Is Silver The Tech Industry’s Kryptonite?

Virtually nothing has been said anywhere, really until GoldCore’s article this week which mentioned the delay of the iMac. The Silver Doctors, as well, have covered the iMac story. But, that there are at least twelve  products – from tablets to smart phones, etc. – off the market with very little said thereof hints at something behind the curtain. Not necessarily a silver shortage, but that is certainly an intriguing proposition considering silver’s history of supply and manipulation.

8 comments on “Is Silver The Tech Industry’s Kryptonite?
  1. Off the Grid says:

    A certain well known bullion company located in Guernsey have been sending emails out giving only 2 weeks notice that they are freezing accounts unless extensive banking/accounting information including detailed tax returns are returned immediately.This is based on any amount physically stored with them (despite the website saying a 10k limit per year and CDD not required for less,they want it even for 1 kg stored).
    Please be careful, physical possession only is to be trusted. It is this posters speculative view that someone offered them a higher price and this is their round about way of forcing some of the smaller players out of their VAT free island physical storage bullion at a less than ideal spot price.The emails are seemingly random and can come at any time, you have been WARNED! :(:(

  2. Alex says:

    If Silver is in such a shortage, how come I cant get mine sold?

    I am in the gold and silver business. I am not seeing any shortage of silver. I recently sold 440g of sterling jewelry on Ebay and the auction finished no where near spot for sterling scrap….

  3. Steven says:

    Is Silver The Tech Industry’s Kryptonite?
    Since kryptonite was dangerous for superman I would say that silver is the anti kryptonite for the tech industry. With out it they can’t survive.
    If silver was the kryptonite of the tech industry then the availability of silver would put them out of business and that is not the case. Silver is so important to them that if the supply stopped or was greatly diminished they would have a serious problem.
    He who has the real silver must control the price! Who has the silver and who has the paper? You can’t make I pads out of futures contracts, silver certificates and SLV shares.

  4. FeralFemale says:

    I went in to a coin shop that I frequent on last Wednesday. They had no gold what so ever and they found 11 ounces of half dollars in 90% silver. I bought them. That was all they had except for coins with numismatic value and not many of those. They say they are now ordering from their supplier when someone places an order. I have no idea why. They did say that they are seeing an uptick in sales for sure.

  5. FeralFemale says:

    Wait, I just found out the 1/2 dollars pre 1965 are only 40% silver, I got ripped.

  6. Steven says:

    Alex I suspect that the market prefers 3 or 4 9s fine silver bullion over 92.5% jewelry or silverware that may be solid or plated. Anything less than bullion is apt to be discounted on the basis of lack of purity and some dealers won’t even offer spot for bullion because they want a spread between their purchase price and spot.
    Silver sellers that are not dealers will be financially abused by buyers until buyers can not get what they want at the price they want to pay. My guess is that the world will have to hit the supply wall and silver owners will have to set a higher price standard for themselves before saying yes to a sale of their silver. Your difficulty in getting the price you wanted is probably based on the perception that there is no shortage of silver and that you have not real option except to sell at market prices to buyers who can make any offer they feel like and they expect you to accept their offer. Your going to have to play hard to get with the market.

  7. BetterThanNoSN says:

    Feral, You didn’t get ripped off. The pre-1965 halves were 90%silver. 1965-1970(?) halves are 40% silver. In the future, you had better know these things before buying junk silver.

  8. Zaragoza says:

    True. The year they were made plays a big part in what percentage of silver they are.