Neil Young’s song about Charles Manson ‘Revolution Blues’ reminds me of Glenn Beck’s decision to start a ‘Libertarian Commune.’ Take a listen…

Neil Young encountered Charles Manson when he was a “player” in the California music scene. After Manson and his “Family” committed their awful crime, Neil wrote “Revolution Blues.” The line, “10 million dune buggies” is a reference to Manson’s plan to assemble ample forces in the Mojave desert to carry our his race war. Young describes Charles Manson as not so much of a song-writer as a “song-spewer.” But he remembers actually telling record executive Mo Ostin, “This guy, he’s good. He’s just a little out of control.” Maybe not such a good judge of character, then?

11 comments on “Neil Young’s song about Charles Manson ‘Revolution Blues’ reminds me of Glenn Beck’s decision to start a ‘Libertarian Commune.’ Take a listen…
  1. Lumber Jack says:

    Max Keiser has been chirping for years about how the big oil companies were opposed to the fight against anthropogenic global warming. Uhhhh, he was wrong. Alex Jones was right, he’s crazy, but he’s a better speculator than Max Keiser. Also, Co2 is good for plant life, there’s no reason to stop the release of Co2 if that is all that is being released into the atmosphere. I’m tired of these doomsday, Christian prophesies from sick secular priests like Max Keiser. This whole site is a pump and dump scam, straight up.

  2. jarrollin says:

    I’ve finally stumbled across the spot on the internet that can draw worthy Charles Manson comparisons. I must be home. I once defeated Mason 12 consecutive nights in light saber duels. During the time I was reading Bugliosi’s “Helter Skelter” — as I was going to bed each night Manson would always tap on my window. So, I’d let him in and we’d have a light saber duel in my apartment. I beat him handily every time. I never told anybody that.

    Now I need to find a website that can draw a solid Leopold and Loeb comparison.

  3. maxkeiser says:

    Lumbar Jack – it would be more impressive if you proved your allegiance to the anti-AGW crowd and Ayn Rand if you had the independence of mind to love and admire of serial killers to eat some uranium

  4. Evolutis says:

    You r right Max … Irrational seems an equal opportunity .sink /Always enjoy Neil … Beck should bunk with Mason …but there is no justice

  5. Hugh Beaumont says:

    Ambulance Blues was my favorite from that album.

  6. HUH? says:

    Glenn Beck is not a libertarian. He is an asshole.

  7. DarkMarkets says:

    re “Neil Young… not such a good judge of character” after all?

    yep.. Neil Young, the songster who wrote “KINDER, GENTLER MACHINE GUN HAND” about Bush Sr.

    bought into the propaganda, drank the kool-aid of Bush JR..!
    Canadien Neil spent the summer of 2000, tellin everyone what a “straight shooter,” “ordinary guy,” and great guy the Texas guvernor was…. and how Bush jr. was NOT goin’ to get America involved in big, messy, foreign projects like “nation building” (which was a popular right-wing put-down for 8 years of the Clinton-Gore presidency)…..!

  8. The Beat says:

    Glenn Beck is a Libertarian AND an asshole. It seems that those two qualities fit a lot of people in the US. Neil Diamond was part of the California Scene in the 60s and went on to a great solo career. His songs with Buffalo Springfield are very indicative of the popular feeling of that time.

  9. Jonny James says:

    Ayn Rand was a racist, Zionist, hypocrite, elitist and sociopath. The same goes for Alan Greenspan, her most loyal disciple, as well as the rest of their cult. Glenn Beck is simply a media whore (presstitute) who is paid a lot of money to serve the interests to fellate his masters and their interests.

    There is nothing “libertarian” about this ideology. They are parasitical rent-seekers who want others to serve their interests and fuck under everyone else. Despite the Orwellian rhetoric, these people want Neo-Feudalism and they are winning. The Road to Serfdom, ironically, was paved by Rand and Hayek.

  10. Jayme says:

    “I keep them hopping until my ammunition’s gone.”

    lol –

    Another word for ‘Libertarian Commune’ is insurgent camp. If they put up a wall with armed guards ‘to keep others out’ – they will probably sell bonds on their camp population. How long will it will take those inside this camp to figure out they’ve just volunteered to join a new kind of American prison camp and that they’ve been duped into locking themselves in the slammer?

    When the Commune fails, Correction Corporation of America can just step in as new management for crowd control. I think I’ve seen a movie about the last days of the ‘Libertarian Commune’ called “Escape from New York.” 😉

    Escape From New York • In The City • Joe Walsh

  11. yawp says:

    It appears that Glen Beck is trying to show up Karl Marx and show that libertarianism, not socialism, is the intermediate step between capitalism and communism.

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