Schiff: Buy Gold (Krugman’s a douche)

I would add 3 points:

1) Extended backwardation in gold and silver proves manipulation in gold and silver.
2) Financial repression: forcing interest rates below rate of inflation proves manipulation of interest rates.
3) Yes, you see the inflation in bond prices – that are in an historic bubble.

8 comments on “Schiff: Buy Gold (Krugman’s a douche)
  1. Vonda Bra says:

    The Silver Price is Manipulated!! (6:30)

    There is no silver shortage!!
    Silver is currently NOT in backwardation. Silver is readily available. This video explains where it is, and what will happen if the price goes up. (8:50)

    YT-channel – Josh van der Meulen (trader):


  2. Peter Karwacki says:

    Silver Physical/Spot price ratio has climbed 2% to 17.44% based on $34.14 silver maple to spot price at Scotia Mochatta. Even if the spot price has dropped its a 20% markup, plus administration and shipping to get the metal. I expect this ratio to continue to climb.

    The spot price has largely become irrelevant.

    So what if the spot price is $29, you cannot really get the physical metal for $29.

  3. Jim says:

    Well Max, still think April is the target?

  4. “1) Extended backwardation in gold and silver proves manipulation in gold and silver.”
    That’s a hard one to dispute Max!
    But, why aren’t the fish biting the bait? … Free money is free money! after all. we suspect there is a sharp hook attached to the bait, and traders know it! A short term gain could impact long term gain?
    As that old Chinese curse says “May you live in interesting times!” and perhaps those interesting times are not so far off?
    The way out of this impending crisis, as (E408) clearly suggests is to sort out the Global Energy Policy. If we get that wrong, we are all in one Hell of a mess! Energy Security is key to the ecomomic recovery. Back in the 1950’s Electricity was going to be too cheap to meter. Nuclear Physicists proposed Travelling Wave Reactors. These were fuelled for life, (25 – 30 years) fizzled away burning almost 100% of the Uranium , DU included. The objection to them, was that they did not supply fissile material for atom bombs! That’s my conspiracy theory! which also includes the distinct possibility that Big Oil were not in favour of an energy source that could seriously impact their own operations. Dirty Politics on steroids!
    Well now we have reached the end of the road! beyond there is only a vale of tears! Thus far and no further! Sanity must return to policy making! We have the technology! we have the engineering expertese! lets use them wisely!

  5. BTW..Today we can even improve on those old “Travelling Wave Too Cheap To Meter Reactors” We have built them, tested them, installed them, and can vouch for their safety. These reactors dispose of nuclear waste! they don’t create it! they could be safely operated by a cohort of delinquent school children from a remedial institution, but they would probably set off a lot of alarms! That is actually the specification of a ‘Safe Nuclear Reactor!”
    Here is Andrew Cooke CBE’s observatioins:-
    “…A fearful void opens up. We need more electricity, yet increasingly we lack the means to generate it. This threat is not for some time in the distant future, when we are all dead. If nothing is done, within 5 years the UK could be beset by chronic power cuts, with electricity scarce, uncertain and even more expensive than today.

    Without a reliable electricity supply, it is impossible to live life as we do. Businesses and families are disrupted. The safe and certain civilisation we take for granted evaporates almost overnight. Should electricity supplies dry up, or become rationed, or intolerably expensive, our accustomed life-style will cease.

    I am dismayed at Government blindness to the realities of this situation. It will take decades to construct the necessary quantity of nuclear stations just to replace those which are reaching the end of their lives. Wind only works when the wind is blowing. None of the measures which have been announced recently will be of the slightest use in the short and medium term.

    It is because the UK does not have one that I have felt compelled to finance a policy which addresses this “energy gap”. Professor Fells is an internationally respected academic and engineer whose speciality is energy. He shares my concerns and fears. So we have teamed up to produce a pragmatic policy for the UK….”

  6. Peter Pan says:

    Inflation is a fancy word for government to steel your savings in favour of the banking cartel. Those who don’t get it, deserve what’s coming.

  7. Danny Cunnington says:

    @Alastair Carnagie, Thanks for the info. I didn’t know about these. I do know about US made HWRs (Hot water reactors) to produce nuclear power. This technology started in the 1950s and produced toxic waste. In 1978 it was discovered that the fuel could be reprocessed on site up to 16 times over and the waste was so harmless that you could stick your hands in it without gloves (Their claim not mine).

    This technology was banned on grounds of national security by an executive order issued by President Jimmy Carter.

    The problem seems to be that the same people who own the nuclear industry also own the oil cartel. You can’t have electricity undercutting oil or everyone will start heating and working with electricity. (The new tech cut the fuel base cost 16 times) Also, the most profitable part in the long term to exporting nuclear power stations is the reprocessing which gives the cartel the means to fix the cost of energy.

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