‘We’re followed all time & lied to by our govt’ – Brian De Palma (RT EXCLUSIVE)

8 comments on “‘We’re followed all time & lied to by our govt’ – Brian De Palma (RT EXCLUSIVE)
  1. MonsantoUSABioTerrorists says:

    Giving China as an example for gun control is not really very intelligent from his part. Pacifists like him are a total failure. Look who is in power. Those with guns. But those with guns in government feel threatened by citizens having their own guns. The Sandy Hook is total baloney and again filled with stange holes not in bodies but the story line.In Mexicon guns are banned and last year there was 44000 murders related to guns ! in Mexico. Stupid Hollywood politically correct imbecile who think that disarming ordinary people will reduce violence. I am sure the gangters and the mafiosis like the one in Scareface will give back their guns. 🙂

  2. mark colit says:

    De Palma’s films are very hit and miss, pun intended. The reason the USA is in so many countries is to protect the euro-americans interests in the world and be the King in Zbrenski’s grand chessboard.

  3. daddy warbucks says:

    “We’re going broke”, as he talks about ‘America’ building the police state and arming the military (the ‘US’ military is in fact being budget cut, generals that follow their constitutional oath and not the ‘agenda’ are being replaced, active service personnel are being cut by the thousands as the NWO military – NATO is expanding). He clearly doesn’t understand that the USA is the ‘muscle’ part of the elites and world bankers march to the NWO and is no longer controlled by American citizens, rule of law, nor does it work within the US constitutional frame work. This guy still lives in left progressive liberal land.

    “Obama’s trying ot change all this” ??? This guy is clueless

    ” knife attack killed nobody” this guy is a fucking idiot

    Why did this interview get posted?

  4. David Pickett says:

    Sheeple like De Palma are the leading reason why our country is out of control. Elitists like him , banksters and other “Special” people are creating chaos through their violent movies, computer games, etc. Gun control only works to the benefit of the tyrannical government or dictators. The reason the Founding Fathers added the 2nd Amendment was for that very reason. It was never about hunting, it was always about the need for individual citizens to be allowed to defend themselves from criminals, crazies and yes evil over reaching governments or dictators like Obama. Get you head out from the hole you have it in and smarten up De Palma.

  5. daddy warbucks says:

    You live in a secluded area, your home alone, 3 murderous rapists just broke into your house and they all have knives. So you grab your knife (your Smith and Wesson 357 mag was just confiscated yesterday)

    How do you think that knife fight will go for you?

  6. Wester says:

    Wow. Didn’t realize so many of Max’s viewers have little tiny johnsons.

  7. Wonderwall says:

    “Obama is trying to change stuff”???? WTF, this elitist prick has no fucking clue. WRT to the torture out-rage about Zero-propaganda-30, he says “why is everyone so surprised”…as if it’s all good……..no you stupid fuck, it’s not all good. If we sit back and accept (which we have) these outragous shifting baselines, saying essentially that it is what it is, then of course it’s going to continue. As long as fucks like this continue making shit tons of money, the most you’ll get out of them are the small harmless soundbites like the one in this interview. What a waste of my time watching this clip. Max & Stacey keep up the good fight, but please don’t think this guy is fighting the same fight.

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