[TaM-1266] The Truth About Horsemeat and More

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17 comments on “[TaM-1266] The Truth About Horsemeat and More
  1. dave says:

    Minister noonan actually said on rte radio. “We had to convert it to bonds because the promisory note was illegal.” I couldnt believe it.

  2. Rorschach's journal says:


    Still watchin captain planet with those bitcoins max?

  3. snoop diddy says:

    One hidden cost of McDonalds is the additives like propionates/propionic acids in the bread (includes additives 280-283) with possible links to autism and hyperactivity. MSG (621) in ‘spicy’ food. The loss of appetite for other food and the addiction to McDonalds is from the bad gut bacteria craving those same propionates. And the cycle continues. Lots of salt too.

    If you want to avoid propionates make sure your bread doesnt have any of the additives 280-283. Most take-away rolls/bread probably do as well as pizza bases and packaged breads like garlic and herb bread. Lebanese bread is a great alternative for pizza base imo.

  4. snoop diddy says:

    those propionates can also cause small children to do things like bang their heads on the ground and have depression.

    These are some other additives which can have adverse reactions like asthma and eczema as well as hyperactivity and depression (and also slight reactions that dont seem to have a noticeable effect, until they are avoided the effect it had will then be noticed. Personal experience is some depressive thoughts and yucky mouth when I wake up.)
    Artificial Colours: 102, 107,110, 122-129, 133, 142, 151, 155,
    Natural Colours: 160b
    Sorbates: 200-203
    Benzoates: 210-213
    Sulphites: 220-228
    Nitrates, nitrites: 249-252
    Propionates: 280-283
    Antioxidants: 310-321
    MSG: 621

    There are also a lot of additives which cause longer term effects or suspected of it like Parkinsons and Alzheimers, list of all additives and effects in the left column at this site:

    Natural plant defences can also have sensitivity in some people:
    Salicylate sensitivity
    salicylates food Chart:

    Then there is the regular allergies like gluten and dairy, and also quality of food, GMO etc

  5. snoop diddy says:

    One of the best foods you can have in terms of low possible chance of allergy or sensitivity is pears and pear juice. Great for small children. Pear juice doesnt keep very long once the tin is opened (about 5 days) as it has very low natural preservatives
    High in fibre, good antioxidants and other stuff…

    Probiotics also good to fight back against the bad bacteria to get appetite better as long as diet supports them too. In my experience I only need it randomly if I feel like it.

    I forgot, there is also milk protein allergy that small children can have and sometimes grow out of – can cause a lot of dribbling and lead to rash and malabsorptive so child isnt getting all the nutrients they could have got out of the milk they just had.

    Also amine intolerance and the act of frying food can cause amines as well as occurring naturally.

  6. snoop diddy says:

    great TAM:-)

  7. snoop diddy says:

    There is also acrylamides which is a known toxin and probably carcinogenic (and among others occurs in French fries):
    Discovery of acrylamide in foods

    Acrylamide has been found to occur in many cooked starchy foods and is of concern as a possible carcinogen.[10] Acrylamide was accidentally discovered in foods in April 2002 by scientists in Sweden when they found the chemical in starchy foods, such as potato chips, French fries, and bread that had been heated (production of acrylamide in the heating process was shown to be temperature-dependent).[10] It was not found in food that had been boiled[10][11] or in foods that were not heated…

  8. Yousif says:

    The film you’re thinking of where they water plants with gatorade and the main guy is made president because everyone is dumb is Idiocracy. Not a particularly great film, but a glimpse of where we’re headed pretty soon.

    It stars Mike Judge, he of King Of The Hill fame.

  9. Zach O says:

    haha I just walked across to check my phone but it was Stacy’s phone buzzing.

  10. Specky4eyes says:

    “TriPoint Capital Partners, a private equity firm, are represented on the Findus Group Board, alongside Findus’ Investor Group.”

    “TCP employs a patient and proactive approach to investing and seeks to invest in opportunties where our assistance is desired from management teams who are looking for a partner to provide strategic and operational support to enhance value creation.”…
    …”Ability to improve productivity of the existing platform, both top line and margins through multiple levers within our control”

  11. Specky4eyes says:


    “Let them eat crap”

  12. andy says:

    Horsemeat is widely eaten in many european country, and it is actually much healthier,has more protein, and less far.

  13. yawp says:

    woot woot, a new episode of my favorite show!

  14. Al Kyder says:

    @ maxkeiser & stacyherbert ~ thx:)

    Idiocracy was a cool flick, Hmm a nation of victims. Good point, the word victim has replaced the accuser. By default it automatically assumes a crime has in fact been committed. Bt if you’ve got the cash you can win that on appeal.

    There is also monsanto’s rBGH etc. Dont forget Bovine spongiform encephalopathy.

  15. gussy says:

    Good show.

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