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  1. daddy warbucks says:

    AAaaaand Sandy Hook just won’t go away:

    All those pesky citizens that want the truth!

    The Sandy Hook Controversy – James Tracy on GRTV

    And this:

    February 6, 2013
    By, James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.
    McKnight Professor Emeritus
    Department of Philosophy
    University of Minnesota Duluth

    An Open Letter to FAU Faculty, Staff and Administration about Sandy Hook

    I argue a three-man team entered the school. One was arrested in the school, cuffed and put on the lawn. Two went out a back door; one of them was arrested and the other apparently escaped.

    Those arrested currently are not in police custody; their names were never released. That is a telling sign that we are being sold a story based on fiction rather than on fact.

    The absence of any terrorist threat and the existence of more than 300 FEMA camps and special boxcars to carry dissidents to them have been deliberately withheld from the public.

    Since Homeland Security has no foreign commitments, those camps and ammunition have to be for domestic consumption. Homeland Security appears to be gearing up to conduct a civil war with the American people — but 80 million armed families stand in its way.

  2. mijj says:

    Whether planned, or merely shaping a crisis for political purposes, Sandy Brook is all about disarming the public.

    On the face of it, disarming the public sounds sensible. But .. would there be an worldwide serenity increase if there was international nuclear disarmament except for Israel?

    Disarmament isn’t sensible unless it includes a plan to disarm the police and other authoritarian institutions. Otherwise the process will merely intensify the transfer of power from the public to the center of authority.

  3. Mike Eb says:

    Oh shit! SLA crew got up on the back of that van.

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  5. Nathan el Corochio says:

    haha i laugh like its MAd MAgazine

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