on “Ladies and gentlemen: we may just have uncovered the actual location of the ultra-secretive JPMorgan gold vault in the city of London. Where is 60 Victoria Embankment, London?
  1. Johnny says:

    Could my MF Global gold from my account be there?

  2. General Rasta, SLA says:

    @Max, Stacy

    Get over there. Take it down like you did the Bundesbank

  3. Bill Stewart says:

    The storage (and liquidation) connection makes these headlines seem oddly fitting.

    Auctioneer featured on TV’s “Storage Wars” found dead in garage

    Mark Balelo, a Southern California auction house owner featured on the reality television show “Storage Wars,” was found dead at his place of business on Monday, the Ventura County coroner’s office said. He was 40.

    Balelo, whose company, Balelo Inc, specialized in asset liquidations and closeout sales, was found by an employee in the garage of his auction house in Simi Valley, a suburban community northwest of Los Angeles, said Armando Chavez, senior deputy medical examiner.

    Chavez declined to provide any information about the circumstances or apparent cause of death. He said an autopsy was expected to be performed Tuesday morning.

    But the Los Angeles-based celebrity news website reported Monday night that Balelo committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning.

    The TMZ report, citing unnamed sources, said the auctioneer was found dead in his car, which was parked and running in the garage. TMZ also reported that Balelo had been despondent following an arrest on Saturday for a drug-related offense.

    Balelo, a shrewd businessman nicknamed “Rico Suave” for his flashy wardrobe, appeared on several episodes during the second and third seasons of “Storage Wars,” a series on the A&E cable channel about a group of auctioneers and buyers.

  4. There is an underground tunnel that links 60 embankment to the bank of england, see here:

  5. Jeremy says:

    Nice 1 Hondo, where can I get 1 of these respawning 12.5 Kg Au bricks? Lidl?
    MF Glogal LOL – MoFo Globalists.
    EC4 0JP aint in my copy of the UK Post Office postcode db, but Landan isn’t in the UK

  6. donk says:

    Yes it is a PM storage address. Look on Google Streets and you’ll see Brinks armoured courier trucks waiting outside on Camemile St. Also someone posted (4th page of thread) a link to an engineering paper of work carried out, for a 19 metre deep L shaped basement that goes beneath the two adjacent buildings.

  7. donk says:

    Oops, link is on 5th page, as comment replys have filled the page out.

  8. It looks like a fancy new office block. They say that when a Bank builds a fancy new office, and installs a sculpture and fountain, it’s time to offload their shares!

  9. Nat says:

    But Some quick googling shows JP Morgan only bought the offices in late 2010, some 20+ years after that basement was made.

    Says they bought 60 Victoria Embankment for £350m. Probably find out more searching the land registry databse.

    The L-shaped basement spans many addresses and those Brinks trucks are stationed on the next street along from JPM, next to a fairly fortified truck entrance and with the drivers walking towards an open door in the adjacent building that has also has the basement under it.

    I would guess that the basement is nothing to do with JP Morgan directly and that they just use the offices there.

    That’s not to say that they don’t store their gold their via another company or institution. Whos to say that it isn’t the location of the HSBC place?

  10. Nat says:

    @ A Carnegie

    They were looking to build a whole new building next to their London Wall offices back in 2008 / 9 ish. They backed out and supposedly went to Canary Warf instead and probably this place.

    So should have sold their shares back in 2009..

  11. Nat says:

    OK, I take it all back !

    JP Morgan have been leasing the building since 1991, straight after the construction of the basement..
    <a href=""

    But they bought it outright in 2010.

    Here are the planning aplications for the building:

    and with some clicking around you can look at associated buildings and their planning aplications over the years like 4 John Carpenter Street:

    This aplication from 1987 to convert the site from the old School (when the L shaped basement was dug) was made by none other than Morgan Property Development Co Ltd:

    Think you have to walk into Guildhall to see the actual documents as they haven’t scanned old ones.

    So, that would explain the Brinks armoured trucks on that adjacent street – just the other side of the 4 John Carpenter Street building. I’d guess THAT is actually where their vault is.

  12. Nat says:

    I left off a > on the first link – it’s not a very interesting link but I’m sure people can figure out cut and pasting half of the text…

  13. Dylan says:

    If you think there`s nothing suspicious in all this, I have a Blackfriars bridge to sell to you, complete with hanging bankster.

  14. Luigi says:

    So can it be real that both, the BoE vault and this JPM vault side the Waterloo – Banks track?

  15. Hegelian Dialectic says:

    But then again, we may have not. Anyhoo – ring me up after you’ve taken it…

  16. Luigi says:

    “So can it be real that both, the BoE vault and this JPM vault side the Waterloo – Banks track?”


  17. Harry says:

    If you read the article and the comments you see various pieces of info that make a very strong picture that something must be there.
    Next would be seismic research of the underground structures or maybe pics of stuff where possible.

  18. Randyrocker says:

    Let’s see, if I have in my possession pirated gold from X and I want to mask and cover it up so that I can claim it’s part of my ownership of other gold that I possess, I buy the property it sits on, and as I bring more of my own gold into it for storage, I mix in the pirated gold with my gold and claim on paper that I have proof of possessing all the gold in my location’s inventory, and challenge anyone to prove otherwise, that my numbers are false or my count is wrong. Or I have cemented a storage room from sight, and who’s to know, or dare say, even under severe investigation what the case may be.
    Who knows, I may have an underground passage way to transport the gold down the Themes. Either way, it makes for a good story and great movie heist loaded with a lot of action and hype.

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  20. Luigi says:

    Max and everybody, you should read the updated post, and especially the late comments of “sioux western”, who sews the meat together quite nicely.

  21. giggler says:

    Yer and I delivered a pizza their last week and they paid in gold so it’s *real*

  22. Flopot says:


    Re: Sioux Western

    “It is important because a private party, such as a bank, cannot ignore a Writ of Replevin – the sheriff standing at the door with a judge’s order to allow an inspection or a seizure. It can be delayed, for sure — but not ignored. The liability for the value of the goods shifts to the bailee (the holder of the goods; the warehouseman) once that writ is served.

    The article describes a lawsuit that seems a bit too cute by half – feuding parties with perhap billions of dollars of creditors, and — poof! — no one knows where their gold is. Of course there is fraud involved. Nobody knows nothin’…….

    My guess is that the swarms of attorneys who are pursuing their various creditor claims in those lawsuits, will begin asserting and delivering the equivalent of Writs of Replevin on JP Morgan regarding the specific gold at this specific facility, in order to sort out whether the specific gold is located there. (And all good gold bugs know the importance of allocated vs. unallocated gold). And if such creditors then seek to remove such gold as part of their recovey, JP Morgan will be required to give notice to all persons whose claims against such gold might be adversely impacted – that is, all the lessees, lienholders, etc. In fact, JP Morgan will likely have to notify all, if and when a writ is merely served.

    If the Replevin scenario played out a certain way, it would be a dream come true for gold bugs, indeed. Because 100 dollars of claims for every dollar of gold would then descend upon JP Morgan, and……

    That is why it is important.”

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