The Long Term Silver Chart Predicting $200 Silver by 2018!

silver parabolicToday’s chart of the day examines silver’s 12 year logarithmic parabolic up-trend chart that began in 2001.
Silver is just now approaching it’s parabolic up-trend line for the first time since 2009, and only 2nd time since 2002.
The last time silver touched its parabolic uptrend line the metal rose from 8 to $50 in 3 years. The only other time since 2002 that silver touched it’s vertical up-trend line was in 2003, after which silver went on a tear from $3.50/oz to $21.35/oz over the next 5 years.

Silver is now approaching it’s vertical uptrend line near $32. Should the same percentage gain be repeated as the prior two occurrences, silver would need to rise to over $200/oz by 2016-2018.
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21 comments on “The Long Term Silver Chart Predicting $200 Silver by 2018!
  1. Bruce says:

    Silver is now approaching it’s vertical uptrend line near $32.
    My charts say it went down to the shops for a snack and is resting in the park.

  2. Hugo says:

    Note that if the same kind of amateur graph-based anlysis had been done mid-2012, it would have predicted SILVER at $80 by now…

  3. Hugo says:

    Should the same percentage gain be repeated as the prior two occurrences, silver would need to rise to over $200/oz by 2016-2018.

    Ok, so it’s not “$500 by the end of the year” anymore then!

  4. ZORRO - London says:

    As the market for silver is fraudulently rigged (as it is for gold) whats the point of speculating or postulating these fantastic numbers.

    If a market is false then the graphs too are false.

    For whatever reason, “they” have determined that the price should be in the $1650 range for gold.

    Its not a matter of being defeatist, its about having a reality check.

    As long as the controllers have control, there will be no true price discovery, as thats what they want.

    The converse is therefore true!

    Simple, logical, and TRUE!

    Only when other nations take away the control from the old school gangsters, will there be hope of change, and that trend is in train and visible, if not painfully slow at the moment.

    ALL empires crumble and are replaced. So too here.

    Just a matter of time.

    The big question is….is it a case of the devil you know?


  5. SomeAnon says:

    It’s bold. It’s red. It’s blue.

    Make it Comic Sans.

    Pretty please. With sugar on top. And whipped cream. And a cherry. And a biscuit.

  6. Sven says:

    Nah, that’s not a parabola, that’s a part of a circle, the circle of jerk…

  7. stephen says:

    silver will be 200 before end of this year, and by 2018 you wont have gold or silver because they will take it away….if the planet is even still here by then.
    The graph shown, Hugo is correct, the graph means nothing, ZERO! There are no graphs anymore, only what the globalists are going to do now. They can only hold the price down so long, its a beachball underwater and their arms are getting tired. When silver hits a high price, they will just take it from us. I suggest buying silver, but also keep your ear to the ground. When the time comes, which will be soon, that they control the gold/silver sales, sell ahead of time and buy survival items.

  8. stephen says:

    oops, forgot, buy survival items, but pay off debt first

  9. Paul says:

    I’m not an economist, financial guru, a banker or a broker. Just a humble engineer with a lucky streak for investment, a solid idea of what represents real money and an interest in alternative (read: real) news.

    I have never been able to understand the reason that financial or economic pundits, experts and talking heads pay so much heed to ‘Charts and Graphs’. From what I can make out (over the last four years of hobby investing) they may as well try and predict financial trends using tea leaves, pine cones or a huge rodent named Phil.

    Ultimately, I’ve invested my hard earned cash into mining stocks and PM’s to obtain a return. I’m not doing that bad, so far, and of course I want the value of these investments to increase. But to publish predictive charts like this into a market that is wholly manipulated is, in my humble opinion, a complete waste of time. Not only that, they provide zero credibility to websites such as this. Especially when time proves them completely (usually) incorrect.

    From Billonaire Silver Trust Fund CEO’s all the way down to crackpot Tin Foil Hat Wearers, there isn’t a week that goes by when someone doesn’t feel the necessity to blurt out fanciful predictions and ‘Graphs’ on the ‘upcoming explosion’ in PM prices. Indeed, you only need spend an hour or so surfing the usual, popular and alternative finanicial media and you’ll be bombarded with them. I bear them little notice or respect. To be honest I rarely even read the full article once I see it’s wholly based on some chart or other.

    When people in my industry start throwing charts and graphs around it’s usually because they aren’t busy enough being usefully productive elsewhere or because they don’t know what they’re talking about, but they want appear as if they do.

