Punishment Fits The Crime. Do you want that blow dried?

Lanny Breuer-like protection from ripple effects to Lloyd Blankfein’s new beard are swirling as a fifteen year prison sentence for an Amish de-bearding assault is handed down by Lady Justice.  In contrast to LIBOR where low level RBS traders are taking the blame, in this beard bullying hate crime scandal, accountability and criminal convictions are heading straight to the top.  Appropriately named Amish Bishop Mullet is headed to jail and he wasn’t even present when the hair assaults happened.  No doubt a racketeer, finally stopping the Amish  hair care cartel is what the RICO statute was all about.


One comment on “Punishment Fits The Crime. Do you want that blow dried?
  1. alan says:

    crazy stuff, how does this make sence on any level.