Enter the death of the dollar.

8 comments on “Enter the death of the dollar.
  1. Bruce says:

    apologies for the double link

  2. Benji says:

    Is this an old article?

    quote “In 2012, we still await that trigger event”

  3. Internet Serfer says:

    The article is from Aug 2012, but the predictions then seem to be on point, so perhaps the whole thing is still relevant.

  4. john cole says:

    The euro-american power elite aren’t going to let the USA collapse and turn into a third word backwater. They need the USA’s military might to project their power in the world, against the likes of Russia, China and Iran & co.

  5. Mishopshno says:

    Trigger will be when China announced its gold holdings?

  6. Mishopshno says:


  7. Mary Genoud says:

    It could/would be understated.

    @John Cole the US and EU are already 3rd world backwaters…what if they actually held gold??