    Invest in PM’s because, like me, you know (and feel) it’s a sound place to park your wealth while all around you cash, paper, (most) stocks & bonds are at the short-term mercy of politicians, corporations & central banks that have little or no interest in saving or assisting the ‘little man’ (or woman).

    Stay strong, stay long.

  10. Mini US says:

    Don’t mean to be cynical….at all.
    But the manipulation of charting to suite ones message is appalling.
    I’m a SLA supporter, but please don’t insult my intelligence by drawing curvy lines on an incomplete chart and predicting a price result.
    Maybe this si the new Price Discovery method we should be using Max?

  11. Skiddypants says:

    So……according to this chartist, our economic system is is returning to true market fundementals of honesty and integrity ……….


  12. Geneva Business Insider says:

    You are dead right and while the endless pumping may mesmerise those looking for a quick buck, it also drives rational analytical long term investors away, exactly the opposite of what the precious metals sector is trying to achieve.
    The only thing to do is block ones ears equally to the bull/bear short-term soothsayers. be firmly convinced as to the basis on which you invested, and sure in the knowledge that all things come to he who waits…. although unfortunately not necessarily exactly when you want them

  13. Sir Halibut says:


    the real physical price and the spot price may diverge. Who cares what the spot price is if you can sell the physical for a whole lot more. What are the elites doing with their money? Hopefully the physical price will go up. Hopefully we won’t starve before then. Hopefully we won’t all be rounded up and shot!

  14. SAO says:

    Yea, right. I’m sure going to buy that and a pound of donkey meat.

  15. Kim Briggs says:

    “It’s bold. It’s red. It’s blue. / Make it Comic Sans. ….”

    Seriously, that dude’s site give me vertigo.

  16. SLA-mdunk says:

    My guts, not a graph, tells me that next time you’re buying your phys Au or Ag, you’d better know that the goods are really there, and ready to come your way in days.

    Shortages around the corner, IMHO.

    SLA-mdunk in Oz.

  17. Paul says:

    @ SLA-mdunk

    You seem to be right about shortages. I ordered my Keiser Ethical from BullionBourse three weeks ago and it hasn’t turned up yet….

  18. ZORRO - London says:

    @ Sir Halibut

    You may be right about the spot price at some stage being ignored , but that would mean resorting to black market trading. Who wants to do business or live like that?

    There are a number of scenarios where true price discovery will eventually take place.

    BRICS setting up gold backed currency.

    China setting up a gold backed currency.

    A wold wide military conflagration

    Revolt / Civil war in the US

    Collapse of a major western bank.

    Wild swan event e.g. Rogue state carrying out an extreme act of terrorism.

    At the moment the powers that be have workable contingency plans / strategic formulas, which we see them repeat time and time again.

    There are probably others, but what is clear to me is that the intentional world wide currency debasement is intended to harmonise….global unit labour cost.

    In other words, those is the 1st world will have to exist and work for the same amount as those in India and China etc.

    Now wouldnt that make the multi-national corporations happy, and a necessary state of affairs to have a truly global system. This would also contribute to their de-population mass genocide agenda.

    The west, is seeking to do this incrementally, so as not to over turn the appler cart and alert the masses to their eventual fate. Much as the Nazis….told their victims they were being “re-located” to a better place, rather than tell them their fate was to be in an industrial incinerator.

    The big question is will the populations in the 1st world accept such a paradigm.

    Probably not. However they do not currently control the levers of politcal power, the media, law enforement or the military.

    Whether that position changes remains to be seen.

    Places like Greece, Egypt and Tunisia and Bahrain are good test cases to observe as their respective populations seek to grab power, however, if they ever get too close to that objective, external forces to support the globalist status quo are then brought to bare.

    I am not an expert on History, but the Roman Empire and its eventual demise mirrors our current situation. I am not familiar with the timeline for Romes collapse, perhaps someone can clarify, whether this was over decades, or there was a pivotal single moment / event that brought their financially over extended military power to its inevitable conclusion.

    We can but sit and wait, but this will all end in tears, and for what, a group of sociopaths whose greed for money and power knows no limits, nr do they care about the consequences of their actions.


  19. Stuka_007 says:

    We do not live in a linear world any more and the consequences of non-linearity are difficult to assess. So it doesn’t matter what chart to use (arithmetic, logarhytmic, …) the price will blast any channel / resistance lines and go to the moon. Stock up your piles, drink some beer and go to a restaurant with a nice chick. 🙂

  20. Jo Blo says:

    Charts are meaningless when markets are rigged.

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