RIP Jazz Trumpet Great Donald Byrd

3 comments on “RIP Jazz Trumpet Great Donald Byrd
  1. The Beat says:

    One of the last bop trumpeters. Byrd was a great musician. He will surely be missed, but his influence will never go away.

  2. Uptic says:

    Hello Max Stacy Hope all is well . I thought i would pass this on to you . Back in 08 I was in Denver on a business trip , after a long summer night of eating and drink I found this Homeless man setting up his Guitar , I sat on a bench and watch him from about 60 mins , Blow my head off with his singing . As i talk to him threw song He had a heart fill with love and freedom from the system. So i never for got this guy and I found him on you tube with over 1.1 million hit LOL hes went on tour in EU I know Max likes his music , its worth a listen , Dred Scott – Ballad Of a Hustler .. P.S Stacy the Site is still great place , I still pop in 🙂 great work

  3. Uptic says:

    I should have posted this 1 Its the vid with over 1.1 million hits not bad for a homeless man I can tell its the truth,

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