Food chain ‘deglobalizing’

Spoiled milk

To make matters worse, traces of rat poison have been found in powdered milk used in wafers and other sweets made by the Polish company Magnolia.
Their products are exported to Slovakia and even though further tests showed that the amounts were so low they were harmless to humans, tons of Magnolia’s products have been withdrawn from stores and Slovakian officials have called the European Commission to intervene in the matter.

6 comments on “Food chain ‘deglobalizing’
  1. yawp says:

    The market will self regulate this problem away before the European Commission figures out what to do. lolz

  2. Juno says:

    This is official document from Poland’s General Veterinary Inspectorate

    “It should be added that the company sends beef has asked the authorities
    Ireland’s download counter samples from the batch plant challenged
    Irish, as well as the establishment wanted to see the disputed blocks
    frozen meat in order to determine whether the labeling and packaging is
    in accordance with the rules in force at the plant. The Irish authorities have refused to
    send samples and site visits by representatives of the company”

    Download the file and use in Google translator.,d.Yms&cad=rja

  3. Al Kyder says:

    Stay away from the Poles. Now where have I heard that before? There was nothing good about that report.Thats up there with glow in the dark Chernobyl mushrooms.

  4. chris m says:

    Why do they (Slovakian officials)
    have to call in the European Commission
    (Big Brother)to intervene in the matter.

    Surely its basically a matter between Poland and Slovakia.
    Cant they just sort out the problem between themselves.
    (They are next door to each other)

  5. Danny Cunnington says:

    Traces of rat poison in the powdered milk? Rat poison is of course, Sodium fluoride which the UK adds to most of it’s water supply. I have a H20 labs water distiller which makes pure water for drinking, cooking and making colloidal silver solution. Here in Holland, the tap water leaves a fine scale once the water is distilled in the inside of the vessel. I normally clean it off with white vinegar, washing up liquid and hot water. I went to the UK for Christmas and took it with me. The first time I used it, there was a disgusting thick sludge caked all over the bottom of the vessel.

    You could literally scrape it up in a thick brownish green paste that smells like a very stagnant marsh. I’ve no idea what’s in it but whatever it is it’s been ingested by anyone who drinks it or uses it for cooking without cleaning it up first.

    In only four litres of tap water you get a thick sludge. Would you like to try scraping it up and eating it? You already did when ever you consume more than four litres of uncleaned so-called drinking water in the UK. Thats about 36 hours of consumption.

    So wash down your horse burger with a nice glass of toxic sludge water whilst paying some of the highest costs for drinking water in Europe.

    Stealth inflation is everywhere in the supermarkets. You have quality downgrades and shrinking sized products. Been a bit of a prepper type, I generally buy stuff like soap, shampoo and other stuff in bulk and stick it in the cupboard (Inflation is much higher than you can get interest in the bank for savings). As a result I finally ran out of Head & Shoulders shampoo in January because I bought a pile of them about two years ago. The bottle size has gone from 500ml to 300ml, the price is the same but now it says’ “New formula”. That’s 20% inflation a year just in Head & Shoulders shampoo.

    I also bought about €250 of Gillette shaving heads 2 years ago and still have about 80% of them. I have not bothered to check the replacement cost but you can be sure the same amount is way over €300 as of right now.

    TIP: Buy any non perishable things that you can afford if you know you are going to need them later. This stealth inflation is only going to get worse.

  6. Ahmed says:

    @Al Kyder
    Stay away from the white english ppl they are dirty, all the time on booze and they don’t eat halal food.
    PS. No wonder that they eat horse meat if they also eat pigs

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