Freedom of Choice (school security version)

Will overly Choosy mom’s be forced to choose between:

a) Steven Seagal  b) Jean Claude Van Damme  or c) Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

…to protect their local elementary school, not just their preferred peanut butter?  I can see the debate over snack-time already… “You got your 9 millimeter in my peanut butter…no,  you got your peanut butter on my 9 millimeter.”


2 comments on “Freedom of Choice (school security version)
  1. YoLithos says:

    I’m totally surprised children haven’t been issued toddler’s bulletproof vests and helmets. And that, their desks haven’t been remodelled to include kevlar lining. While desk emplacements haven’t been recessed into the ground to act as ipromptu little concrete-lined foxholes. Nice colors and drawings can be used to cheer them up and infuse a sense of normality.

    Auto popup bulletproof glass shields at each desk, and strong backroom forward-facing lights are also an idea. They could be installed to confuse potential shooters – controlled by a teacher’s panic-button, of course. Other artifices could be imagined to encumber a heavily loaded adult’s mobility, facilitating the escape of smaller, lighter children. Zig-zag communication-trench inspired, perhaps. Or retractable monkey bars. Obese kids, however, might fare at a disadvantage. The intelligent use of dummies and decoys might help a bit. The teachers would some sort of IFF to avoid wasting time on the decoys. Like the previous ideas, subject to the control of teacher’s panic-buttons.

    I’m sure there’s more that could be done – given sufficient goodwill. Individual escape corridors for each room? A grid of safe rooms or safe “lockers”? How about ejection syste. Th kids would really love that one. Maybe.

    I’m sure that everyone that loves their children in the land of the free will rise to the occasion.

  2. KDT says:

    good grief what part of “there were already armed “resorce” officers on campus all over the contry did you miss? im 49 and there were armed cops at my high school harasing the students way back THEN and that was on top of the patrol cars circling the shcool to give the students fixit tickets and search the cars and kids for drugs. ALL any one said was to extend the programs to grade school where they are not ALREADY and ask that the officers keep an eye out for psycos along with the harisment and drug busts. it was NEVER a question of IF we should in the first place only consistancy and tasking.

    personaly I disagree with the whole thing and lay the blame for school shootings and the general rot of socity it arises from directly at the feet of the schools wich should ALL be shut down and instutional education “BANNED” as the prussian school system is an INTENTIONAL form of abuse inflicted on children in order to create “sheeple” some of whome end up as”defectives” in the prosess these “shooters” are the product of the abusive relationship that is the prussian school system we NEED to go back to the one room school house model in wich the parents directly formed the “school boards” and hired AND fired the teachers as needed

    besides this round is OVER or did you also miss the picture of obama shooting skeet to give him “sports man” chops and now this last week a TOTAL reversal of policy focous BACK to the econimy and away from “domestic policy” GET OVER IT you people LOST “again” as you will continue to lose!
    we out number you and are FAR more comited to our position with grass roots money POURING in to our loby groups wile you all continue to fund your end with the “victims fund” SCAM that we are all well aware of at this point , the fact that the ACTUAL victims are EXPECTED to donate any proceeds to the “cause” and have to SUE to get at the cash was a HUGE give away .

    in short there will be no gun “bans” of ANY sort EVER as every time you push , our suport and positions are made stronger. sorry but that was ALL that was actually settled in this last go roundy round.
    in the end the senate told obama he would NOT have enuff suport and to drop it , “we aint doing a repeet of the clinton mid terms”.

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