US Gas Prices Surge

Just as well all those rounds of QE haven’t produced price inflation, nothing to see here, keep motoring.

7 comments on “US Gas Prices Surge
  1. Dave Patrick says:

    Hi Max
    Have you got a copy of this OPPT press release and will you feature OPPT on the Keiser Report shortly?

  2. Dan S says:

    Gotta love how they water down the gas to create choices and divert your attention toward seeking advantage if you’re price sensitive, and perhaps even pride and empowerment if you’re not. It’s fuel, not a cup of coffee.

  3. Eric says:

    Are we going to have another distilled dino goo fuel price clown show this time?

    Act 1. Chorus, News flash: Fuel prices up Up UP !

    Act 2. Aria, El Presidente: rendition of “investigate the price-fix’n robber barons! It’s price fix’n.” follwed by Chorus, “If you don’t know its price fix’n you es estupido.”

    Act 3. Oil barons to congress critters: blah blah blah and FU.

    You can smell the constipation building up in the twisted entrails of the congress critters. The reptilian pea brains finally get their neurons to fire despite the pain from their twisted entrails and decide to move on to the next item on their 21 point agenda.

    Act 4. Chorus, news critters get nothing to suck on (again) … and move on to the next wardrobe malfunction – at least a better visual of something else to potentially suck on.
    Like lady gaga in a meat dress (no lady, no gaga, no dress) – yuk.

  4. Max Power says:

    Some related stories, some not ::

    The Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management has revised its tsunami potential marine and beach threat national advisory.

    The ministry now says it only covers parts of New Zealand’s western coastline from Taranaki to Milford Sound.

    The threat was issued after an 8.0 magnitude earthquake struck Solomon Islands at 2.12pm NZT on Wednesday.

    The New Zealand Tsunami Expert Panel has advised the threat is likely to last through the early hours of Thursday morning.

    The threat is judged to be low and is likely to be undetectable except in enclosed bays that traditionally have abnormal current flows.

    Civil Defence says the areas most at risk are narrow bays and inlets between Taranaki and Milford.

    It says the tsunami will not threaten people or property on land but swimmers and people on boats could be at risk from powerful surges and currents.

    It says any wave will be less than one metre high but will have a much greater force than a normal wave.

    GNS Science is warning small tsunami waves may last for up to 12 hours.

    Seismologist Caroline Holden says that even if people see a tsunami wave, they should not assume it will be the last to arrive here.

    Dr Holden says she will not be letting her children go swimming in the sea while there is a marine threat in place and people need to be cautious.

    Shesays GNS is working in conjunction with Civil Defence to monitor wave movements.

    First advisory
    Earlier a national advisory-tsunami potential marine and beach threat notice was put in place for most of the coastline.

    That listed areas likely to be affected as Gisborne, Bay of Plenty, Auckland, Northland, Waikato, Taranaki, Manawatu-Wanganui, Kapiti, Marlborough, Nelson/Tasman, West Coast, Milford, Dunedin and the Chatham Islands.
    The country’s National Crisis Management Centre, known as The Bunker, was activated after the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre in Hawaii issued a tsunami warning for many countries in the Pacific and a watch for many others, including New Zealand.

    The Hawaii centre later withdrew its notices but the New Zealand advice remains in place, although for a smaller area.

  5. cedron says:

    Petrol at $1 a litre, luxury.

    The septic tanks should see what the rest of the world pays for fuel at the pump and stop whinging

  6. Bruce says:

    laughably cheap

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