Peter Schiff – Cooking the Books

6 comments on “Peter Schiff – Cooking the Books
  1. Voltron says:

    It looks like they made a mistake on the graph. the baseline is in the wrong place

  2. MonsantoUSAbioterrorists says:

    Anuything that comes out from Washington DC is pure bull shit but specially the bureau of labor statistic. Why are they even talking about the BLS ? I suppose that some people still do no know they live in a country of total Nazis where black is white and white is black. Unfortunately the morons that dont know are not the ones listening RT. We are only 5 million listening to RT each day. We would need 20 million per day to really change things.

  3. Bruce says:

    yes, graph is right and interpretation wrong, or interpretation right and graph wrong. One or the other.

    She can cook my books any day. Ahem.

  4. Max Power says:

    Barclay’s did like the Icelandic Banks

    British authorities are investigating allegations that Barclays Bank has lent investment fund al-Thani of Qatar emírfjölskyldunnar money to invest in the bank when the financial situation was worst in 2008.


  5. TRex says:

    Look no further than Kokomo for Gary Young and the Punkett Gap. His essential oil comes from a camel who likes to race. I’ve already called them to come out in the sun. They knew about my paperclip ring. Thought the mohel did his job at 13. Silly people. West Virginia is full of them. I’ve got my trusty samurai sword ready. That’s all Folks.

  6. Galvatron says:

    dons’t look like thy made a mistake at all wonder if they were looking at shadow stats?