Don’t Cry For Paul Krugman’s “Remarkable Success” Argentina

Save your tears for the local newspaper delivery boy.  Is it really going to be necessary to ban newspaper grocery advertising when the shelves in the stores will be empty?  Do grocery stores really advertise empty shelves?  Do newspapers get printed when there’s no advertising?  Do actual inflation figures get reported when there are no newspapers?  Is there inflation when there are no jobs or incomes?  Problem solved.


7 comments on “Don’t Cry For Paul Krugman’s “Remarkable Success” Argentina
  1. James Brown says:

    On the “mafiocracy” in Argentina…must watch…

  2. V says:

    Apparently the ‘unions have a lot of power’ and ‘populist govt getting elected giving ppl in Argentina “free stuff”‘ (just like here in the US wink-nod) is the reason for their monetary woes according to the WSJ ‘Opinion Journal’. If I only got a ounce of silver every time I heard those reasons for “our problems”. It sounds like the media is promoting authoritarian figures to get elected “to straighten things out”. Pinochet? Adolf? Franco? I guess they were economic success stories and these media types would love em.

  3. James Brown says:

    Sorry, my bad, realise they are the same video!

  4. Danny Cunnington says:

    IMO this is all a defense against a destabilisation campaign to bring about regime change. The reports of price freezes are all directed at foreign multinational supermarket chains like Walmart. The so-callled private media are deeply in bed with neo-liberal NGOs and the demonstrations have that strange western look to them whenever George Soros and the NED are up to something.

    Kirchner has gone off the neo-liberal script. Now she wants the Falkland islands/Malvinas back. It seems that she has whacked the multinationals who were rigging the food price up in concert and attacked the media group who are stirring it all up. Argentina does have inflation but this looks like an economic war against the regime. It’s another recently elected left leaning populist leader and anyone paying any attention knows what happens to them.

  5. MrJones says:

    Have to agree with V. Doesn’t matter who is running the show. The one common denominator the MSM always fails to mention are the banks, including the IMF. Getting kicked out of the IMF would be a good thing.

  6. Some scholars point out that Argentina has been burdened with two centuries of ‘Odious Debt’ that IMF Chief, Karin Lissakers , wrote in her book, would make all third world debt vanish overnight, if the Courts refused to enforce them. Karin Lissakers . Privatise profits and shove the costs and debts onto the public. The Rothschild’s Banking Model. It does require hired assassins to ‘whack’ the occasional President who can’t be bribed or blackmailed. The Rothschilds are simply continuing an age old tradition. The parable of the talents, Matthew 25:14-30 gives none other than Jesus Christ’s imprimature for bankster business. “…You ought to have deposited my money with thieving crooked banksters! and at my coming I should have received back my own with interest!” Jesus did like to hang out with gangsters, tax collectors and low life, but in strange contrast, Jesus was executed for turning over the Temple money changer’s tables (known as ‘banks’) They were going 50/50 with Pontious Pilot, who had grand aqueduct projects to pay for. The idea that Pontious Pilot, who historians say was one of the most cruel Romans to ever hold office, would wash his hands and forgive a notorious trouble maker, who asked his zealot henchmen to carry two swords not one! and who caused a major disturbance that cost him a great deal of revenue personally, is to say the least, slightly preposterous! Saint Helena, Emperor Constantine’s Mother, would have been told by her Sun worshiping Emperor Son, to get her Christian Bishops to clean up the image of her beloved terrorist Jewish Cult Leader.

    The Christians had burnt down Rome, blocking the exits of many Roman Patrician’s houses so that Roman Citizens, wives, children and slaves died horrible deaths. Nero rode three horses to death, rushing to the scene of this guesome Christian carnage! The pitiful screams of trapped Roman children ringing in his ears! Emperor Constantine recognised the value of a religion that sanctioned such brutal tactics! War is gruesome! and those Christians were tough!

    Theology and History often part company, I was tutored in Theology by Frank F. Fisher, Son of The Archbishop. I often disrupted his class with a juicy quote (in Latin) from the contemporary historical records. Debate in Latin History could be quite lively! I personally accept Lord Jesus Christ, as a Shakti Avesha Avatar of Lord Shiva, Destroyer of Worlds! and expansion ov Visnu via Lord Ram. Jesus makes it very clear in Revelations Chapter 21, that this planet will be utterly destroyed! Only the Oceans will be saved, as they hold the memory of this Earth. Jesus approves of debt slavery! to bankster money lenders Luke 19:12-27, Destroying Planets costs a lot of money!

  7. 623-3 says:

    As an Argie I guess I should add my 2 cents.
    Years ago during the presidency of Néstor Kirchner, the INDEC (national statistics institute) was highly politicized at the top to wash the numbers on inflation (ironically, construction costs numbers done by the INDEC actually reflected true inflation numbers… until they found out about it… years later…). The reason for this takeover seems to be that printers were burning, monetary base has been exploding (the ARS lost almost 80% of its value since decoupling with the USD). It kinda worked for some time, when exports reported huge ammounts of ForEx to the government. So salaries rose at the same pace of inflation (whose real numbers were publicized by private groups, until the axe fell on them, and now have to give those numbers month over month to opposition congresspeople to publicize who have “fueros” -can’t be prosecuted without taking those off in a political trial).
    The problem started huge with Cristina. Exports were falling, balance of payments was going negative, inflation turned everybody to buy foreign exchange. And it was all a vicious circle. They tried some measures on that, like banning the acquisition of foreign exchange, limiting imports through the dictates of the interior minister. They even managed to break the biggest union association into pro-govt and anti-govt. But none of that worked. Capital was still flying out of the country.
    This latest charade in freezing supermarket prices is more about the “paritarias”, or union agreements on salaries. If they can muster a lower, credible, number on inflation, they might manage to make the claims of 30% rises impossible. Teachers demand 20% and the state already told them that’s impossible. Even the now separated union association is demanding the same, 25% to 30% rises; and even the right to do a second “paritaria” in june, considering the pace of inflation.
    Yes, there are neo-liberal forces against the president at work. That’s undeniable. Yet, not everything coming from the president is actually true. In fact, most is full of bullshit for everyone who has to go to the supermarket, kinda the real measure of inflation for common folks.
    And the Malvinas charade is just another “tatemae”. They’re never going to get em back from the Brits. And the islanders would rather become an independent nation than to return em to the argies. At the same time, Cameron uses that supposed threat to send military equipment (and expenditures) to protect those islands from… 60 YEAR OLD SHIPS THAT DON’T EVEN WORK! Most of the 20 something ships in Argentina’s navy are out of commision or sinking at the ports. We don’t have fighter planes anymore. And our army is only 16000 big, including border patrol… But the brits had to send submarines with nuclear warheads down south… way to go to fuck up the world a little more.

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