Street’s all you’ve got: Heavy-handed UK govt austerity exposed

14 comments on “Street’s all you’ve got: Heavy-handed UK govt austerity exposed
  1. SLA-mdunk says:

    Revolution !
    Bring it on !
    SLA-mdunk in Oz.

  2. Steven says:

    What has government austerity got to do with homelessness? Absolutely nothing!
    Homelessness is caused by two things.
    1. Unemployment and crappy pay rates.
    2. Real estate price increases that place having a home beyond reach of any working person.
    Any other explanation is an appeal for more fiscal irresponsibility, government debt, more communism and financial sodomy. This is the kind of garbage that most people can do with out.

  3. Jayme says:

    uh… @2:25 “…there just isn’t enough low cost housing available, and with unemployment rising, hostel’s just like this one, desperately need to expand.”

    “…squatting in one of the communities 12,000 empty homes used to be an option. Not any more. Just before the winter set in, Westminister upgraded squatting from a civil matter to a criminal offense.”

    So, there is enough housing but “not enough money”. It is unimaginable that the inhuman nature of this inequity within a system that produces this kind of logic of vacant homes with people who can’t afford to live in them but who are willing to work and could build more low cost homes because they can’t live in high cost homes… it sounds to me that the market value for a vacant home is zero if no one can afford to live in them. Anyone who would manipulate markets and deny food, clothing, and shelter in the process, is despicable.

    This appears to be the direct consequence of usury, hoarding, and the demands made by the money changers of more than you’ve got. These bankers and politicians who make it a crime to be born need to be routed off the planet with no place to hide. What is a just punishment for this kind of behavior?

  4. MrJones says:

    @Steven “What has government austerity got to do with homelessness?” A lot. This is caused by governments representing banks, multinational corporations and the military industry . You don’t see this shit when governments actually represent the people. If they did there would be fare trade, fare wages and no Fed.

  5. MrJones says:

    @Jayme. Well said. Jesus was making this point and look what happened to him.

  6. Bruce says:

    It just doesn’t make sense for the population to grow in Birmingham unless there are jobs to support it.

    Lady being interviewed looks like she was in charge of the security cameras.

    If I were homeless there’d be no chance in hell I’d eat nothing for 2 days; I’d steal fruit at the very least, and towels and other stuff. These people really should learn from the biggest thieves in the land: the government.

  7. Cowpoke says:

    Competition Act/Antitrust Act?

    Advice of Samual Adams, “No longer insult the feelings of an exasperated people”.
    Patrick Henry, “If this be treason, then make the most of it”.
    Richard Henry Lee, “Why then sir, do we longer delay”.

  8. Noodles123 says:

    Simple enough:

    1. No more immigration…Screw the CommonWealths let them take care of their own people in their own countries

    2. Mandatory drug tests to recieve aid

    3. Cut aid to single women who continously have children but no work or school

    4. If you want to be on the dole/welfare then you need to do mandatory community work…While on aid you have to be on birth control both men and women.

    5. No more free money EBT Card style aid…Invest in a soup kitchen if you want to eat come to the kitchen…Too many scams being played

    6. Mandatory classes for those on aid…Cooking/Cleaning/Presentation/Vocation/Education/Child rearing

    That’s just for starters if I was in control…Oh and as for those wanting to use the empty houses…You guys are idiots…Any houses that are squatted soon become cesspools of drugs, violence, crime…They steal everything that can be ripped out and trash what they can’t.

    Don’t let these poor “Whoa is me” faces fool you…Much of these people got to where they are by their decisions…Sure I’ll help but no more easy money or handouts…They must earn their keep or at least learn to see what they were doing wrong.

    I speak from someone who has and is living in some of the most violent barrios/ghettos/slums in California…From National City/East LA/Salinas/Colton/Compton…The time for kindness is past…People now aday will only change when MADE to.

  9. Peter Jennings says:

    This is a war against the people of the UK. Wake up you bastards you are being attacked by your own gov’t and the establishment.
    Time to fight back against these traitors or die in a ditch like a dog.

    So remember, TREASON, TRAITORS, REVOLUTION in the UK. Let’s rid ourselves of these lazy, fat, stupid inbred good-for-nothings once and for all.

  10. Jayme says:


    “Sure I’ll help but no more easy money or handouts…” – I agree, but no more money and hand outs to the bankers and politicians either.

    “They must earn their keep …” Their keep with whom? Their masters or their community which has disposed of them onto the street because they have no money? Generally, the system masters create the impoverishment and destitution and don’t care an iota about the health of the local community and its members. There were clearly jobs at one time in the city and there are/were people who are/were willing to earn. The government’s solutions (more government and handouts) are clearly not working and only encourage declining responsibility.

