Gold Run? 43 Tonnes of Gold Stand for February Delivery on 1st Notice Day

empty COMEX vaultToday was first notice day for February delivery in gold, and as usual, we had a waterfall raid in gold to $1655. The cartel MO has long been to raid gold and silver on options expiration as well as first notice day, to help prevent longs from standing for delivery.

While the the cartel raid was successful based on the paper futures price, it was an epic fail based on physical gold delivery requests, as a monumental 1.391 million ounces, or 43.26 tonnes of gold stood for delivery today on first notice day.

To put this number in perspective, December delivery in gold, which is traditionally the largest delivery month of the year, saw less than 10 tonnes stand for delivery.

Has the Buba’s gold repatriation request ignited a full-fledged run on the cartel gold bank?
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5 comments on “Gold Run? 43 Tonnes of Gold Stand for February Delivery on 1st Notice Day
  1. What-me-worry? says:

    Three words – beware tongue sten.

  2. Lumber Jack says:

    If you’re looking to buy more gold and silver I would wait. Money is rushing out of gold and silver and into the stock market. Max and Stacy don’t want you to know that. Gold and silver will rise SLOWLY over the next decade because these Keynesian know how to kick the can SLOWLY.

  3. Geneva Business Insider says:

    Why is it that the Comex can deliver 43 tons of physical gold per month, and the Fed can only deliver 43 tons per year over 7 years to Germany?

  4. Robbie777 says:

    And Kitco have parted company with nadler, about time too.

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