Using Twitter as a Financial Weapon for Fun and Profit

Why bother to track fundamentals when you can just hack or spoof a twitter stock “guru” and move the targeted share’s price in direction you want. Don’t you just love the price discovery mechanism?

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One comment on “Using Twitter as a Financial Weapon for Fun and Profit
  1. daddy warbucks says:

    Hilarity ensues as Twitter users caption and Photoshop Obama’s … 2013/ 02/ 02/ hilarity-ensues-as-twitter-users-caption-and-photoshop-obamas-shootin g-photo/ – View by Ixquick Proxy- Highlight

    1 day ago… the photo with the stern warning that it “may not be manipulated in any way. … Dear White House, I didn’t use photoshop, so we’re cool.

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