    Beyond the necessities of food, clothing, and shelter – the harder someone else works to accumulate (hoard) wealth and resources and build their own personal empire as monument to themselves and to ensure ‘security’ for their children, the greater they impoverish others… so simply ‘earning ones keep’ is part of the obsessive compulsive problem of an economy dependent on growth.

    I agree that there are enough people who will take advantage and trash a community. I think much of this comes from dependence on the government rather than self reliance. There is no personal motivation to develop as a human being when all actions and accesses to resource are defined by governments and corporations.

    “It just doesn’t make sense for the population to grow in Birmingham unless there are jobs to support it.” – Bruce

    The thing is, where do these jobs come from and what do they support? If the people are the end consumer of what production produces, then it makes no sense that these people shouldn’t be fully occupied in supporting themselves. However, what appears to be happening is that these populations of people and any local resources are harvested by some remote government or corporate entity who has no care about the local communities other than producing wealth for extraction by the system. The people are disposed of in this system, once production falls below whatever profitable levels are demanded by the capital owners. To make it worse, much of production is consumed by more production for the sake of production and do not have the interests of the people in mind at all – only big business.

    There is a fundamental failure in the design of a system that always seeks to gain something for nothing. The present financial and political systems are self centered, greed driven psychopathic machines that have little or no ability to empathize with the plight of impoverished people. Unfortunately, the people on the streets reflect the reality of the system and, like Noodles123 points out “Any houses that are squatted soon become cesspools of drugs, violence, crime…They steal everything that can be ripped out and trash what they can’t.”

    I think that people have become too dependent on these government and corporate structures which have no empathy with the community interest or environmental damage in mind when they make these decisions. These exploitative world economic systems must be revised to include both rational business practices as well as be responsive to human beings and their ecosystem.

  11. alan says:

    This is the state of governments and politics world wide.
    It many places it is expected as a perk of office.
    Who has time to represent the interestss of the common man.
    Honest men are despised by politicians, and the interests they serve.

  12. Steven says:

    Mr. Jones when was the last time you actually saw government austerity that lasted long enough to make a serious dent in a national debt apart from Canada’s brief experiment with fiscal sanity before Stephen Harper became prime minister? If a government is not paying down its debt it is not practicing austerity. So which government are you complaining about for practicing austerity? The world as you know it is going to hell before your eyes not from austerity but from contracting too much debt by governments, home buyers and businesses and it has resulted in giant house prices, giant government, gigantic military and social spending that is beyond the carrying capacity of the economy even at low interest rates. You and your fellow travellers have become conditioned to think this state of affairs is healthy and proper and it isn’t.
    Just incase you think I am some rich fat cat I can assure you that that is not the case.
    So far this year I have earned $690 building stairs and my left hand is permanently impaired from a router accident 4years ago. I just about lost my left hand middle finger.
    So I do know what poverty and suffering is about and I do know the importance of thrift and savings. Infact right now I am not on welfare, my fridge is empty and I hope to get a call this evening calling me into work tomorrow to earn 15 bucks an hour and no 8 hour days and no expectation of work beyond finishing another 24 flights of stairs.
    You will have to excuse me but I am a little ticked over the whining about the non existant austerity fascism that is alleged to be practiced by governments who are infact fiscally and morally irresponsible. I practice austerity, government should but does not!

  13. Jayme says:

    There are many good points in this talk program.

    Lifting The Veil | Thomas Sheridan- Psychopaths [1hr:58sec]

  14. Noodles123 says:

    I appoligize for my horrible grammar and misspellings as English is not my first language but I stand by the gist of my thoughts.

    Someone asked “How would they earn their keep?”…General clean up of their city of course…Child/Senior care center work…That city looked dirty and could use the help…A set mandatory 20 hours of school work/workshop classes or manual labor.

    Hate to say it but Population Control is the answer…In my area we form a non-stop circle of poverty by making it to easy for single teen moms to have kids…When WIC/Section 8/Food Stamps/Mandatory Drug tests/Mandatory Classes/Welfare prequals are made you’ll cut the number of pregnancies…Hospitals/Schools are over loaded with children from people who contribute nothing but more kids into a broken system…The same kids who repeat their parents mistakes.

    Many of these people are so addicted to being helped that when the culling comes they will panic…Sooner or later we’ll all be like Greece…Notice less and less people are willing to help Greece…Why?…Because they did it to themselves and didn’t care as long as someone else paid.